Benefits for servicemen

Many who are involved in the service in the Russian army are asking themselves about what privileges are provided for servicemen, as well as for military pensioners, by the state today?

Many laws have been published about this, many articles have been written, but we will also try to understand what changes have taken place since the beginning of this year.

The fact that benefits to servicemen, as well as those,who are considered members of their families, are laid, it is not necessary to speak. They are given very specific advantages in connection with their military service, as well as the performance of other military duties. This list also includes partial or complete exemption from their specific state duties.

Benefits for the military since the collapse of the Union have undergone drastic changes, and in the light of new military reforms the country's leadership promises them almost golden mountains.

But is this really so, and how will the lives of people who serve serve to protect our state and us?

Since 2012, the benefits to servicemen have changed as follows: the marginal premium, granted monthly for seniority, was reduced:

- it decreased to 40 percent from the initial 70%;

- A surcharge for working with such information, which is a state secret, has been reduced;

- the amount of material assistance has been changed, now it is established within one salary;

- the base for calculating district coefficients has been reduced;

- reduced to five salaries from the twenty-one former allowance for dismissal from the Armed Forces.

The following privileges were abolished for military servicemen of urgentservice in the form of state social guarantees: payment for travel to the place of the next and additional leave, compensation for the cost of children's permits, the maintenance of military children in the gardens and manger. The same list includes free resort and sanatorium provision, including partial payment for family members. Servicemen are no longer entitled to priority in providing their children with places in kindergartens.

This increases the monthly payment forthe qualification of the class up to 30%, up to one hundred percent of the salary will increase for some special conditions in the performance of the service and the performance of such tasks that are associated with a risk to health and life in a peaceful environment.

Benefits for servicemen include the introduction of bonuses in the amount of three months' salary each year for the efficient and conscientious performance of their duties.

If a serviceman dies while serving, his heirs are entitled to three million rubles a one-time benefit, which is divided between them in equal shares.

If the contractor resigns for a long-term retirement because of the unfitness, because of injuries or illnesses received by him during the service, he must receive two million rubles.

All these changes have a definite purpose. The state thus tries to materially stimulate the servicemen, raising their salaries by eliminating certain benefits.

And it is likely that this law will lead to more professional and high-quality execution of the servicemen's duties.

As for the economic side, we can say that the financial condition of those who serve in the ranks of the Armed Forces will significantly improve.

It turns out that the serviceman, having received more datafavorable conditions of payment, paying for it by reducing the size of their benefits and a certain change in status, i.e. there is a certain "monetization" of its social advantages.

About how this will affect later lifemilitary, it is good or bad for them, life will show. It is likely that soon, after this step of legislators, Russian citizens will finally feel fully protected by our valiant Armed Forces.

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