Arrangement of balconies

The balcony in the apartment is usually not a useful living space. Dirt, city dust, snow, garbage and many other "waste products", which are often found on the balcony, make it not very suitable for spending time. Here the question arises: how to use this living space sensibly? Only one way out - glazing the balcony. There are many ways to implement this idea, but how to choose the best one? To do this, you first need to realize what exactly you want to get in the end.

Equipping balconies with PVC glazing units is a very suitable method of converting a balcony.
The realization of the idea of ​​a turnkey balcony is, first of all, a way to increase the living, useful area of ​​an apartment and make a balcony or loggia inaccessible to winds, rains and snow. More common today is the glazing blocks of aluminum. In particular, if the main purpose of protection from external weather conditions - then the cold arrangement of the balcony will come down.

Aluminum models are characterized by high reliability and ease, they are easy to install, which made them running in construction.The use of aluminum in the arrangement of balconies allows to achieve its maximum illumination by minimizing the width of the profile.

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