Cash deposit announcement. What it is?

Each legal entity, as well as an individualentrepreneur who carry out their commercial activities in the territory of the Russian Federation are required to open a personal account with the bank. In the future, all transactions related to the movement of the customer's funds will pass through it. These financial transactions include the transfer of amounts on the basis of payment orders, various kinds of income, writing off commissions for the provision of services by a commercial organization and so on.

The client is fully capable of making settlements withtheir counterparties as from the funds that are credited to him in a non-cash order, and by self-replenishing the account. To do this, he needs to make an announcement for a cash payment. Such a document has a common established form and a set of mandatory requisites. Its registration must strictly comply with the norms prescribed in the legislative documents. This paper is designed to enable a legal entity (or IP) to freely deposit funds into its account opened in a commercial organization.

An ad to a cash deposit is a document onpaper medium, consisting of three parts. In general, these parts are similar to each other, but still have a number of specific differences. In this case, each part has its own specific name: a receipt, an announcement and an order.

The first is handed directly to the client with the signature of the cashier and the person responsible for the transaction, so that the legal entity (or IP) has on hand the confirmation of the deposit of a certain amount.

An ad for a cash payment must be inmust have the signature of the owner of the current account. It is put on the second part of the document. The announcement remains in the cash register and is subsequently filed in documents for an operating day.

The order will be pinned to the statement on the client's account, so that this operation for crediting money has an official confirmation.

An advertisement for a cash payment (the form asthe rule is given by the employees of the credit organization as a sample) can be compiled either directly by the owner of the current account or by the responsible person of the bank. However, it is worth remembering that the service for processing the document will most likely not be free. The commission amount can vary greatly depending on the tariffs approved by the head of the credit institution.

The cash ad is registered asmanually by the client, and by means of the computer. The most important thing is to observe all the subtleties of filling. The correctness of all data entered in the document is checked first by a bank specialist, then approved by the head of the department or division, and in the end passes final control by the cashier. In the event of an error, the customer is obliged to completely rewrite the entire document, since corrections, corrections and other changes are not allowed in it.

The cash deposit announcement is aone of the types of cash receipts. Therefore, this document should have similar information. For example, the code in which the basis for the receipt of funds to the bank account of the bank's customer is encrypted.

The system for issuing such a document is officiallyapproved and fixed by regulatory documents. This is done so that the credit institution has a clear idea of ​​the source of funds that come to its cashier. After all, unlike individuals, organizations and individual entrepreneurs can not replenish their personal account without a definite reason. In addition, only employees officially working at the enterprise are entitled to contribute to the bank's cash department. The cash deposit announcement contains personal information of the person who replenishes the account (full name), as well as his personal signature.

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