2018 Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry in Russia is a car-legend, consistently occupying top positions in sales ratings and taking advantage of the demand not only from private but also corporate clients. Over 15 years of official presence in the Russian market, over 300 thousand Camry have been sold through salons. In recent years, volumes are only growing

Since the 2018 Toyota Camry has already been officially unveiled at the Detroit auto show, almost everything is known about it.

The date for the start of sales in 2018 Toyota Camry in Russia has not yet been announced, but most likely this will take place in the coming months or even weeks - an active advertising campaign that the brand launched on TV, on the Internet and in print media confirms this.

The Japanese business sedan with a European accent - as auto dealers have already dubbed the new Toyota Camry - both private and corporate customers are looking forward to it. The car today is called a luxury that is available to everyone. The price of a car is also known - the complete set will cost 1 million 900 thousand rubles. What is so good sedan? Who needs such a machine? What is the difference from previous models? Everything in detail - in the review.

Toyota Camry 2018

2018 Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Appearance - on five plus!

New Toyota Camry is impressive at first sight.True connoisseurs will immediately pay attention to how the exterior has changed, which, although it has retained its recognizable look, has acquired a much more expressive and dynamic look. Now she is slightly narrowed, has acquired a V-shaped, and the decoration is chrome moldings.

Impressive and air intake. He looks even aggressive. The developers counted on this. They tried to give the car a serious, frightening, in a good sense of the word, look. At least in the photo the car looks that way. This means that the manufacturer has achieved the desired result. Those who saw the car live, note: in the profile of the car even better. In particular, the front and rear struts are much smaller and thinner. The mirrors on the sides have become more massive, the review is better.

Toyota Camry 2018

2018 Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Hybrid

But what the new Toyota Camry doesn’t have is frilly and tasteless decorations on the body. Only mikroshtampovka on the doors, which is almost imperceptible. Such a machine will appeal to those who appreciate quality, preferring not to stand out.

To the back of the car no complaints. The bumper is outstanding, which only underlines the grace of the car, its readiness to reliably serve the owner.

Toyota Camry 2018

2018 Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Headlights - elongated, with LED lights, visually setting on the rear fenders.

Such details allowed the car to become even faster on the road, increased aerodynamic properties of cars.Dimensionsthe cars slightly increased, the car became visually wider due to a 3 cm decrease in height. The length of the new Toyota is 4,860 mm (against 4,850 for the previous generation), width - 1,839 mm (for the previous body 1825), wheelbase - 2,825 mm.

The body is presented in two variations. The sports version with a new bumper and grille, twin exhaust and side skirts is the so-called dynamic body kit. And the classic version with a hybrid engine and a more relaxed finish grille. Bumpers are also different and look much more modest.

Official information regarding the color scheme of the body of the novelty has not yet been presented, however, according to rumors, in the near future we will see already familiar colors: white, silver, red, blue, dark blue, dark gray and black.

What's inside?

Looking at the photo of the 2018 Toyota Camry, you understand: it’s just a pleasure to be inside such a machine. Leather roomy interior, where everything is thought out. Namely: comfortable armrests, built-in holders for the driver and passengers. An interesting solution is the separation of the driver and the front passenger seat - now each of them will feel in his own comfort zone.

"Thinks" the car, thanks to the built-in on-board computer of the new generation. It works on the basis of artificially generated neural networks.

Salon updated Camry has changed in size in a big way, respectively, were changed and the first row of chairs - they have become more anatomical shape with excellent support on the sides. The capacity of the second row of the car has also increased, which will provide greater comfort for passengers when traveling long distances.

2018 Toyota Camry Salon

The instrument panel glows with a bright bright blue color, the sensor readings are clearly visible in absolute darkness and in bright light.

The steering wheel in the new Toyota Camry has become more voluminous. There are three needles in it, here are the buttons for controlling some functions of the car. Petals are large, it is now difficult to miss by. The center of the console catches the eye, it is enclosed in a stylish aluminum, which gives the car a special chic. An LCD screen is provided. Its diagonal is 10 inches.And the monitor is an option. In the basic version there will be a smaller monitor. To maintain the driver and passengers gadgets in working condition, the car has wireless charging, as well as USB and 12V.

The new Toyota has a fairly large number of settings and adjustments, which will not be difficult to deal with, since the car will undergo a full adaptation to Russia. The driver and his passengers waiting for the most comfortable ride. There is a rear-view camera, a WI-FI access point and all modern electronic assistants.

One of the chips of the car became wooden panels that serve as an ornament to the cabin. This is an element of decor, which, by the way, can be presented in any color. If we talk about interior trim, we can highlight the excellent quality of the materials used. At the moment, it is established that even in the basic configuration, the fabric covering will be complemented with inserts made of genuine leather. Regarding the color range, we know the presence of shades of gray, red and black.

The trunk is able to accommodate more than 500 liters, it has not been expanded. In the old Camry - exactly the same.

Toyota Camry 2018

2018 Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Hybrid

A few words about the technical characteristics

To begin, consider the range of engines of the new sedan. Updated Camry will get three power units:

  • petrol four-cylinder engine with a volume of 2.5 liters and an 8-speed automatic transmission. Capacity will be about 178 “horses”, and consumption will not exceed eight liters per 100 km;
  • 3.5-liter petrol V6, 295 hp and the injection system D4S, also with an 8-speed automatic. At the moment it will be the most powerful engine in this sedan;
  • hybrid engine, which is a combination of a 4-cylinder petrol power unit with a volume of 2.5 liters and an electric motor. Instead of a car, a car will acquire a CVT with a sport mode. According to manufacturers, consumption will be quite low with a maximum point of 5 liters per hundred.

In the line there is also a hybrid version of the Toyota Camry Hybrid, which will have a 2.5 gasoline engine and the latest generation electric motor, combined into a single power unit. In addition, the variator with sport mode will be installed.

  1. 2018 Toyota Camry

    Toyota Camry Hybrid

A complete set of updated Toyota Camry

The novelty will come to the markets in four trim levels: LE, XLE, SE and XSE, while the last 2 are sports versions of the Camry. They will appear in front of buyers with an aerodynamic body kit, 19-inch black wheels, a sports grille, enlarged air intakes and an integrated diffuser.

In this case, the starting equipment of the car looks far from poor:

- halogen optical devices;

- LED lamps in the headlights;

- Fog lights;

- light sensors;

- airbags (6 pcs.);

- climate control system;

- electronic system of raising and lowering glasses;

- mirror heating;

- central system of general blocking.

A little about the safety of new items. From the standard options on the new Tayota Camry you will find:

  • lane control;
  • collision warning;
  • pedestrian detection;
  • Cruise control;
  • blind spot control.

When to wait in Russia?

The new Toyota Camry will be sold in Russia not earlier than mid-2017. As for the price, it starts from 1 million 300 thousand rubles. The cost of medium-sized complete sets will not exceed 1 650 000 rubles, and the maximum cost for the future owner is 1 900 000 rubles.

Toyota Camry 2018

2018 Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Hybrid

What distinguishes an expensive model from a cheap one:

  • more powerful motor;
  • leather interior;
  • sports kit;
  • driver's seat adjustment using an electrical system;
  • rear-mounted video camera;
  • driver belt support;
  • 10 inch monitor on the dashboard;
  • additional electronic helpers.

Toyota Camry 2018

2018 Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Hybrid

2018 Toyota Camry

Judging by the photo, the new car has a solid interior, a powerful body, a roomy trunk, absolute noise isolation, fuel economy, and a convenient dashboard.

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