2019 Green Flame Game

Recently, when the winter is too long and the calendar is already unable to contemplate the dull dirty-white landscapes outside the window, memes have become popular according to the methods of how to chase it away and call the spring.

Apparently, this is what inspired AbandonedCookies to create the Green Flame, where they offer much more civilized and interesting options than to eat snow or to stick snowmen with snowmen ...

General information about the game:

  • Genre - arcade action platformer
  • Setting - Cartoon Primitivism
  • Developer - AbandonedCookies
  • Publisher / Localizer - AbandonedCookies
  • Release Date - 2019

For AbandonedCookies, this casual indie project is debut, and, subjectively, intrigues what inspired them to create it. Whether the masterpieces of the nineties for mobile phones, or the first cartoon platformers for consoles ...

In short, the main difficulty of the game will be to determine which color of the main character attracts more - green or pink. And then, according to the creators, the sea of ​​fun is waiting for us. From myself we add: "... in two pixels."

Story line

The goal of Green Flame is as exciting as it is sublime: to return spring to the homesickness on it

The fact is that the fictional world of the project captured the winter. And only the sophisticated genius of the protagonist, as well as his inconceivable dexterity, will help to bring back life and warmth to him.

green flame 2019 release date

In general, it is very difficult to talk about the plot in games of this class and setting. Well, what fascinating story can tell something stylized as a light, cheerfully jumping on the screen and swallowing levels one by one?

But, if there is a proper perversity of fantasy, you can make up a story yourself for the campaign in order to diversify the process and entertain yourself. As they say, to whom and the carpet - the TV ...

Green Flame Gameplay

Description for this game in 2019 strongly advises to customize your character, pumping it in the process of unlocking new gameplay elements.

How it's done? In the best traditions of the genre: by searching for relevant topics, unlocking new levels by passing content, as well as receiving rewards for solving puzzles.

green flame 2019 plot

By the way, the developers promise a lot of Levels who will fly with all possible ease and accompanying boldness. In the course of the passage there will be a lot of puzzles, not to say that they are very difficult, but, nevertheless, especially at the last levels, according to the studio, we are waiting for “a few surprises” on this score.

As additional skills, power rockets can be used and you can open fire on opponents (and they will try by all means to prevent the puzzle from solving). It is still not clear how these mysterious antagonistic forces will look and what they represent.

After all, not so many screenshots from the gameplay have been published, and in general there is little information on the network, even from developers personally. But, it is precisely clear that it will be necessary to jump on platforms, “eat” all sorts of usefulness that will help solve the next stage of the task, or it is easier to get to a certain point.

green flame 2019 gameplay

Also, a kind of leveling will be available for the character - he will be able to select, and certain items will be counted as a reward, which will be displayed in a special window dedicated to this one.

And it seems that they will serve not only to decorate the exterior, like a mustache, glasses, hats, ears and other things. There will be a randomizing button that allows you to receive a very exotic and, undoubtedly, a character-like view of the player’s laughter challenge.

On the side, in the interface, there is a block with counters of the collected buns and the general soon, there will also be a reminder from the top of what level we are happy to pass, and there will also be messages about messages in the same place.In the same block there is a countdown of the time allotted for the task, and you can pause the game if necessary.

Graphics and music

green flame 2019 system requirements

The Green Flame visualization is a cross between Angry Birds and Hambo, and it’s not at all clear why you should clutter up your PC with a level designed for a maximum of temporary decoration of your smartphone.

Although, maybe, this primitive style has its zest - the graphics do not distract from the gameplay at all.

In addition, it will help many people to ponostalgate through the years spent in kindergarten, when our parents were touched by the charming combination of acid shades in the form of circles, sticks and bricks of different thickness and orientation, which we gave out in paint and similar programs.

System Requirements and Platforms

green flame screenshots

The project was first thought to be produced exclusively for the PC, and there it would require a processor of the fourth “stump” level, the 9th DirectX, a 1GB video card (judging by the schedule, it’s all the same ...), as well as one gig operatives and twice as much space drive. But then they decided that mobile versions are also needed, so now it will also be available for androids.

Summarizing the expectations of the release of this game in 2019, first, I would like to strongly advise it to all owners of entry-level non-upgraded gadgets of the “children” class - the younger preschool age will be delighted with the funny jumping light on the screen, and the tasks of the gameplay will be able to.

And secondly, it is perfect for hiding in some straining line, or to relieve stress after some hassle.

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