Bosch Athlet vacuum cleaner: main features and functions + comparison with competitors

Increasingly, vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning. This modern technology allows you to quickly remove all contamination from flooring, furniture, rugs and carpets. The modern Bosch Athlet vacuum cleaner is capable of more. Due to the lack of a network wire using such a device, you can get rid of dust and debris anywhere in the building. It can also be used for cleaning cars.

Features and characteristics of the Bosch Athlet series

With the appearance on the market of household appliances of different market, customers increasingly began to give preference to battery vacuum cleaners.

Which stand out the following benefits:

  • the lack of wires that no longer restrict movement around the room;
  • small size and weight, so that such equipment can be easily transported and stored;
  • capacious container for collected garbage.

At the same time, they had significant drawbacks: low battery capacity and low power.

Because of this, cordless vacuum cleaners could not be used for long-term cleaning of highly polluted premises.

But everything changed when Bosch announced a series of Athlet vacuum cleaners. An introductory overview can be viewed in the video:

Any Bosch Athlet unit has the same engine power as the mains powered equipment. Operating time without battery has increased significantly.

For models of the entire series are characteristic:

  1. High battery capacity.
  2. Robust case with rubberized grip.
  3. Modern touch panel.
  4. Engine with significant power.
  5. The presence of a cyclone filter.

More detailed characteristics should be considered on examples of the most demanded models of this series.

Model number 1 - Bosch BCH 7ATH32K

This model stands out for its high performance and quite impressive cost. A set of lithium-ion batteries can ensure continuous operation of the vacuum cleaner for up to 75 minutes.

Included is a charger that fully charges the battery in 6 hours.There is a fast charge mode: up to 80% capacity in just 3 hours. The indicator lights on the corresponding panel indicate the status of discharge and battery charging.

Bosch Athlete Vacuum Cleaner
Stylish, lightweight, compact and powerful, the Bosch Atlet cordless vacuum cleaner fits perfectly into the interior of any dwelling

Of the key features in the design should be highlightedHiSpin engine. It is characterized by sufficient power to clean any dirt.

There is the possibility of power control, as well as three modes of operation:

  • "Fast". In this mode, the vacuum cleaner works at full capacity, so you can clean up heavily littered areas of the room.
  • "Average". Mode that is universal for all rooms and types of coverage with significant pollution.
  • "Normal". The most low-power mode that is suitable for cleaning smooth surfaces, for example, or carrying out regular preventive cleaning.

SystemSmartSensor Controlincludes all instrument indicators and a touch control system. All governing bodies are located on the same device panel

Rotation Clean Systemprevents the accumulation of excess debris in the tank.This allows you to quickly remove it from the container, the filling of which will be given the appropriate signal. Capacity is 0.7 liters.

Also pay attention to the universalAllFloor HighPower brushwhich is suitable for cleaning any coatings. If its functionality is not enough, then there are other attachments in the kit that allow you to produce the most efficient cleaning.

Touchpad Vacuum Cleaner Bosch Athlet
The touch panel of the device informs users about the intensity of the air flow, and when it deviates from the norm, the indicator lights up in red

There are three filters in the vacuum cleaner:

  • filter cartridge with a softened Pure Air membrane;
  • hygienic filter that cleans the air at the outlet of the vacuum cleaner;
  • filter barrier, which is necessary for the most durable operation of the engine.

Also included are the following accessories: an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying a vacuum cleaner, an adapter tube, and nozzles for cleaning upholstered furniture and crevices.

The weight of the vacuum cleaner in the form prepared for work is 4.6 kg. The weight of the device in the package is 6.2 kg.

People who bought this model emit a number of positive points in its use. So, among them:

  1. Ability to adjust power intake modes.
  2. Convenient storage upright.
  3. Cleaning large rooms in just one battery charge - about 80 m2, depending on the degree of contamination.
  4. The presence of many useful indicators.
  5. Rubber grip.
  6. The presence of the roller on the nozzle, which is designed for winding wool and hair.
  7. Clean air after cleaning.
  8. You can clean the car, garden furniture, other items, without reference to electricity.

Of the shortcomings, only work from the battery is highlighted. Or rather, the need to charge it.

Model number 2 - Bosch BCH 6ATH18

This vacuum cleaner has a significant engine power of 2.4 kW. It is regulated by selecting one of the three existing modes. The longest operation time is 40 minutes. This time is enough for normal cleaning.

If you want to remove serious pollution, you should select the turbo mode. The engine will work at full capacity, so you can remove almost any small debris, except for construction.

Vertikalka does not take up much space.
A distinctive feature of vertical vacuum cleaners is that they do not require a lot of space to store them. They can be placed in any corner of the apartment.

The battery pack consists of Li-Ion cells. They are charged from the power supply to 18 V. In 6 hours, the device is fully charged, and in 3 hours - by 80%. This is enough to prepare for the cleaning of a room or a car as soon as possible.

Due to the low weight of 3 kg, even a child can handle cleaning. The handle is made with rubberized inserts, which contributes to the convenient use of the device.

Using the touch panel display, the functionSensor controlinforms the user about the need to unload garbage from the container. On the same panel there is a visualization of the battery charge and the degree of its discharge.

Using the AllFloor HighPower brush, you can remove absolutely any covering, even a fleecy carpet. Its design provides an electric drive. The roller for winding wool and hair can be easily removed and cleaned.

Dust collector device
The design of the dust collector at the Bosch Atlet vacuum cleaner allows, literally, with the movement of one hand to remove it from the design and clean it

All trash is collected in a 0.9 liter container. The dust tank is easily detached and emptied. The company also developed and implemented a systemSensorBagless. It is designed to control the level of performance of a vacuum cleaner.

If the air flow becomes low, the system stops the engine and the membrane filter starts automatically. After its termination work resumes.

Among the many advantages that the device possesses, users most often single out:

  1. Unusual ease for such productive equipment.
  2. Low and medium power is enough for cleaning, the "turbo" mode is used very rarely.
  3. Modern design of home appliances.
  4. Simplicity of service of the vacuum cleaner.
  5. The fine filter can be washed under running water or washed.

Among the shortcomings are called: a small volume of a container for dust, a somewhat inconvenient design of the device, which does not allow to hide a vacuum cleaner under furniture, a long battery charge.

In addition, prolonged operation of the vacuum cleaner in one place can lead to damage to the flooring, but this does not apply to the first, very low-power mode of operation, since there is no provision for the operation of brushes.

Model number 3 - Bosch BCH 6ATH25

The incredibly productive model Bosch BCH 6ATH25 has proven to be a good helper in any residential area.

Within just 5 minutes, you can leisurely assemble or disassemble it. Therefore, there is no need to stand in assembled form, if they are not used. When assembled, it weighs only 3 kg. Capacity - 0.9 liters.

Universal vertical model
This is an excellent technique for cleaning residential premises. Due to its good performance, it can also often be found in hotels and hotels.

It can be used for cleaning any floor coverings and upholstered furniture. Many users vacuum even soft toys.

Comes with an electric powered turbo brush. On her hair is wound, which after cleaning is easy to cut with scissors or a knife. There is a special groove on the roller for this.

Despite the fact that the battery is fully charged in 6 hours, 80% charge the battery in just 1 hour. This is possible thanks to the "Fast charge" function. With its help, you can quickly prepare for cleaning the room when the battery is completely discharged.

The mode switch is located on the handle of the vacuum cleaner. There are three modes in total, and each of them has its own advantages:

  • Zero mode- low-power. During operation, the turbo brush is not used, so cleaning can be done even if children sleep, due to the almost silent operation of the equipment.
  • First modedesigned for universal cleaning.The turbo brush will already be used here, so cleaning will be more efficient.
  • Turbo mode- uses the full power of the vacuum cleaner motor. In this mode, the battery can work for about 15 minutes, so you need to spend this time as efficiently as possible.

The cyclone filter is easy to maintain. There is a necessary removal for its disassembly. Soft parts should be rinsed regularly under running water.

Cleaning upholstered furniture
The light weight of the device and its maneuverability will be significant advantages, since women are mostly cleaned at home.

Users who have already purchased this model, note a number of positive points:

  1. The ability to quickly charge the battery- The most important thing for rechargeable vacuum cleaners. And in this model, it is embodied in full. In just 60 minutes you can prepare equipment for a full cleaning of the room.
  2. Easy maintenance. Even a child or an elderly person can work with this vacuum cleaner.
  3. Long warranty periodthan other models cannot boast.

Of the significant drawbacks, users identified only the high cost of the device.

Before buying such equipment, it is reasonable to compare it with similar models from other manufacturers.

Comparison with competitive models

Among the many vertical models of technical characteristics, cost and ease of use, according to the owners, there are only three significant competitors for Bosch Athlete. Next, consider them closer.

Competitor # 1 - Xiaomi Roidmi F8

Foldable battery vacuum cleaner of this model has a low noise level during operation. Power consumption is only 415 W, which makes it more economical, unlike Bosch units. But, at the same time, the area of ​​its application is significantly reduced.

The cyclone filter is used with a capacity of 0.4 liters. Accumulators can operate up to 55 minutes at minimum engine power and up to 10 minutes at maximum.

Also included are magnetic mounts on the wall, corner and slot nozzles. You can make certain settings of the vacuum cleaner on your smartphone using the Mi-Home application, although, according to users, this is not so important. Additionally, you can buy other attachments.

Competitor # 2 - Dyson V7 Cord-free

Very lightweight vacuum cleaner weighing only 2.3 kg.Attracts buyers with a fairly low noise level. It is easy for him to find a place in the house, since it is extremely small in assembled form.

The manufacturer completes the technique with special mounts on the wall. From the battery, the engine runs only up to 30 minutes. Yes, and the engine is able to give the power of suction just 100 watts.

Therefore, it can only be used for cleaning smooth surfaces, short-nap carpets and furniture. The design provides the necessary indicators and a button for switching modes of operation.

Competitor # 3 - Philips FC6168 PowerPro Duo

The cordless vacuum cleaner of this model has more impressive features. True and his weight is more significant - 2.9 kg. An 18 V battery can last up to 40 minutes in the first power mode.

The filter has a three-layer shell that allows you to hold on it at least 90% of the particles from the air. The cyclone filter is easy to clean, with a single press of a button, and its capacity is 0.6 liters.

The cost of the model is significantly inferior to the models from Bosch, but in terms of functionality they are slightly inferior to the latter.


Bosch Athlet series vacuum cleaners stand out for their German build quality and ease of operation among other manufacturers in the same price category.They are suitable for those people who carry out both daily cleaning and more rare, but thorough.

The users of this series of equipment did not encounter difficulties with the maintenance of equipment. All components are made of durable materials. There are no significant drawbacks.

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