Can I sleep on my back?

Sleep is a state of intimate, individual andself-regulating. Unequivocally answer the question whether it is possible to sleep on the back, not only it is impossible, but it is also meaningless - to force oneself to sleep in a certain pose can only the yogi who controls his body even in an unconscious state. However, one can consider the disadvantages and advantages of this posture during sleep.

Who is useful for sleeping on your back?

In principle, such a situation is even useful,since at a normal height of the pillow, the spine, starting from the cervical region and ending with the coccyx, is on the same line. That is, the maximum rest, and the possibility of relaxation is provided to the muscles, which should not insure him from awkward turns.

  • Whether it is possible to sleep on a back, at all it is not necessary to ask those at whom an arthritis and problems with joints. They are very even shown this position - the pain will significantly decrease.
  • The position on the back and people with heartburn is very suitable: the stomach is higher than the esophagus and is insured against recurrent upsurge of the juice.
  • Women who care about their appearance, too, should prefer to sleep position on the back - it does not form mimic wrinkles and less sagging breasts.
  • During regular ailments, a good sexalso instinctively prefers to sleep on his back - lateral position causes painful sensations in the bust, and on the abdomen the bladder is further pressed down.
  • A good dorsal posture for hypertensive patients andcores: stretched in time relaxation normalizes blood flow. But this is on the one hand; on the other hand, the oxygen content of the blood drops, the person begins to breathe more often, which is quite dangerous in case of cardiac diseases.
  • With problems with the respiratory tract and lungs, this situation is also favorable, and people with a vulnerable nervous organization sleep on their back more quietly and without awakening.

Who should not sleep on your back

As elsewhere, there are negative sides and infalling asleep on the back. First of all, the lower jaw hangs in the dream, making breathing more difficult. Accordingly, those who are prone to apnea (stopping breathing) may not wake up if they like to sleep on their backs. The first sign of undesirability for you is the provision of snoring.

  • Contraindicated posture on the back and asthmatics, who may begin to obstruct - for the same reasons.
  • Epileptics, too, would be better to sleep on their side.
  • Reliably established that a person sleeping on his back, often sees nightmares, moreover, they are more durable and naturalistic.
  • But who is most advised not to fall asleep onback - so it's pregnant for long periods. The uterus, which has increased in size, with the fetus and amniotic fluid weighs a lot. The pressure exerted by her on the spine, naturally leads to pain in him. May be aggravated by hemorrhoids if it appears in a woman during pregnancy. Often the pressure drops, which affects both the future mother and the unborn child. In principle, nature has taken care to prevent all these troubles. Most pregnant women feel uncomfortable lying on their backs, and turn over in a more comfortable position.

Child's issue

No less important is the question of whether it is possible to sleep on your back, inyoung children. Up to six months they often regurgitate and can be overwhelmed by these masses. However, children of this age sleep mostly, so to speak, permanently, that is, they rarely change their position in a dream. So it is enough for parents to put a son or daughter on a barrel when putting it into a crib.

And about what will happen if you sleep on your stomach, and to whom it is contraindicated, read in the material Can I sleep on my stomach.

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