11:41 - the film of 2018

  • Premiere: during 2018
  • Countries of production: Russia, Armenia
  • Genredrama
  • Producer: Artak Zilfimyan
  • Cast: Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Evgeny Sidikhin, Alek Shahbazyan, Mkrtych Arzumanyan, Chulpan Khamatova, Rafael Kotanjyan, Sos Janibekyan and others.

The premiere of the film “11:41” is scheduled for 2018. It will be dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the tragedy, which shocked in the first place the inhabitants of Armenia, as well as the entire USSR and the rest of the world. Interesting?

Catastrophic earthquake. 30 years later

Probably all of you remember that in 2016, the notorious director Sarik Andreasyan took up the production of the drama “Earthquake”, the fact of which already then shocked a large number of people. In principle, his work can be called, perhaps, the most, perhaps, successful. In terms of, so to speak, seriousness. But with a stretch, not without it.

The author of such "hits" as "Office Romance. Our time ”,“ Pregnant ”,“ He is still Carloson! ”And“ What are men doing! ”, Decided to approach the story with a meaning, but later he again took up the old and brought to light“ Defenders ”. In general, enough about the past, read the bad.

December 7, 1988 at 11 hours 41 minutes local time in Armenia, a terrible thing happened.No, it is not Sarik Andreasyan who was born. He was already 4 years old. Okay, let's leave it aside.

On this day, a catastrophic earthquake occurred. Calling it without the specified adjective is actually impossible. A whole series of aftershocks in just some 30 seconds almost destroyed a good part of Armenia.

Earthquake in Armenia

Literally, the cities of Spitak and Leninakan (which is now called Gyumri), Kirovakan (renamed Vanadzor) and Stepanavan turned out to be in ruins.

In total, the inhabitants of 21 cities and 350 villages suffered from the earthquake. By the way, 58 villages were completely destroyed.

On a 12-point scale, the epicenter of an earthquake in Armenia reached an average value of 8-10. The greatest impact force was assumed by Spitak. The magnitude of aftershocks at the level of 6 points was recorded in a large territory of the Republic, while their echo could be observed both in Yerevan and in Tbilisi.

So that you can compare this disaster even with something, imagine that 10 atomic bombs were dropped on Armenia then, which in 1945 shocked the people of Hiroshima. His echoes literally reached the shores of America and Australia.

Earthquake in Armenia

As a result, the earthquake claimed the lives of 25 thousand people, while about 150 thousand became disabled. More than half a million Armenians were left homeless. And about this they plan to make a movie soon. The second time, if you keep in mind the idea of ​​the recent “Earthquake” of Sarik Andreasyan. Anyway.

When the film comes out, we'll tell you a bit later, but for now let's consider the main participants in its production process.

Project Director

Artak Zilfimyan decided to direct such a large-scale film about the Armenian earthquake.

He had previously put the military action-drama "Neutral Zone" and became part of the comedy film almanac "My favorite city of Yerevan."

The name of the project scriptwriter has not yet been disclosed. Perhaps there will be several. It may be that Artak Zilfimyan will personally present his vision of the history of 30 years ago to the world. In a sense, not only as a director, but also as a scriptwriter.

Alek Shahbazyan undertook to produce a tape telling about the 1988 Armenian earthquake. The budget of the picture is 2.5 million dollars. The names of the operator, composer, artists and editor will be announced a little later.

The cast of the Russian-Armenian drama

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan

It is interesting that in the cast of the drama about the Armenian catastrophe of 30 years ago there was a place for a considerable number of prominent actors.

So, among the actors and actresses of the project there are:

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan ("The meeting place can not be changed", "When September comes ...", "Bride from the North", "Men"),

Evgeny Sidikhin (“Over the last line”, “Russian transit”, “Mama Do not Cry”),

Alek Shahbazyan (film producer),

Mkrtych Arzumanyan ("Ala Bala Nitsa", "Knight's move", "Grandfather 005"),

Chulpan Khamatova (“Goodbye, Lenin!”, “Country of the Deaf”, “Moon Pope”),

Rafael Kotanjyan (“The Hearts of Three”, “The Diamond Hand”, “The Love of Evil ...”)

and Sos Janibekyan (“Knight's move”, “Earthquake”).

The rest of the artists, who agreed to become part of the Russian-Armenian (or Armenian-Russian, if you wish) drama, will be known already in a short time.

The plot of the film about the Armenian earthquake of 1988

Actually, the plot, it seems, you are already aware. In terms of where the story will go, I think you are extremely familiar. What exactly will come up with the authors of the film in order to increase the intensity of drama, is still unknown.

We will only add that so tragic consequences could have been avoided if checks were carried out in time, which could reveal the current state of a particular region of Armenia.At least, such assessments were subsequently made by the experts to what happened.

Earthquake in Armenia

Perhaps some of this will form the basis of the movie. But in any case, the story, as it seems to us, should focus on transferring the full range of misfortunes that have fallen on every Armenian and sensible person, who understands that this can happen to you at any moment.

This should be an ode to the fact that you should not bring anything to the tragedy, that you need to urgently help people who are in trouble, that it is worth being in the first place a person.

Movie release date

Release date of the movie "11:41" - during 2018. Stay tuned for updates on the site to be the first to find out the exact number of premieres in movie theaters.

The memory of the Armenian earthquake that occurred on December 7, 1988 at 11:41 local time, which led to a total catastrophe, should live with us forever. As a sign that we are all truly worried about the fate of those affected by the disaster, whom she touched for life, whom she is not indifferent, in whose heart she still lives in the hope of saving the souls of those who prematurely died became her prisoner forever.

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