Actor Ryan Guzman: filmography, the main roles. Biography, photo

The drama "Step Forward 4", released in 2012,opened for the audience such a charming young actor as Ryan Guzman. The filmography of the rising star now contains no more than 10 paintings, but the 28-year-old boy has everything ahead of him. So, what pictures with the participation of an American should definitely be watched by fans and not only? What is known about his life path?

Ryan Guzman: the biography of the star. Childhood, trauma

The future actor was born in 1987, hishome town is Abilene, located in Texas. Germans, Swedes, Englishmen, Mexicans - of what kind of ancestors does not have Ryan Guzman. The biography of the guy does not contain a reference to the fact that he intended to act in films since childhood. Rather, he was going to devote his life to sports.

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Guzman from childhood cared about his physicalform, played well in baseball. His hobby was also martial arts. Ryan was able to achieve significant success in this area, receiving a black belt for karate. The young man planned to become a professional baseball player, but his dreams could not be realized because of an accident. Serious shoulder injury made for him an inaccessible sports career.

Nevertheless, a good physical form will help a young man in 2012. Ryan Guzman, whose filmography will begin with the drama "Step Up 4", will be able to perform dance numbers on his own.

The beginning of the creative path

After graduating from school, the future actor begins to attendcollege in San Francisco. In parallel, he tries his hand at modeling business, which is possible due to high growth and excellent external data. Of course, model agencies immediately become interested in an attractive guy.

The main achievement of a young man as a model- participation in the PR-company of the famous brand "Kelvin Klein". However, fame in this business is not the pinnacle to which Ryan Guzman is striving to conquer. Filmography, containing dozens of successful paintings, becomes a new goal for a young man, who forcedly said goodbye to the sport. The desire to become an actor encourages him to move to Los Angeles in 2010.

Starring role

The way of the young man to fame isshort. In 2012, the drama "Step Forward 4", in which Ryan Guzman is removed, is released. Filmography, the main roles, the biography of the star have since invariably been the focus of the press and numerous fans, the number of which increases with each new picture.

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The main heroine of the musical tape "Step forward 4""Emily, the daughter of a wealthy businessman." The girl moves to Miami, preparing to dance professionally. Here she meets Sean (played by Guzman) - a young guy, a street dancer. Pope Emily wants to reconstruct the area in which Sean and his friends reside, to transport a huge number of people from it. Dancers create a protest movement, in which the girl herself participates.

Catherine McCormick, who played Emily, isdancing professionally. This can not boast of Ryan Guzman, whose filmography begins with "Step Forward 4". However, the guy refused to help doubles, independently cope with complex tricks and dances.

The most interesting films

The drama "Step Forward 4" was successful,providing good fees at the box office. The young man, who played the main character, especially fell in love with the audience. This spodvigla the creators of the picture on the continuation shoot. Ryan Guzman also got a role in the tape "Step Up: All or Nothing", presented to the audience in 2014. His character is still Sean, who this time will take part in a major competition of dancers, taking place in Las Vegas.

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Worthy of attention and thriller "Fan", inwhich is also played by Ryan. Jennifer Lopez becomes a partner of the young man, with whom he receives incendiary joint scenes. Guzman acts as the handsome Noah, who fell in love with a neighbor-teacher. The situation becomes more complicated when the guy's love turns into a real obsession. The film was released in 2014.

Fans will be able to see their favorite actor intelenovela "Heroes: Revival", filmed in 2015, where the rising star got one of the main roles. Also worth seeing is a new melodrama with Ryan in the title role, which is called "Beyond Heaven". A girl with a mysterious past flees from Iran to America, marries an unloved person. Her world turns around when she meets a charming guy with whom her music teacher meets. Of course, between young people, passion flares up.

Personal life

Since the release of the pictures "Step Up 4"the press has a huge interest in such a person as Ryan Guzman. Photo, filmography - not all that interests journalists, the object of attention is the personal life of the star. It is known that the actor never married. There were rumors of his romantic relationship with Jennifer Lopez, his partner in the film "Fan." The actress herself admitted that she was fascinated by the young man.

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Also the actor is credited with a novel with the model of Melanie Iglesias, which, according to the gossip, is currently his girlfriend.

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