Cartoon The Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019)

Every year, huge film studios like Pixar or Disney make animated films that invariably become hits and collect huge amounts of money at the box office.

Among such a variety of cartoons, it is difficult for other Hollywood animation studios to compete.

However, Illumination Entertainment, which presented the world with Minions and Ugly Me, is preparing to present a sequel to the family cartoon about what pets are doing when we don’t see them.

What is known about the cartoon "The Secret Life of Pets 2"

It was originally planned that the second part of the cartoon will be released on July 13, 2018, but then, at the very beginning of 2017, the premiere was postponed to July 7, 2019, and so far this is the final date. Active filming of a new cartoon is underway, so very soon we will be able to learn the plot of the sequel.

In the first film, which became one of the most profitable films in 2016, we were told about Max the Terrier. Like all other pets, he does not miss when the owners go on business.He watches television, invites neighbors' animals to visit, and generally enjoys as much as he can.

One day he will find out about the evil plot of a rabbit who lives on the street and is going to destroy not only his ideal life, but also in general all families with pets. He realized that he had to destroy the plans of the evil rabbit, because he was assembling a team from brave volunteers and developing a plan for opposition.

the secret life of pets 2 cartoon 2019

The cartoon was very warmly received by both viewers around the world and film critics, therefore it is not strange that Illumination Entertainment, which is part of Universal Pictures, decided to create the second part of the cartoon.

It is possible that the “Secret Life of Pets” will repeat the fate of the “Toy Story” and will be famous for its excellent continuations, the output of which awaits the whole world.

Animated film crew

The director of the continuation of the animated cartoon will be Chris Reno, who was engaged in the filming of the first part. He is also famous for his work on the most popular animated cartoon Illumination Entertainment - Despicable Me, as well as on its continuation.

the secret life of pets 2 2019 release date

So far, the second part about the secret life of pets is his only future directorial project, but he is also the executive producer in such projects as Grinch, Despicable Me 4 and even the second part of Minions.

In the first cartoon of the main character, Jack Russell-Terrier Max, he voiced the famous actor and stand-up comedian Louis C. Key. It was assumed that he would participate in the continuation, but his candidacy was withdrawn after the scandal due to sexual harassment.

So far, it is known that Jenny Slate will return to sounding her character, the white Pomeranian Spitz, Gidget.

Interestingly, this American actress is also known for roles in projects such as “So, war”, “Mind in fire”, “Parks and recreation areas”, he also voiced characters in the animated films “Zeropolis” and “Lego Film. Batman.

when will the secret life of pets 2

Also in the second part of The Secret Life of Pets, a new voice will appear - actress Kylie Hart. So far, it is not known who she will announce, but everything will fall into place when the trailer finally appears.

Other creators of the cartoon:

  • Produced by Janet Healy (“Despicable Me”, “Animal Carrier”, “Lorax”), Christopher Meledandri (“Ice Age”, “Horton”, “Minions”)
  • Screenwriter - Brian Lynch (Puss in Boots, Minions, and Eared Riot)
  • Composer - Alexander Depla (“Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”, “The Form of Water”, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”)

Interesting Facts

cartoon secret life of pets 2

The actors who voiced the main roles in the first part of the cartoon, Jenny Slate and Louis C. Key, have already worked together in the past. They starred in the comedy series Parks and Recreation, which tells about a fictional American town where female official Leslie Knop is struggling with bureaucracy and trying to build a real amusement park.

For stand-up comedian Louis C. Kay, this is the first experience of voicing characters in a cartoon.

The villain in the first film, the rabbit Snowball, was voiced by American actor Kevin Hart. He is known for his roles in films such as Jumanji: The Call of the Jungle, Death at a Funeral and many others.

The main hero of the first cartoon was precisely the Jack Russell Terrier, because the president of the film studio Illumination Entertainment has a similar dog at home.

the secret life of pets 2 part

In the cartoon there are references to other projects of the studio, for example, on the back window of the bus you can see a poster with the “Beast”, and also Mel Pug comes to the party in a minion costume. Also on the TV screen in the news program appears a reporter who was in the cartoon "Despicable me."

New York, where the cartoon events took place, the creators decided to make grotesquely large.Not only were huge skyscrapers located there, all the big buildings needed to be submitted from the point of view of a small jack-russell terrier, so the designers had to really work on depicting architecture.

The second part of the cartoon about the adventures of pets will certainly gather a huge audience, because the original film was an absolute success.

He even has the opportunity to compete with Disney and Pixar cartoons. The only interesting thing is what a funny story happens this time with pets.

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