Audi will introduce the new A7 in 2017

Insiders still told the general public the latest information that the new Audi A7 will go on sale next year. The model belonging to the “Gran Turismo” class has long attracted motorists who prefer a smooth ride and incredible luxury in one person. In principle, these seven points have always stood out among the top seven competitors in the face of the BMW 5 GT and Mercedes-Benz CLS. According to preliminary dataAudi A7 2017will be positioned as a new generation, and not just an updated model.

Briefing on the Audi A7

The debut show of this car in front of loyal fans of the brand from Germany took place in 2010. The presentation was held in the Pinakothek of modernity art museum in Munich. The car was developed on the platform of the Audi A6, as well as the platform, which was used in the "six", but as practice has shown, in the automotive market it is located slightly below the A8.

“Eighth”, of course, is much more prosperous in many respects, it’s not just that it is referred to as a luxury class, that is, as a representative.At the same time, the A7 model is put on par with the middle class cars in Germany, but of course it is necessary to make one amendment, in this segment this model, of course, occupies a leading place.

The appearance of the car

new Audi A7 2017

The new generation of the A7 model, which the Audi manufacturer has planned for next year, will get a fresh look, improved interior and improvements in the engine compartment. We proceed to the review of the exterior of the Audi A7 2017. Now the grille will be more overall and chrome-plated. The horizontal architecture of the inserts gives the exterior of the car an original and modern look.

Lighting here is also changed: the headlights have a slim design and are made up of LEDs. A distinctive feature - smooth bends throughout the body model. It is obvious that such a construction will have a positive effect on the streamlined body in the process of movement.

audi a7 photo

The side of the Audi A7 2017 remains the same. An interesting point in the new generation of the machine is its spoiler, with an automatic pull-out function. When the car accelerates over 130 km / h, the sensor activates and the spoiler retracts independently.

Interior features

The cabin of the car is incredible luxury. The decoration used first-class materials, including leather and wood. The steering wheel, which the Germans are constantly trying to make as much as possible, this time turned out to be more restrained. The steering wheel has the function of heating, as well as a lot of different buttons, for quick control of the necessary auto systems. The instrument panel received a finish that conforms to the best traditions of the manufacturer from Germany. On the panel there is an on-board computer, as well as a touch screen multimedia system.

Audi A7 2017 interior

The navigation system has been improved, based on feedback from the owners of the previous version of the car. Now on the display of "multimedia" you can set the routes, scroll through the cards, get all the information about the current state of the machine, view the phone book of contacts. The unique innovation demonstrated by the Germans in this car - a special device where you can insert a SIM-card. In addition, the car has a Wi-Fi hotspot and a 60 GB HDD.

Specifications Audi A7 2017

audi a7 price

In the engine compartment of the new car will be one of the three gasoline powertrains or a diesel engine.The two versions that run on gasoline have a working capacity of 2.8 liters, and the third gasoline engine and diesel engine are designed for three liters. The diesel engine is capable of delivering a maximum power of 250 hp, and the petrol variant will please its customers with a capacity of 330 hp. The fuel consumption of these engines is equal to eight liters in a segment of a hundred kilometers.

Home sales in the domestic market and the price of the car

audi a7 updated

So, the new Audi A7 2017 model year will appear next year in the domestic market. In the salons of official dealers, the new car will be offered for 3.5 - 4.5 million rubles (the price depends on the wealth of equipment).

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