Advantages of LED overhead lights

Device fixtures

The main component of the lamp is a lamp. It consists of a set of diodes, the number of which affects the intensity of the glow. All LEDs are connected to a single power supply.

There are three types of diode connections in a lamp:

  • Parallel - diodes contain a current limiting resistor. In case of failure of one component the lamp continues to work. Lamps with such a connection are expensive, but justify their cost.
  • Serial - diodes are connected in series, and when one fails, the lamp stops working. This type of lighting is cheaper.
  • Mixed - a common type of compound. Here, the diodes are combined into separate kits, which are connected in parallel. A set of diodes fails while the rest continue to work.

Advantages of overhead lights

The advantages of the overhead luminaires do not depend on the type and size.

  • Long service life. If you follow the instructions for using LED lamps, they have been working for at least 20 years.
  • Efficiency. Minimum power consumption leads to saving the family budget, companies, institutions.
  • Environmental friendliness. In the manufacture of LED devices are not used chemical compounds hazardous to human health. Also, LED lamps do not emit or emit harmful substances.
  • Compactness. Overhead lights are great for lighting small rooms with low ceilings.

The use of lamps

Overhead lights are appropriate in any room:

  • in the kitchen as additional lighting above the work surface;
  • in the bathroom they are usually placed above the mirror;
  • in the living room lamps mounted at a height of two meters or above the floor;
  • in the bedroom by the bed or above the dressing table.
  • in a narrow long corridor.

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