Actress Elena Shilova: biography, personal life. Movies and TV shows

Elena Shilova is an actress who was rememberedviewers thanks to the series "Donut Lucy." In this TV project she embodied the image of the main character - a kind, charming and simple-hearted girl. "Honey Love", "Anechka", "The Sun as a Gift", "Stalin's Diamonds", "Debts of Conscience", "The Eldest Wife" - other famous films and TV series with her participation. What more can you tell about her?

Actress Elena Shilova: the beginning of the road

The star of the television project "Donut Lucy" appeared onlight in Solikamsk, it happened in December 1988. Actress Elena Shilova was born in a family far from the world of cinema. As a child, she had many hobbies: singing, dancing, playing musical instruments. However, the main passion of the little Lena was dramatic art, she spent hours at the theater studio. The girl was studying well enough, however, she was not a round honors pupil. Humanitarian subjects were given to her better than technical disciplines.

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With the choice of the profession, Shilov has decidedthen, when I was at school. Parents did not like the idea of ​​their daughter to go to VGIK, but the future star showed perseverance. As a result, she was able to withstand the exams and get into Fomenko's studio on the first attempt. Mother and father were forced to accept Elena's choice.

Education, theater

Beginning actress Elena Shilova quickly settledin the role of student. Teachers invariably praised the talented and hard-working girl. She easily got used to the role, she was able to convey the mood of her next heroine to the audience. Elena diligently studied, rarely allowed herself to skip classes.

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Even in her student years, she played her first theatrical roles. Elena played brilliantly in the theatrical productions of "Choristka" and "The Seagull". Graduated from VGIK Shilova in 2011.

First roles

Actress Elena Shilova was first onset in 2009. The girl made her debut in the Detective "Proposed Circumstances", which tells the story of the film star, who participates in the capture of dangerous criminals. The role of Shilova in this movie can not be called significant, but she allowed her to gain valuable experience.

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Elena took a more meaningful part in the work onthe series "White Fill", which was released in 2010. In this TV project, she got the role of Catherine - a girl who meets a key character. Then the television film "Honey Love", in which she played Lyuba, was presented to the audience.

From obscurity to fame

Spectators who are interested in biography and photosactress Elena Shilova, should know that the glory came to her thanks to the series "Donut Lusya." Simple-minded, trusting, kind, caring - qualities, which endowed the heroine of the star. Such a character simply could not help impressing the audience.

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The series "Donut Lusia" tells the story of how an ordinary girl changes, turns into a real lady.

What else to see

In 2011, Shilova starred not only inTV project "Donut Lucy." The success was a TV movie "Honey Love", in which the star embodied the image of the simple and straightforward Lyuba Kremneva. She looks and behaves old-fashioned, not interested in modern brands, does not know how to fight for the attention of the guys. This continues until Lyuba meets with handsome Victor, who returns to his native village from the army.

Generous for bright roles was 2012.Elena starred in the television films "The Mermaid" and "Waiting for Spring", played Polina in the series "Anechka", embodied the image of Mary in the movie "The Spaniard". Passage role went to the actress in the television project "Mute". In 2013, Shilova's filmography was replenished with several serials, among them "Simple Life", "Forget-me-nots", "Two Winters and Three Years". She also appeared in the television films "Weighty Feeling" and "Cornflowers".

What else to see the fans of the talented actress? A list of films and TV shows with her participation is given below.

  • "Substitution in an instant."
  • "My sister, Love."
  • "Welcome to the Canaries."
  • "Between love and hate."
  • "The elder wife."
  • "Debts of conscience."
  • "Family circumstances".
  • "Diamonds of Stalin."
  • "The sun as a gift."

Also in 2017, a new TV project with aElena's participation. It's about the series "Strong Armor", in which she will embody the image of a girl named Daria. The drama is dedicated to the events of the Great Patriotic War, to be exact, the battle on the Kursk Bulge.

Personal life

Many fans are interested in the actress Elena's husbandShilovoy. However, the 28-year-old star is not legally married, never married. At the moment the girl is concentrated on her career, she dreams of bright roles. Of course, from time to time there are gossip that ascribe to Elena a romantic relationship or even an engagement with one or another star colleague. Shilova never refutes and does not confirm such rumors.

What else will be interesting to learn about the fans,which takes the personal life of the actress Elena Shilova? It is known that she has no children, but this does not mean that the star is not going to acquire them in the future. Shilova has no doubt that one day he will have a minimum of two heirs.

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