Akmullin Olympiad 2018-2019

Akmullinsky Olympiad is held under the auspices of the Bashkir State Pedagogical University (BSPU, the city of Ufa). Currently, this federal university is named after M. Akmulla, the national Bashkir poet and philosopher of the 19th century. His real name is Miftahetdin Kamaletdinov. The direct organizer of the Olympiad in 2018-2019 is the special “Center for the Development of Giftedness of Schoolchildren,” created at the Belarusian State Pedagogical University.

Schoolchildren at Akmullin Olympiad

Mission and motto of the competition

The main mission of the Akmullin Olympiad is to stimulate interest in education and research among children and adolescents, the development of their creative abilities. In addition, the preparation for exams and the selection of talented students for BSPU and other universities of the country is important. The motto of the competition - "Participate! Learn! Win! ” The jury of the competition includes teachers from different departments of the university-organizer, doctors and candidates of pedagogical sciences. They make and approve the verification tasks.

Requirements for participants

To participate in the Akmullin Olympiad in 2018-2019, all students from Russia, including those from primary classes (from 2 to 11), can attend for free. First graders are not allowed to this competition. As a rule, the number of contestants is several thousand people. Most participants traditionally come from the Republic of Bashkortostan, as well as from the neighboring Republic of Tatarstan and other regions of the Urals. Competitions are held in twenty subjects, including all the basic exact, natural and humanitarian disciplines, including foreign languages. A feature of the Akmullin Olympiad is the presence of such specialized subjects as the Bashkir and Tatar language, history, literature and culture of Bashkortostan.

Mandatory requirement for potential participants - registration procedure. It is carried out electronically in September 2018 on the website of the Center for the Development of Schoolchildren’s Giftedness at BSPUdistolimp.bspu.ru.

You can also find the official rules of the Olympiad, evaluation criteria and much more. The organizers strongly recommend that schoolchildren, their parents and teachers familiarize themselves with them.Re-registration on the site or entering false personal data is strictly prohibited.

Schoolboy at the Olympiad

Organizational issues and competition rules

Akmullins Olympiad is held in three rounds. The first round is scheduled for October-November 2018, the second for December-January 2018-2019, and finally, the third stage is scheduled for February-March 2019. Competitions are held remotely from any computer connected to the Internet. Each participant is obliged to perform authorization, which is carried out using the login and password provided by the organizers. Contest assignments may include test questions, writing creative essays, demonstrating certain skills, etc.

Dates for all stages of the competition are determined in advance, the time allotted for the assignments is limited. For older students, an additional, full-time round of the Olympiad may be organized, which will be held on the territory of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University in Ufa. Detailed information about this will be published in the autumn of 2018.

During the competition participants are forbidden to consult with each other and use any reference materials. The results are summarized after each of the three rounds, and then summarized.In order to avoid violations and prejudice, all works of schoolchildren are checked in an encrypted, "impersonal" form.

After a preliminary assessment of the work, appeals are allowed, which are considered by a special commission composed of reputable professors and teachers of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University. In some cases, the participants manage to prove their case and achieve a review of the estimates. Then (usually in April) the jury will announce the winners and prize winners. They are issued relevant electronic diplomas that can be printed and presented to the admission committees of Russian universities. In addition, the laureates of the competition, the organizers give various prizes, in particular, free trips in the summer, the so-called. "Intellectual" camp. Teachers and mentors of the winners are awarded diplomas and valuable gifts. Each participant of the Akmullin Olympiad is given memorable electronic certificates.

Awarding winners Akmullinsky Olympiad

Bonuses for laureates

The winners and prize-winners of the Akmullin Olympiad from the graduating classes receive the following important advantages:

  • admission to the Belarusian State Pedagogical University (or another university) without additional entrance examinations in the subject matter of the Olympiad;
  • additional points (usually not more than ten) to the results of the unified state examination on the subject of the Olympiad.

Regardless of the results, such contests give students the opportunity to test their abilities and knowledge, overcome the fear of future exams, and gain useful experience of participating in a serious intellectual contest.

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