Best business gifts for the New Year 2017

With the winter holidays approaching, it is necessary to take care of the purchase of gifts for loved ones and relatives, as well as the selection of business gifts. And if everything is more or less clear with the first, then how and how to congratulate colleagues, business partners or the boss can become a real dilemma.

After all, business gifts are not just a sign of attention, but a way to express respect, strengthen partnerships, as well as a subtle hint of continued fruitful cooperation next year.

When choosing such gifts it is necessary to remember that they must be neutral and not contain hidden connotations. The cost of gifts is also not so simple - too cheap and simple gifts can create a feeling of neglect, and too expensive ones can be perceived as a bribe.

However, do not despair, pick upbusiness gifts for the New Year 2017not too difficult. Especially since our selection of ideas is in a hurry to your rescue.

Gifts to colleagues

In congratulating the employees, the most important thing is not to forget about anyone and not to single out “favorites”. If the budget for the purchase of gifts to colleagues is limited, then you can simply purchase small original souvenirs that will delight everyone.

Of course, there are always the best workers in the team and those who are somewhat behind, however, it’s better to resolutely reject the idea of ​​distributing gifts depending on the performance. New Year's gifts should bring together all employees and create a festive mood.

For colleagues you can buy:

  • souvenirs with the symbol of the New Year;
  • creative office items;
  • beautiful Christmas toys in an individual gift box;
  • chocolate cards.

Also, to congratulate colleagues on the New Year, you can simply order a big cake, purchase several bottles of champagne and after the working day arrange a small celebration for the whole team.

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Gifts to business partners

New Year's gifts for business partners should be chosen with particular care, as they must show respect and declare their intention to continue to cooperate. On such presentations it is better not to save and choose high-quality things, for example:

  • elite alcohol in a gift case;
  • expensive pen with a personalized engraving;
  • leather folder for documents with the logo of the company;
  • chess made of natural wood or minerals.

If you are on friendly terms with your business partner and are familiar with his hobbies, you can donate something related to them. For example, another item in his collection of paintings / porcelain figurines / daggers, etc.

However, it is better to refuse too personal gifts, even if you are good friends with your partner. Ties, cufflinks, watches, perfume - only a very close person can give such things.

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Gifts to the boss

Presents to the boss are a very “sensitive” topic, since here it is especially important to stay within the framework of subordination and not cross the line, after which the present can be perceived negatively. A “bad” gift is considered if it is too expensive or, on the contrary, cheap, has double overtones, or is too personal. The head is quite possible to donate:

  • leather-bound diary;
  • a bottle of good wine or champagne in a gift box;
  • a set of high-quality chocolate;
  • picture in the office.

Best of all, if the entire team congratulates the head, then it will be more festive and symbolic, and it is also much more profitable financially. If you want to give the manager something personally from yourself, then you should choose the most neutral present so that it does not look like a sycophancy.

Business gifts for NG 2017Business giftsBusiness gifts for the New Year of the RoosterBusiness gifts for the New Year

Gifts to customers

If your company has corporate clients that are especially important for the company, then it’s impossible to ignore them for the New Year. Congratulations of customers will allow you to demonstrate how valuable they are for the company, as well as remind you about yourself and unobtrusively advertise your services. Excellent options for business gifts in this case are:

  • the company's products in the New Year's design;
  • gift baskets with fruit, sweets and champagne;
  • high-quality office with a company logo.

At the same time, despite the fact that the New Year is a fun and positive holiday, it’s better to keep from joking presents. A business gift is an important part of the company's image, so it must emphasize its respectability.

Colleague gifts New Year 2017gifts to business partnersgifts to business partners on NG 2017New Year's gifts to business partners

It is better not to postpone the selection and delivery of business gifts for the New Year, but to plan in advance, then it will not bring much trouble.The best for congratulations is the period from December 23 to January 7, then the New Year's gift will be relevant and relevant.

It is worth remembering that business gifts, as well as ordinary ones, are primarily a manifestation of respect. Therefore, make them with a festive mood and a positive attitude, and they will definitely be successful.

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