Cake without baking: homemade recipes for cakes of cookies and gingerbread

Cottage Cheese House

What dish to make for a child from cottage cheese so that he eats it for both cheeks? Of course, such a playful house. The most important thing is in the matter of creativity, you need to come up with something that the child wants to eat, for example, to say that inside the dessert lies a gift for you that you can eat too. I am sure that your kids will appreciate this delicacy.

We will need:

  • milk0.5 tbsp.
  • biscuit200-250 g
  • cottage cheese home0.5 kg;
  • granulated sugar100 g
  • cocoa powder (for glaze)1 tbsp
  • sugar to glaze1 tbsp.
  • butter

Cooking method:

1. Add sugar to cottage cheese and mix. Take a mixer and whisk well this mass. Then add the butter at room temperature and continue to beat.


Important! You can buy such curd mass already prepared in the store, and then the cooking process will be quick at all.

2Next, dip each cookie in the milk so that it becomes slightly soft. The next step is to put on the table food wrap or a transparent bag for products and put it like this:


3. Top with curd mass.

4. Now assemble the house with your hands.

3formiruem domik

5. Next, pour chocolate icing, which you can do yourself. Cocoa mix with sugar and add milk, about 0.5 tbsp. can be a little less and butter 0.5 tsp. Put on the stove and cook until the sugar is dissolved. Cream or otherwise you can say chocolate sauce is ready, let it cool.

4ykrachaem domik

6. Decorate at your discretion. Refrigerate in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. Bon Appetit!

Love the cottage cheese products, then I bring to your attention a cool selection:

miniatura sirniki

Cake in a frying pan at home with custard and condensed milk. Video

This option is considered to be the most delicate, as it is prepared exclusively from custard. For me personally, this is another successful and proven culinary masterpiece. Of course, only you will have to tinker with it a bit, do not think that it will be cooked in the oven, this is not so, but in 5 minutes it will not work to cook it will take about 30 minutes. Try it and you.I bring to your attention 2 species, one of the cookies, the other hastily in a pan without an oven and without gelatin.

We will need:

  • Cookies "Milk" or "Topoen Milk", can be "Jubilee" - 30-36 pcs.
  • Milk - 0.5 L
  • Flour - 2 tbsp. L
  • Eggs - 2 pcs.
  • Sugar - 2/3 tablespoons or to your taste

Cooking method:

1. I suggest to start my work with the preparation of a sauce or cream. To do this, take a clean bowl and break the eggs, sprinkle with sugar. Using a whisk, beat the mixture well. But the foam should not work, just help dissolve the sugar. Then gently add flour with a spoon, stir. Now add half of the milk, mix, add the milk again and mix everything thoroughly so that there are no lumps and the mass is homogeneous.

2vzbivaem moloko

Next, pour the resulting liquid into a saucepan and cook over low heat, stirring constantly. After boiling, the cream will begin to thicken, choose your own density, you can make it liquid, but then it will spread.

2. And then came the moment of assembly, put the first layer of 6 cookies in the form of a rectangle, soak it with cream, and so on until you create this tasty treat:

3ykladivaem pechenie

3. Then coat the sides with all the cream so that the seams are not visible. Sprinkle with chocolate chips on top.It is completely easy to make, just rub the chocolate on a fine grater. Let your collected masterpiece give you an unforgettable taste and delight from others!

1tort s zavarnim kremom

Well, now, as promised, this "miracle" in the pan, but without cookies, or rather, it will be in it in the form of jewelry. Enjoy viewing this creation!

Cake Anthill of biscuits with condensed milk

We will need:

  • Crumbly cookies - 1 kg
  • Butter - 130-150 g
  • Boiled condensed milk - 1 jar
  • Nuts - 1 tbsp.

Cooking method:

1. Chop cookies and nuts. You can put cookies in the bag and knock on the rolling pin. Or just smash your hands. Nuts are best to first finely chop with a knife, and then crush with a mortar, but do not need very finely.


2. Then mix all the obtained ingredients together, add boiled condensed milk and melted butter. Stir again. Put on a beautiful dish the whole mass in the form of a hill.

Important! Initially, condensed milk and butter mix well in a homogeneous mixture.


3. Well, as if it turned out a small anthill. Garnish with fruit pieces or chocolate. A treat slide for the child is ready! And for a husband, we can say that this is our love hut, see what he answers to you ?! 🙂 Bon appetit! 🙂


Cake from ready sponge cakes

There are situations when ready-made shell rolls come to the rescue, you won’t believe them either, but you can build a great dish for dessert or afternoon tea. Detailed katinka of this option will be in other articles, and today for you specially picked up this video from YouTube:

Well, I want to offer you to make a super dish of ready-made cakes. So to speak,

Lazy tiramisu

Cake from fish cookies with a banana in a hurry

To be honest, when I first made such a culinary invention, I thought it would not work very well. Since the fish are the most common and primitive cookies. And when I did, I was pleasantly surprised, it turned out very tasty, I liked my child, who asked after the first piece of the supplement. Well, my husband did not understand at all that I had eaten these fish, I thought that I had baked something in the oven again. It seems to me in general that this is a quick fix version of sour cream.

Important! Fish cookies buy without any additives and without salt. Can be made from long cookies.

We will need:

  • Fish cookies - 300-350 g
  • sour cream - 350 g
  • sugar - 150 g or to taste
  • candied or fresh bananas - 50 g
  • walnuts or coconut chips for decoration

Cooking method:

1.Add sugar to sour cream and mix well. Sugar can take any even white, even dark, there is no difference. Ensure that no sugar pellets are felt.

Important! You can even replace it with condensed milk, or honey, if you adore it, add a few spoons to your taste.

2. The second step in the sour cream will need to add candied fruits or sliced ​​bananas. And you can both, how do you like?: mrgreen:

Important! Take any fillers, such as prunes, dried apricots. But it is better to take those fruits that are not very wet. Because of the wet it will be very difficult to form the desired shape.

3. After all the action, put the fish in sour cream fruit cream. After that leave them to soak for about a couple of hours.

ribki v smetane

For 2 hours, the dessert from the cookies will be almost ready.

4. Next, form any shape and decorate with nuts or coconut shavings. You can immediately put the cookies soaked in the form. So that later it was easy to get dessert, wrap the form with cling film. After the finished gourmet put in the fridge for 2-3 hours. And then eat with pleasure.


Interesting! You can use not only fish, but also mix them with other types of different crackers.

You can decorate with berries and fruits, such as cherries, currants or raspberries in summer.

1ribki tort

Jelly cake with fruit

Jelly with cookies will not leave anyone in your family indifferent, but for children's tea drinking, this is simply a kind of gift - a dessert that will decorate any children's holiday and give little sweets smiles and cheerful mood. This option can often be seen in our store under the name "Broken glass" or "Mosaic", but if you know the correct descriptions of cooking, you can just as well cook at home.

We will need:

  • yogurt - 700 ml
  • sugar or tea biscuits - 200 g
  • multi-colored jelly mix - 3 packs
  • sugar - to taste, depending on which yogurt
  • butter - 50-70 g
  • gelatin - 2 tbsp

Cooking method:

1. First of all, make jelly from a dry mixture. To do this, take 3 bowls, pour water into them and add special powder from a bag. By the way, how to make jelly should be indicated on the packaging. Read carefully and follow the instructions to make everything right. So, after you add the powder to the water, mix. And put in the fridge until it freezes.


2. Cookies and butter should be at room temperature, place in a blender bowl and grind.Then take the mold with split edges and from the mixture on the bottom lay out the resulting mass. So as shown in this figure.

Important! You need to tamp your hands well.


3. Now, as for gelatin, pour half a glass of cold water and add 2 tbsp of gelatin to it, stir. Then in 50 ml of cold yogurt pour gelatin. Stir and let stand, swell for 20 minutes. After this glass, put in a water bath or in a bowl with hot water. Gradually pour in the remaining yogurt while stirring. Gelatin should be well dissolved.

Important! If you do in a water bath, do not bring it to a boil, otherwise it will not work, gelatin will not transform the mass into jelly.


Next, the resulting color jelly, which you made from a bag cut into pieces. And put them on crumbs from cookies. Fill it with yogurt gelatin. Put in the fridge to freeze the dish, then remove, remove the baking dish.

4. Gelatin cake, so elegant, will decorate any feast. He looks very bright and beautiful. Garnish with an Um and Ems dragee. Isn't that impressive?

This jelly variant is very original in appearance and unusual, and you immediately want to swallow it and leave not one piece, but it is also very light and useful. 🙂 And in a cut, it’s generally unrealistic to look fantastic.


Napoleon biscuits ears

Absolutely this option is no worse than if the real Napoleon was cooked, but time was spent on him very little, and the taste is extraordinary gorgeous, amazing. With the dough, no take back, and most importantly it turns out a lot, that is enough to feed the whole house))).

The easiest and best recipe. Do not miss, take a note on yourself. My review on this cake is the most positive, perfectly well, I am doing here on this video, just adding another fruit jam filling:

Grape cake without baking

Another very interesting cooking option, which will now be as very popular as it is summer, the season of the grapes and the house is hot, I want to create something tasty and not use the oven so that it is not so hot in the apartment.

6tort vinogradinka

It looks very beautiful and unusual. And in general, fresh grapes with raisins complement each other very well. Try it and you.

We will need:


Cooking method:

1. Start by making jelly. Take 25 g of dry powder and pour 150 ml of hot water into it. Stir and allow to dissolve.

Take any firm cracker with poppy seeds and smash it with your hands. Raisin well wash and hold a little in warm water, so that it softens, steamed. Chop chocolate in a blender.

2. Now make a sour cream base, add sugar and vanillin to sour cream. Beat everything thoroughly with a mixer. Next, beating, pour in a thin stream of gelatin.

zelatin i smetana

3. Next, add the cracker and raisins to the cream mass. And mix.

2meshaem izym

4. Next, take a split form and pour one third of the mixture of crackers, raisins and sour cream. Sprinkle with chocolate. Repeat these steps with layers 2 times. The resulting creation send in the refrigerator for 1 hour.


3. In the meantime, get some decoration. Wash the grapes, cut each berry in half, remove the stone, if any.

Important! Instead of grapes, you can take apricots, or pineapples. There will be pineapple or apricot varicot without baking. In the summer season, you can decorate the top with berries of Victoria or strawberries, as well as lime and you will enjoy summer pleasure or a generous summer.


4. And so decorate this dessert. Then, in a bowl, dilute the green kiwi jelly correctly, just fill it with hot water and mix thoroughly. Allow it to cool. Read the instructions carefully before use.Gently with a tablespoon pour the surface.

5polivaem zelatinom

5. Put the resulting grape miracle in the fridge for the night or at least for 2-3 hours, and then remove it from the mold and consume.

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