Baby cot

November 29, 2009
DIY furniture

crib do it yourselfIt is not always easy for a young family to buy such children's furniture as a crib, especially when such a joyous event as the birth of a child occurs, it is still necessary to purchase vests, diapers, strollers and many other necessary things. It’s good if you have friends or acquaintances who have a child grown up, and they can give you a baby cot, and if not, we suggest you make it yourself.

Before starting to make a crib with our own hands, we decided to think: what conditions should it meet and highlighted five points:

  • The crib should be on wheels so that it can be conveniently installed anywhere and rock the baby.
  • Be sure to comply with the condition of security - the bed should be stable, low.
  • It is necessary that the child be clearly visible from any place, i.e. walls will be lattice.
  • And of course, we must make the crib beautiful so that our child has the first aesthetic impression.
  • We will take the most environmentally friendly materials for the crib: we will use natural wood, such as beech, oak or birch, and we will order the mattress from coconut fiber upholstered in sheep's wool.

When choosing the size of the bed, we will focus on the average height of a person and the age of the child up to 3 years. The height will be 40-50 cm so that the child can be seen from the parent bed. The distance between the bars will make no more than 60 mm, so that the child does not have the desire to push the head between them.


how to make a crib

  • frame bars, 3x3x50 cm - 8 pcs .;
  • frame bars, 3x3x90 cm - 4 pcs .;
  • bars for the lattice (14 mm in diameter, 28 cm long) - 28 pcs .;
  • for the bottom sheet of MDF, 1.8x40x90 cm-1pc .;
  • MDF sheet for back wall, 1.8x31x40 cm-2 pcs.
  • wooden dowel (10 mm in diameter, 8 mm long) for fastening the frame - 36 pcs .;
  • screws with a rounded head (5 × 80 cm) for fastening the frame - 8 pcs .;
  • wooden wheels (diameter 115 mm) with stoppers - 2 pcs., without stoppers - 2 pcs .;

Frame assembly

  1. First of all, we cut the size of the bars and mark the space for drilling holes: for dowels, lattice rods and screws with rounded heads.

    make a crib do it yourself

  2. Then, using a hand mill with a radius cutter, round the sharp edges of the bars.
  3. In order to insert round bars into a horizontal bar, you need to drill holes with a diameter of 14mm, a depth of 12 mm, at a distance of 4.7 cm (in our case) from each other. In the vertical bars drill holes for fastening with a horizontal diameter of 6mm.
  4. Then ream the hole to a diameter of 15mm to drown the screw head.
  5. We drill holes with a diameter of 13mm at the ends of the vertical bars for mounting the wheels. Insert a plastic sleeve into the hole and for a better connection we put it on glue and fasten it with metal pins.
  6. We make the front and back wall of the crib from MDF sheets bordered by three-centimeter bars around the perimeter. Fasten with wooden dowels (diameter 8 mm.): 3 pcs. below and above, and on the sides 2 dowels and one more to the end of the horizontal bar.
  7. For high-quality gluing of bars and sheets of MDF, use clamps.
  8. We make the side walls of the crib. We cut the bars of the required size, then we glue the lower slats with glue and insert the bars into which the upper bars are put on in the same way. Clamps fix lattice and leave to dry.
  9. For airing the mattress we drill in the MDF plate three rows of holes with a diameter of 40 mm., Each with seven.
  10. In the lower rails of the side wall and at the ends of the bottom, we drill holes for wooden dowels (5 pieces for each rail). Please note that these holes do not coincide with the holes for the rods.

Final assembly of the frame

It is carried out in an adhesive-free way. All vertical bars of the sides and end parts of the crib are fastened with the help of special screws with cylindrical heads. Thanks to this, the bed will be more durable, because it is a glueless connection, and you can assemble it at any time and disassemble it again. Disassembled space, it will not occupy much.

After the final assembly of the crib, we decorated it, because it must meet one of the conditions set before the start of production. It all depends on your imagination and desire to make the most beautiful crib in the world for a child.

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