Thermal bath: what to choose?

Bath - a truly Russian institution. At the mention of Russia, many foreigners have an image of not only a bear, but also a Russian bath. And many foreigners come specially to our country to visit a real Russian bathhouse. This is truly a storehouse of health. She is able to increase the immunity to respiratory diseases, influenza, etc.

When repairing an old bath or building a new one, we have to deal with its insulation. But what better to choose, so that the insulation was good and at the same time, the material was not toxic? After all, the duration of heating and the cost of fuel will depend on the quality of the insulation. The best material for insulation is fiberglass. This material is produced by many companies, the prices are different, but the composition is the same.

First you need to install a wooden frame, consisting of wooden racks, which are installed after the mats. This mat is cut into two equal halves, after which it is attached to the uprights with a construction stapler and sheathed with foil.

Foil designed to reflect heat inside the room should be facing the room. Insulation to the walls should be tightly applied, and between the foil and insulation stick paroizolyatsionny tape. This will prevent the entry of cold air and the formation of condensate. In the corners, especially carefully glue.

Are you going to repair the foundation? We will help you! Firm "Varmastroy" providesstrengthening the foundation of the houseat affordable prices. We also produce reinforcement of the foundation with a special cement mortar, which guarantees reliability. Have a good construction!

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