Bag "Birkin" - a status accessory

Bag "Birkin" - an accessory, which dream ofmillions of women. For such a thing are ready to line up the most demanding fashionista. Wealthy ladies do not spare any money for such an acquisition.

Bag "Birkin" - a unique thing or a competent marketing course?

This accessory has its own history, it is notjust a quality factory product. The fashion house Hermes developed the first such bag in 1981. The product was created by an individual order of the then popular actress Jane Birkin. The star of the screen was simply fascinated by the appearance of the handbag, its convenience and spaciousness. According to another version, Birkin herself developed the design of this accessory, and Hermes masters took the liberty to realize the idea. Fashion historians do not exclude that none of the situations described above is relevant to reality. It is possible that the invented legends - a cunning marketing move, which the owners of the company went to increase the sales of their products.bag tairo

Bag "Birkin" - description of the dream

The owner of such a fashionable accessory canbe one hundred percent sure of its highest quality. Bags of this company are produced exclusively by hand. To begin with, you need to place an order, only after that the masters will start working on creating a Birkin bag. The original, whose price starts at ten thousand dollars, will be made of the most delicate calfskin, resistant to external influences. This bag is very difficult to scratch or cut - the quality of natural material at a height.sizes of bags

Sometimes the order is carried out only after a year or eventwo - so many are lined up for a fashionable accessory of socialite lionesses. At the request of the client, the craftsmen can make a purse made of crocodile or ostrich leather. It is noteworthy that only precious metals are used for the production of all accessories - gold and palladium. As special adornments VIP-persons choose the purest water diamonds.

The bag closes on the buckle-lock.In the kit comes a miniature key. Lining inside the product is made of the finest goat skin, which always harmonizes in color with the material of the top. By the way, there are no restrictions on the color scheme. Bag "Birkin" will have exactly the color that the customer dreams of.bags birkin original price

The order is delivered in a special shockproof box, which itself claims to be the masterpiece by right.

Men hardly understand the reasons for the rush aroundsuch a seemingly ordinary accessory. It's not a personal plane, it's not even a yacht! For the impressive size of the bag "Birkin" nicknamed koshelkami. And indeed, not every representative of the stronger sex can understand that it is the simplicity of design and spaciousness that attract connoisseurs of beauty. For the notorious fashionistas bags from the masters of the company Hermes - the desired thing, directly indicating the high status and success of its owner. This can be confirmed by the example of Victoria Beckham, Demi Moore, Sofia Coppola, Sandra Bullock, Kate Moss and many other celebrities, whose sleek handles have repeatedly touched the bags "Birkin" from Hermes.

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