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For centuries, poetry has always been interestingand is close to people, because it is through poetry in an elegant verse form that a person expresses his views on the world and everything that is in it. Many believe that with the departure of the great poetsIn the twentieth century poetry was cut short, a whole epoch of creativity of such talented people as Joseph Brodsky, Vladimir Vysotsky, Anna Akhmatova, Boris Pasternak, etc. went into oblivion. However, the modernpoetry proves the opposite: in Russia there are talented, creative and very gifted poets. And Biryukov Sergey Evgenievich is one of them.

Biography of the poet

He was born in the middleXX century, in 1950, in the Tambov region. Sergey Biryukov grew up in the small village of Torbeevka, in the most ordinary family of the worker. The boy was interested in poetry since childhood, in the younger classes he read the entire school library. Teachers more than once noticed the special propensity of the future poet to literature, as it grew older, this love only intensified.

Training in the Tambov pedagogicaluniversity, at the Faculty of Philology, forced him to take a fresh look at the work of the Russian Futurists, and he, as a student, decided to link poetry with his whole life.


Teaching Activities

Biryukov Sergei defended in 1973 a doctoraldissertation on the theme of culturology of the XIX-XX centuries. Has a scientific degree of Candidate of Philology. More than 20 years he worked in the TSU. G. Derzhavin, he taught at his native faculty, gave lectures on linguistics and general poetics. The professor also directed a literary studio where, along with gifted students, he prepared for publication the book of the great Russian writers and poets of the 19th and 20th centuries. The most famous of them are editions of the works of such poets as VM Kubanev, AM Zhemchuzhnikov and NI Ladygin.

In 1990, Sergei Evgenievich for the first time in the worldfounded the "Academy of Zaumi", which brought together all Russian and foreign poets, philologists, visualists and artists who continue to keep the ideas of bishops and follow the traditions of the futurists of the last century. He awarded the most talented poets-zaumniki International mark them. David Burliuk, who is the founder of a new kind of art - futurism.

Russian poet

Features of creativity

Biryukov Sergey Evgenievich was first published in 1970. The main difference of his works is their unique style, executed according to the best traditions of zaumi.

Zaum as a literary trend arose inbeginning of the XX century, its main idea is a complete refusal to use meaningful words, instead of them sounds are used, which, according to the absences, are also capable of conveying the thoughts of poets. Here is one of the vivid examples of such a work:

Cuddled. Cocktail Shawls
They were poking around,
And the grimaces were grunting,
Like muamziki in mov.

As you can see, the zaum is a kind of analogabstract art in art. Sergey Biryukov performed his poems on stage with great artistry, so many young poets turned to this literary device.

biryukov sergei evgenievich

In addition to the abstruse poems, the poet also created larger works. Most of them are written in the style of futurism using many avant-garde techniques.

Bibliography: poetry books

Sergei Evgenevich can safely be called one of thethe most important representatives of the Russian avant-garde in modern poetry. His pen belongs to more than 20 books of poetry, written in the style of radical avant-garde. Many works are translated into foreign languages, in particular, into English and Ukrainian.

Here is a list of the most famous books, including collections of poems:

  • "Long transition" - a collection written in 1980, it included poems from early works ("The Middle Band", "The Plot of Human Affairs", "Autumn Painting", "The Court", etc.).
  • "I'm writing from nature" - a collection published by the Young Guard in 1989.
  • "Muse zaumi", "The sign of infinity" were created in the 90's, to this day are very popular works in the style of the avant-garde composition of versification.

modern poetry

Later the work of the poet was marked by the following works:

  • "Knigura" - under the publishing house Halley (2000).
  • "Sound", "Sphinx", "Man in a cut," "Flight of the Dinosaur" - these collections were created in the second half of the 2000s, during his travels through Europe and the USA (Germany, Madrid, New York).

Theoretical books

The Russian poet works in a variety of ways. He is the author and researcher of the history of futurism and avant-gardism. His job "Zevgma: poetry from Mannerism to Postmodernism "is the only textbook on avant-garde (" non-standard ") forms of versification.

His greatest scientific works are "Theory andthe practice of the poetic avant-garde in Russia, Baroque and the avant-garde and Rocku reproach, and in 2006 his anthology Avant-Garde: Vectors and Modules was published, which is considered one of the author's most serious works, and touches on the most important themes of Russian avant-garde poetry : the aesthetics of poetic experiment in the culture of the avant-garde of the 20th century and the portrait of imaginative futurism.In addition, the book describes the results of many years of research on the sources of the main literary trends, biographies of famous and unknown poets in Russia, The modern poetry is rich in young talents, which continue to create works in the best traditions of futurism, complementing this style with their own techniques. "The most famous poets of the day: Vera Polozkova, Soya Es, Ira Astakhova, Gera Shipov, and others.

Halle Wittenberg University

Contribution of the poet to modern poetry

Sergei Biryukov had a huge impact onthe development of the literary direction of the zaumi, he is the active propagandist of this language. Thanks to the poet and philologist Sergey Evgenievich, the abstruse language has acquired those sweeps that it has now.

At the moment he lives in Germany, in the cityHalle. Wittenberg University became the place of his career, it was here (at the University of Martin Luther) Biryukov gained fame as a true researcher of the literature of the last century.

Each year he organizes internationalconference, inviting almost all modern poets, artists and connoisseurs of the arts. For his services, he was repeatedly awarded various awards, among which - the international award "Writer of the 21st century", the Russian Prize.

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