Bidet lid for the toilet: how to choose a comfortable nozzle-seat

In Europe and Japan, a bidet is a mandatory attribute of personal hygiene in the bathroom. In Russia, this plumbing is more a choice of medical institutions and connoisseurs of absolute purity. If you belong to the second category, then you cannot do without such a bath for washing. But domestic toilets do not please with large dimensions, this device is often simply not available anywhere in them.

However, there is another option - a bidet cover for the toilet with advanced functionality. It is enough to install it instead of the usual toilet seat and you get a convenient two-in-one system.

Description of toilet seats bidet

Originally, the bidet covers were intended for seriously ill patients who could not take care of themselves. They appeared in European and American hospitals in the 50-60s of the last century. It was a removable toilet seat, which had a nozzle for water supply from the plumbing.The patient got rid of the need to use toilet paper and make efforts when doing hygiene procedures.

Bidet and WC in the toilet
Although a separate bidet is a small device, it takes up a lot of space in a bathroom or toilet - a toilet bowl with similar functionality is more practical, compact and convenient.

As technology evolved, the toilet covers of the bidet were improved and equipped with heating, air drying, electronic control and deodorization.

The latest models are equipped with even music players and various sensors, and also have an anti-bacterial coating on the nozzles and the plastic seat. All for hygiene, cleanliness and convenience of the consumer.

Purpose of hygienic caps

Bidets are often referred to as "paperless toilets." Its main purpose is hygienic rinsing after stool and urination. The use of such plumbing improves blood circulation in the pelvic area and decreases the risk of infectious diseases.

Invoice on the toilet lid-bidet
Structurally, the toilet attachment with bidet functionality is a typical toilet seat, which can be installed on any sample of sanitary ware for a toilet of a suitable purpose.

To mount the bidet nozzle on the toilet, you only need the minimum skills in the implementation of plumbing work. In fact, this is a regular seat, which is additionally equipped with special devices. It only needs to be connected to the water supply pipe, plug it in and fix it on the toilet, but no more.

The advantages of a bidet cover weight:

  • ease of installation - just follow the instructions;
  • speed of installation - you need to connect only a couple of hoses for the supply of water;
  • low cost solution - the pad is two to three times less than the bidet itself;
  • ease of control - temperature and pressure are changed by pressing a button;
  • saving space in the toilet;
  • availability of additional functions.

Especially the bidet seat for home toilet is convenient for people with disabilities and children. This sanitary device is absolutely safe to use and even useful. No wonder doctors recommend it for the prevention of diseases in the pelvis.

Differences between consoles and seats

Often, buyers are confused in the range and names of all these multifunctional nozzles, seats and lids for toilets.Before going to the plumbing store will not interfere in more detail to understand their features and design differences.

Hygienic toilet shower
A nozzle with a hygienic shower is often confused with a bidet nozzle - their functions are similar, but these sanitary appliances differ significantly in design and use.

There are three similar devices:

  1. Hygienic shower - pad on the toilet on the side in the form of a mixer with a watering can on a flexible hose.
  2. Bidet nozzle - a bar with nozzles and a faucet, fixed on the toilet at the point of fixing the flush tank.
  3. The cover with the built-in bidet function is a complete and multifunctional device for washing away.

The first sanitary device for use must be taken in hand and directed to the body part to be washed. And the other two devices tightly screwed to the toilet, for their work enough to turn on. Nozzles in them are fixed and retractable. Models with an adjustable tip are more practical and convenient, but they are more expensive than other options.

Cover bidet on the toilet bezel
Cover with nozzles under the flush tank performs similar functions with a bidet-lid, but it is cheaper and simpler than the last one in installation and operation

Multifunctional bidet toilet seats in the form of removable lids can be equipped with several nozzles and a console to control. In the closed state, they do not outwardly differ from ordinary analogs, only the remote control on the side can be confused by ignorance.

In the “OFF” mode, the nozzles are removed closer to the cistern; an ordinary toilet bowl is obtained. When switching to the “BIDE” mode, the nozzles are extended to the required distance so that water is supplied through them for washing.

Functional electronic models

The multifunctional bidet nozzle on a standard toilet makes the latter into a universal system for washing and hygiene. It has several modes of operation that allow you to adjust the plumbing used by individual preferences and features of the person being washed.

The toilet bidet nozzles are divided into models:

  • electronic - require electrical connection;
  • mechanical - have a manual lever to turn on the water and extend the nozzles

In electronic models, everything is designed to ensure uninterrupted operation of the bidet nozzles and to keep the toilet and the appliance clean at the same time. The main thing in such plumbing - convenience.All bidets are specially designed taking into account that the person using them would not have to do unnecessary gestures when using the toilet.

Functional Bidet Covers
Electronic cover-bidet is more expensive than mechanical, but more functional, easy to manage, practical, comfortable and not inferior in design

As an additional functionality, models of overhead bidets are equipped with:

  • hydromassage;
  • self-cleaning system;
  • heated seat;
  • supply of liquid soap;
  • air drying;
  • human presence sensor;
  • a device for smooth closing the cover
  • air freshener in the restroom.

In the latest designs, plastic seats and metal nozzles are coated with silver particles. This metal is a natural antiseptic and ensures the sterility of workers supplying water to the elements and surfaces on which the toilet visitor sits.

Device of a laid hygienic roof
The more functions the model of the overhead bidet has, the more expensive it is, and you will have to pay more for the convenience of using this bathroom fixture and the simplicity of hygienic procedures

Water can be heated, fed through a mixer or directly from a cold-water pipe.The jet is supplied in the mode of simple washing, with pulsation and saturation with air. To clean the atmosphere of the toilet lining equipped with a deodorization system.

Most models have a pair of separate retractable nozzles with nozzles for different areas of washing. It’s enough for men, but for women it’s just such a duet. If the spout is one, then it should be two multi-directional nozzles.

Principles of operation of the nozzles on the toilet

When the water is turned on with the mixer lever or the button on the console, the nozzles under the pressure of the water flow move forward and begin to spray the jets. After shutdown, they hide back, which eliminates their contamination with feces and urine. However, to remove dirt from the nozzles they are provided for automatic cleaning.

Bidet control panel
To control the functions of the bidet lid, there is a remote control with a set of buttons, with the help of which the location of the nozzle with the nozzle and the water temperature are regulated, as well as various operating modes

The jet is adjusted for temperature, pressure and direction. You need to adjust to the bidet, otherwise with an ill-conceived adjustment with water you can pour the entire toilet.The lighting and seat heating functions are automatically activated when a person sits on the toilet. As far as such amenities are excesses - a moot point. Some consider these accessories to be excessive, while others give the built-in Internet. Here to each his own.

Features of the choice of a convenient invoice bidet

Choosing a bidet attachment for the toilet, it is not recommended to buy cheap models. They will not last long. But with too expensive products also need to be careful. Due to the large number of functions, they may have a non-standard design, which will exclude their installation on most toilet bowls that are typical in shape.

Choosing the most convenient model
The most problematic part of the overhead bidet is a constantly opening / closing plastic lid, in the second most damaged place is the electronic filling

The dimensions of the bidet lids and toilet bowls themselves are standard. But when choosing the first, you must first measure the dimensions of the second seat, so as not to be mistaken in a few millimeters. As a rule, when you buy a lining, the toilet is already in the toilet, which makes replacing it under a specific lid is not very reasonable.

Nozzles in the form of slats are more versatile. They are mounted by means of bolts that secure the toilet cistern. There are only a few distances between the holes for them - 130, 150, 200 mm. It is difficult to make a mistake here, especially since the plank has an elongated cutout for fasteners in the middle. It can be shifted left / right in a fairly large range.

In comparison with the cap, the nozzle is easier to install and connect to networks. Often, such models are mechanical and it is enough for them to connect to the riser pipe. Electronic bidet covers also require power. The nozzle will suit any person irrespective of his age. But the bidet seat for the child will have to pick up separately.

The optimal bidet for convenience is a model with adjustable water temperature. Here the variant is possible both with the connection of two pipelines with the mixing of hot and cold streams, as well as with the heated version. For the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids, it is recommended to wash with cool water, and cystitis - only warm.

The nuances of installing a special cap on the toilet

The bidet kit contains all the necessary nuts, power cords, gaskets, and fittings. No need to invent or search.It is only necessary to pre-read the instructions and you can proceed to installation.

First, the lid or cover of the bidet is mounted on the rim of the toilet bowl with fasteners running in the set. Then connect the water hoses or one cold water hose. Here you can connect directly from the riser or from the pipes of the washbasin nearby.

The principle of connection to the water supply
If for a bidet only cold water is required, then the easiest way is to use a tee and connect to the supply of an existing drain tank.

The water hoses to the bidet of the nozzle or the lid are connected via a common t-fitting or to the individual connections of the device with the installation of check valves and water purifying filters.

With electricity is still easier. There is a cord with a plug that you just need to plug into the outlet. Problems can arise only if the latter is not in the restroom. Then you have to lay the cable from the existing bathroom. Otherwise, connecting a bidet lid is no more difficult than connecting a washing machine. The process is even simpler, no need to pull sewer pipes.

Installation of the toilet lid
When installing a bidet cover on the toilet, it is enough to follow the instructions attached to the plumbing, everything is very simple - unscrewing the old cover, fixing the new one and connecting it to water and electricity

The bidet cover is a trivial and easy-to-install fixture. Its use reduces the risk of inflammation of the intimate parts of the human body and prevents urogenital diseases. For most Russians, such plumbing is still a wonder. But doctors are unanimous - its installation prevents many sores and facilitates their treatment.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The nuances of choosing and installing a useful plumbing device are in interesting videos.

About the benefits of overhead bidets:

Components and nuances of mounting the lid with the function of a bidet on the toilet:

The difference between the bidet-lid-bidet:

Through the bidet overlays, a conventional toilet can be quickly turned into a modern and multifunctional sanitary fixture. Even if the bathroom is tiny, it does not matter. The cover plate does not take away the precious space in it, and it is perfectly possible to cope with its installation on its own, without invoking the masters of the sanitary engineering business.

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