Bicycle "Porsche" - Lord of the city roads

To get great driving pleasuretwo-wheeled vehicle, it's enough just to get on the Porsche bicycle. It is the embodiment of a balance of stylish appearance, stunning functionality and incredible maneuverability. This vehicle is extremely light, due to the optimal configuration and the absence of unnecessary parts and components.

Design features

Bicycle "Porsche" is an excellent exampledynamism and softness in tandem with amazing driving characteristics and a sense of the road. Thanks to the lightest frame made of high-quality aluminum, toothed belt drive and stylish design, the vehicle serves as a daily companion for active and sporting personalities.

Quite functional for the user isand an eight-speed shift system with a specific planetary bushing. Due to the availability of hydraulic brakes, the cyclist is quite easy to control the speed and safety of driving.

Tires of the vehicle are incrediblyhigh permeability. Bicycle "Porsche" is equipped with a shock-absorbing fork of a pneumatic type. Therefore, it should be noted that the vehicle is a real off-roader and is capable of conquering any peaks and hedges.


Uniqueness of the vehicle

Bicycle "Porsche" is created according to the principleabsence of unnecessary details. Therefore, it has no shock absorbers, complex suspension structures and wheels with teeth, which adversely affect the rolling. The manufacturer in this vehicle has achieved the impossible, as indicated by the ultra light weight of the bicycle, which is 9 kg.

Regardless of its weight category, the remedymovement has an amazing braking system and transmission, consisting of twenty speeds of the legendary brand Shimano. It should be noted that the bicycle is not a demo version, but a full-fledged vehicle, on which every athlete will be pleased to conquer high-speed tracks and highways.

the bicycle is wheeled on cast wheels

Ruler range

The legendary automotive brand Porsche offers quality, active life and functionality to the fans for the whole family.

  • Bicycle "Porsche" for children is presented in a ratherexclusive and extravagant design. This two-wheeled vehicle is equipped with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and an adjustable braking system. The seat of the vehicle has a fine adjustment property. The bike is designed for children from the age of three. A feature of the products of the children's line is the presence of reflectors on the pedals, wheels and body of the vehicle.
  • The S category of this brand's bikes has an unrivaled appearance, innovative design and aluminum elements that are characteristic of Porsche products.
  • The RS models differ in the use ofproduction of incredibly light carbon materials. Of the latter, not only the frame, but also the fork of rigid construction, is manufactured, so that the weight of the vehicle is only 8.7 kg, which is a kind of record in the bicycle industry.

bicycle porsche child

Manufacturer's recommendations

A work of art is a bicycle"Porsche", a photo of which can be seen in a variety of catalogs and exhibitions of the highest class. The car brand that produces this two-wheel technical "product" characterizes the vehicle as the only Porsche, which has two gas pedals.

The manufacturer recommends each buyerfollow the following rule: the Porsche bicycle, due to the availability of installed equipment on it and due to its design features, is not designed for driving on public roads. Before using the vehicle on a public service road, special equipment must be installed.

Price policy

Bicycle "Porsche" on cast wheels is notonly a work of engineering art, but also an expensive toy, the purchase of which is not available to every athlete or lover of an active lifestyle. The cost of the most budget category vehicle of this brand varies from 23,850 to 26,000 rubles. The elite bicycle line of the label is represented in the price range from 266.950 to 430.000 rubles.

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