Capacitive Screen

At the moment, touch screens representan integral attribute of the mobile phone, although they were recently mass-distributed, just five years ago. If you decide to purchase a smartphone, it will be difficult to find a new model that does not have such a screen. With the fact that users with difficulty move to such devices, they produce more and more. Especially for those who do not imagine their lives without using a conventional mechanical keyboard, they produce smartphones equipped with a full keyboard below the screen or made in the form of a slider.

Many use sensory devices, notthinking about what kinds of technologies can be used to implement them. There are resistive and capacitive touch screens. These two types are the most popular and accurate. Next, we will talk about the second form.

Capacitive Screen

This type of display is based on the abilityhuman body conduct electric current. Usually the basis of this screen is a glass substrate, covered with a special material, and on top it is covered with a conductive film. When the finger touches the screen, an electric current arises, after which a special controller calculates the coordinates of the touch. The capacitive screen is almost inferior to the resistive in terms of the accuracy of determining the coordinates, but it is much better than light. Such displays have an order of magnitude higher durability, since they can withstand the number of clicks to two hundred million. On such screens, the impact of the environment is noticeably less.

The capacitive screen also has drawbacks.Its work is possible only if a conductive object is used. If you decide to use a stylus or other item, it simply does not respond to your touch. This problem is very pronounced in the winter, when on a frosty day there is no possibility or desire to remove gloves when answering a call. But some users and from this situation found an original way out. They use a nose click, not a finger. Sometimes it is possible to control such a screen and fingers in gloves, but this depends on the glove material and the quality of the display itself. Another disadvantage of a capacitive touch screen is its high susceptibility to the degree of surface contamination. This can greatly reduce the accuracy of pressing and sensitivity. It can be noted that there are already available styluses with electric capacity, however they did not get mass distribution due to high cost - about $ 50. Such models are available, for example, from HTC.

You can also say that the costsmartphones that have a capacitive touch screen, continues to decline, which allows you to choose a modern and functional model with this type of display. It is possible to single out in this segment such models as Samsung Wave 525, Samsung GT-S5620 Monte and some others.

If you are interested in a more perfect modelcapacitive screen, then you should pay attention to the projection-capacitive screen, which supports the popular multi-touch technology. This device is a little more complicated, however it works based on the same principles as the models created earlier. Similar screens are able to simultaneously track several taps, which is used in gaming applications and mobile browsers. The cost of screens using this technology is still high, so they are usually used on smartphones whose price exceeds $ 300. The most famous models are Nokia N8, HTC Desire S. Disadvantages of this technology are similar to those described above for conventional capacitive screens.

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