A basket of newspapers with your own hands. Weaving from newspaper tubes

Who would have thought that such naturalmaterials, like vines and straws, can be replaced with plain paper? But modern needlewomen have come up with a way of weaving baskets, vases, caskets from newspaper tubes. This is a very fascinating activity, for which you first need to prepare the material, but only then weave. But a vine with straw must also be prepared for work first: they require special processing, soaking, steaming. With paper it's much easier, and the basket of newspapers almost does not differ from the natural material. Finished products are very beautiful, especially for those skilled workers who already have practical experience.

Preparation of consumables

There are no problems with the basic material today: every person at home has a large number of newspapers, advertisements and magazines. Do not throw away: they can be put into an interesting business - you get a great basket of newspapers. What will be required for handicrafts, except newspapers and magazines? Necessarily need scissors, glue PVA, gluing gun, clerical knife. The bottom of the baskets can be weaved, or can be made from cardboard. Therefore, several pieces of cardboard should be prepared. You will also need a double-sided adhesive tape. To make the finished product similar to the vine, the basket must be painted. For this, there must be a stain. But many paint products in white: you can also use white water-based paint. To give strength and protection from moisture, the last layer is applied with a varnish - its base must also be water. Stapler, clamps or clothespins - additional auxiliary materials.

basket of newspapers

Method of making "vines"

Since the products are woven from newspaper tubes, the first thing to do is to prepare the tubes.

  • For this, newspapers and magazine sheets should first be cut into strips measuring 10 by 30 cm. It is convenient to do this with a sharp office clerk.
  • In order to twist the strings from these strips, you need a thin needle 3 mm.
  • We start to twist obliquely, having a spokeat an acute angle. Acting in this way, you can get the right amount of tubule. It is worth doing several times - and all the subsequent ones will turn out very easily and quickly.
  • When preparing the tubes, glue is used: a small amount is applied to the tip, so that it does not untwist. This can be PVA or clerical glue.
  • Masters of weaving from newspaper tubes know that when they twist one end should be slightly wider than the other - this is required in order to lengthen them during the weaving.

how to make a basket from the newspaper

Another way of manufacturing the material

There is an easier way of making a materialfor weaving baskets: these are flat strips of the same newspapers. Strips are cut, as for tubes, only this time they do not need to be twisted: they are folded along several times to get the same width of the tape. Of these, a simple method is a braid, which will become the bottom of the basket. Such weaving is within the power of even a child - this does not need to be specially trained.

from the newspaper tubes

How to make a basket from the newspaper

By placing the strips together crosswise,do bottom. The last strips are fixed with a stapler. When the dimensions are sufficient, you should switch to vertical weaving of the walls. When they reach the desired height - the weaving ends, everything is fixed with a stapler, and the extra one is cut off. The top edge is glued together with one continuous strip, and the basket of newspapers is ready with your own hands! At will, for it it is possible to make the handle and to paint a product. But many people like it, just the mottled look, as presented in the photo below.

weaving from newspaper tubes step by step

A more time-consuming method

But still from newspaper tubes are obtainedbaskets are more beautiful. They are more like products from the vine. To make such a basket, it is necessary to spend more labor than on the previous product. Painted in white and decorated with lace and flowers, it will please the eye and can become a wonderful gift. When the required number of tubes is already prepared, you can start work. If you make a weaving of newspaper tubes step by step, then you get a similar basket.

newspaper tubes weaving a master class

Master class on making a white basket

  • The work begins with the bottom: eight tubes intersect, and the process of weaving in a circle begins.
  • When the bottom becomes the right size - weaving goes to the walls.

masters of weaving from newspaper tubes

  • We need to monitor the tubes: if there are short tips, they should be increased. To do this, the tail of the new tube is smeared with glue and inserted into the short residue, which must be lengthened.
  • To ensure that the weaving does not fall apart, the vertical tubes are fixed using pegs.
  • When the desired height is reached, the weaving stops, the extra tails are cut off, bent inside and glued. The place of gluing is fixed with a clothespin and left until it dries.
  • If the pen is conceived, then the two tubes are not cut off, but are braided in the form of an arc.

basket of newspapers

Rectangular baskets

There is another way to use the remainingnewspaper tubes. The weave, the master class of which is described above, is considered classical and is used in all works. Only the pattern, shape, size of the future product changes. You can not weave the bottom of the basket: instead, use cardboard, to which the tubes are glued along the entire perimeter. Weaving starts from the walls. But first you need to determine the size of the future basket and prepare two identical pieces of cardboard. In this case, their shape is a rectangle.

Sequence of work

  • The edges of the cardboard should be marked with a pencil and ruler: indicate the places of gluing the tubes.
  • Using glue PVA glue the tubes to a piece of cardboard and allow them to dry.
  • The second piece is smeared with glue and glued to the first: thus, the tubes will be securely fixed.

consistency of work

  • When the blank is dry, a basket of newspapers is trudging.
  • The ends of the vertical racks should be fixed for convenience.
  • The first two tubes for work are glued to the base - they begin the process.

braiding of walls

  • When there are short ends - they should be lengthened, gluing new workpieces.
  • The edge is formed as usual: extra tails are cut and pasted inside.

semi-finished basket

Priming and painting

Once the product is ready, it should beprimed with paint or PVA glue. The latter is diluted slightly with water and applied with a brush. It is necessary to allow the basket to dry and begin painting from the inside. Applying several layers, the basket is left to dry completely. Only when it is dry, the outer side of the basket is painted. Also apply several layers of paint and put the product dry. Many needlewomen eventually cover it with water-based varnish. A finished basket of newspapers takes on a similar appearance (photo).

rectangular baskets

The stain used in painting will give the productDark color, and the basket will be like from a vine. Looking at the creations of masters who have been engaged in weaving for a long time, you can see that not all paint is used. Some leave a motley newspaper color. And other masters stain the tubes in advance: this gives the basket a more qualitative look. With this method, unpainted places are not visible, and the product looks much more neat.

Design of finished products

Having learned how to make a basket from a newspaper, manyThe needlewomen go further. They master new types of interlacing, braids, use additional materials. Beautifully produced products in which during vertical weaving are made gaps: the basket seems easy. So, having made the bulk of the weaving, leave 2-3 cm free. Next, pasting a new newspaper stick, continue to work and make out the edge of the basket. Where a gap is made, a beautiful satin ribbon is skipped and a bow is tied. If the basket is intended for use on a table, for food products such as bread, then a beautiful lining inside is sewn for it. Its edges are turned over the side and sewn on. Seal the seam around the perimeter with lace or braid. Such a basket for bread adorns the table and can be a gift for any mistress. Even a simple basket, but with decorated handles, looks very interesting.

basket with handles

Of course, the author's experience and imagination helpcreate exclusive things. The needlewomen and handicraftsmen make wicker vases, caskets, large boxes for linen. Especially talented swung and on coffee tables: many products can be made from ordinary newspapers and magazines. It is enough to start with an ordinary basket, and weaving can become an interesting hobby for everyone. Many people make a real business out of their hobby, which brings a good income.

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