Beauty-hydrangea in Siberia

Hortensia in Siberia

Cultivation of hydrangeas in Siberia until recentlyoccurred at room conditions on the windowsills in the form of a pot culture. Yes, it's understandable - the Siberian frosts are fatal for the southerner, whose homeland is the subtropics of Japan and China. In natural conditions, a beautifully flowering hydrangea - a small tree or a high shrub, may be a 30 m long liana. Some species are deciduous, others are evergreen. In the open ground hydrangea deciduous cultivated in Transcarpathia, the Black Sea coast and the Caucasus, where there are acceptable climatic conditions for it. The warming of the climate on the planet allowed the hydrangea aristocrat to settle in the gardens of more northern regions of Russia - in the middle zone, in the Moscow region, but here it can overwinter only in good and proper shelter. Now, thanks to the efforts of the flower growers, the garden hydrangea in Siberia is no longer surprising. You just need to know which of its varieties Siberian frost can endure, and surround the tender beauty with care, attention and love.

Landing. Hortensia in Siberia Flattened hydrangea in Siberia

The most beautiful flowers give varieties of large leafhydrangeas. Flower balls with a diameter of up to 25 cm of the most diverse color are delicious. But for Siberian floriculture, such varieties do not fit - it's too cold for a plant. Sprigs on which flower buds are laid can freeze. And the plant will be pitiful, and the labors will be in vain. This hydrangea is better to grow in large pots, providing it for the winter room conditions. For open ground in areas with a sharply continental climate, a more winter-hardy appearance of this ornamental plant - paniculate - is suitable. Hortense in Siberia will not grow as powerful as in the south. But with good warming, the bushes will overwinter and in the hot summer blossom abundantly.

Cultivation of hydrangeas in Siberia Landing

Hortense in Siberia needs to be createdmicroclimate - choose a place protected from the wind. The plant is photophilous, but the bright sun does not tolerate. It is not suitable for hydrangeas alkaline soil - it will get sick with chlorosis (yellow leaves turn yellow). The best soil will be mild to medium-sized, composed of equal parts of foliage and turf, sand and peat. Planting time is spring after thawing of the soil. For 2-3 weeks before planting, prepare a pit of 50 x 50 x 50 cm, fill with loose soil. The root of the plant is not buried - this is important! Abundantly water and soil the soil. Hydrangea is a very hygrophilous plant, it's no wonder that its real name is hydrangea ("a vessel for moisture"), so make sure that the soil around is constantly moist. Once a decade, water with a solution of iron salts - prevention from chlorosis. Fertilizers: slurry, diluted with water in a proportion of 1:10; a weak solution of potassium permanganate; in the first half of the summer - potassium sulfate or ammonium sulfate; in late summer - superphosphate. Pruning is done in the spring, but after reaching the shrubby 4-year-old age. Propagate with green flexible cuttings.

Hydrangea paniculate Preparation for winter

If September is too rainy, then over the bushmake a shelter so that there is not too wet soil. Trim the discolored balls. Hortensia in Siberia is warmed like this: with the approach of cold the branches of the bush are gently bent as close to the ground as possible with a shield of dry thin boards, then 2-3 layers of covering cloth are covered, dry foliage, sawdust, then a layer of thin polyethylene lay coniferous lapnik. Around the warmth is bogged down by the soil. Leave 2-3 vents, which close only in the coldest period. The fallen snow will be the uppermost layer in the insulation. In the spring, layers are gradually removed one by one.

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