Appointment and device GSM alarm

In the modern world, scientific and technical developments are often used to safeguard wealth from the encroachments of ill-wishers. To good locks and sturdy walls of the garage, you can add the GSM security system, which has recently become very popular.
The signal from the main unit of the device through a mobile connection goes to the control of the security organization or only to the phone of the owner. The distance between the owner and the protected object can be any, it is enough that the phone is within the cellular coverage area.
Possible connection of the security system with the security organization. In this case, upon receipt of a signal about the perimeter violation, a rapid response team will arrive at the object.
By the method of connection, security alarms are divided into two types:


  • Wired
  • Wireless

Wired systems are connected to the power supply network, but at the same time they have a built-in battery in case of emergency power outages.Standard equipment contains a microphone, motion sensors and a remote control. Unlike wireless security systems, they have a more advanced design and can be equipped with additional functions.
MMS cameras will send a picture to the phone when it penetrates
Sound siren
Vibration sensors
Cameras with infrared illumination
Fire sensor
The equipment is installed inside the garage, if necessary, it can be equipped with external motion sensors.
When buying an alarm of this type, you should check the availability and operation of all components. In addition to a large arsenal of security functions, such a system has a powerful signal between receiving and transmitting devices, which is almost impossible to drown out.

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GSM wireless security alarm systems in the absence of many additional functions usually cost more than wired ones. This comes from the high price of the main unit, which uses expensive equipment. But at the same time, wireless security alarms are easier to install, so they prefer to install them in garages.
The downside when using this type of alarm will be the need to replace the power supply elements or recharge the battery, if it is used in the system. If continuous operation without recharging is required, a multi-battery circuit is used or a high-capacity power source is installed.
Install a wireless security alarm in the garage by yourself, following the attached instructions for installation and activation. When installing more complex wired security systems, you should seek the help of specialists.

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