2018 World Chess Championship

The 2018 World Chess Championship promises to be one of the most spectacular competitions for lovers of intellectual games. The previous draw of the chess crown between the Norwegian prodigy Magnus Carlsen (the current title holder) and the Russian challenger Sergey Karyakin was watched live by over 10 million people. In the future, the audience of the tournament will only increase, because the organizers of the event are planning a number of innovations to increase audience interest.

Where will pass?

The next championship cycle starts in early 2017. It will consist of four preliminary tournaments in which the best chess players of the planet will take part according to the FIDE rating list. Grand Prix will be held in the following cities:

  • Sharjah (United Arab Emirates, from February 17 to 28);
  • Moscow (Russia, from 11 to 23 May);
  • Geneva (Switzerland, from 5 to 16 July);
  • Palma de Mallorca (Spain, from 15 to 25 November).

According to the results shown in the listed competition, the best athletes will be selected to participate in the candidate's tournament.It will be held in March 2018, after which two chess players will be known, who in November will compete for the title of world champion. At the moment, the organizers have not decided on the rules of the final fights, but, most likely, they will be held according to the classical scheme.


As for the venue of the 2018 World Chess Championship, this will be one of the Asian countries. At the moment, in this region, the sport in question is developing very intensively, which is why such a large-scale tournament, according to the organizers, will contribute to the popularization of chess. China, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong are named as the main contenders for the event. Also, proposals for holding were received in FIDE from Norway and Germany, so if the option with Asia for any reason falls through, then the competition will take place in Europe.

Tournament regulations

The championship will be 56 in a row tournament of a similar level in the history of this sport. A total of 12 games are provided, and the winner of each game gets 1 point (the loser does not receive points). In the case of a tie, the participants divide the points among themselves, that is, each gets 0.5 points.In all 12 batches, the classical time control system is introduced:

  • the course is given 30 seconds;
  • each player initially has 100 “clean” minutes in stock;
  • after 40 moves, each athlete is added 50 “clean” minutes;
  • After 60 moves, the match participants additionally receive 15 “clean” minutes each.

At the end of the sixth game, chess players change the color of their pieces: if the athlete played white for the previous six games, now he will have to fight with black ones. The main goal of the tournament finalists is to score 6.5 points, which automatically means winning the title of the strongest chess player on the planet. If at the end of the 12 games stipulated by the regulations, chess players have an equal amount of points - a tie-break is assigned (4 games in which the opponents initially have 25 minutes of “pure” time + 10 seconds per turn). Although this happens rarely, but sometimes the tie-break does not make it possible to identify the champion. Then there are 2 games, where each player has 3 seconds per turn and a time margin of 25 minutes. In a draw, 4 blitz matches of two games are awarded.

Carlsen - Karjakin

All these measures usually allow you to determine the winner, and in most cases the title holder becomes known after the main 12 games.However, there is a minimal chance that after all the listed fights the opponents will score the same amount of points. Then only one party is assigned, where by lot the players get a certain color of the pieces. White has 5 minutes of “pure” time in reserve, while Black has 4 minutes. With 61 moves, each participant is added 3 seconds per move, while a drawn outcome of the bout is automatically equated to Black’s victory. Such a game in the history of the World Chess Championships under the auspices of FIDE has not yet been held.

Interesting Facts

In the final series of games, both the challenger and the title holder must be dressed in classic costumes, otherwise they are not allowed to participate in fights. It is noteworthy that such a strict dress code does not apply during the candidate tournament, as the costumes are not an official requirement (only a recommendation). However, the appearance of tournament players under the auspices of FIDE should be decent, tidy and presentable.

The total prize fund of the World Chess Championship in 2018 will be at least 2 million euros, and the winner of the tournament will receive at least 60% of the total financial bonuses.In addition, during a similar tournament in 2016, the organizers of the competition introduced a paid viewing of matches on the air. A package with the option of virtual reality, that is, with the ability to review a chessboard at 360º, cost only $ 15, becoming a real hit. In 2018, part of the proceeds from online broadcasts can also be included in the prize pool of the tournament.


Many people mistakenly assume that the participants in chess at the World Championships act alone and rely only on their intellectual abilities. In fact, this is far from the case: behind each player there is an entire team, which is responsible for providing analytical support and solving issues not related to the matches. The number of persons playing a significant role in the preparation of an athlete includes coaches, trainers-seconds, sparring partners, a number of strong grandmasters-consultants, and even computer programs adapted to the opponent’s style. The manager of the team is responsible for the financial expenses, communication with the press is assigned to the spokesperson, and physicians and masseurs monitor the physical condition of the player.

Thus, the popularity of the 2018 World Chess Championship is growing among fans of sporting events with a high intensity of emotions.The unpredictability of the results makes the tournament even more attractive, since it is extremely difficult to guess the future chess king, given the equal level of opponents.

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