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Chandelier for the kitchen. An elegant and unusual chandelier will become an original and unusual solution to the task of lighting your kitchen space. Such an extraordinary decision will make the kitchen design unique bright and stylish. In addition, the kitchen is often not only a cooking room, but also a gathering place for the whole family. A beautiful

will be the final touch of design and amazing detail of the kitchen interior.

What criteria to use when choosing a chandelier? How does the solution of the problem depend on the already chosen interior? How to make the right choice of this subject of lighting? All these and other questions that arise when choosing a lighting device, we will try to answer in our article.

Chandelier and style of your kitchen

Chandelier differs from other lighting fixtures by the presence of several lamps. The device itself is one of the varieties of ceiling lights. Before you choose a chandelier for the kitchen, you must decide to purchase a lamp. The lamp can serve as a decoration of the room or "act" as the main source of light.

The main criterion for selection is the style chosen for the kitchen, combined with furniture.

For a classic-style kitchen, a classical chandelier with “traditional” chandeliers with pendants is best suited. The material for the manufacture of such a chandelier is crystal or glass.

A chandelier with candle-shaped bulbs and wrought iron elements is suitable for Provence-style kitchens.

Lamps with an interesting original ornament will emphasize the room issued in style of a country. Chandeliers for this style are made, as a rule, from such materials as steel, bronze, rarely ceramics.

For lovers of modern trends in interior design fit chandeliers in the Art Nouveau style. Such chandeliers are created of unusual shapes and from ultra new modern materials.

Recently, fusion has become increasingly popular. This style “allows” to create fancy combinations of elements and details of several styles at once.

Recommended amount and size of chandelier for the kitchen

The size of the lamp depends on the height of the kitchen ceilings and its overall size (area). Before you buy a lighting device, calculate the height and area of ​​your kitchen, the estimated number of lighting levels and the power of the light flux.

Compact size and low ceilings contribute to the choice of a small chandelier for the kitchen. Also for a small kitchen fit lamps with small shades, the so-called "ceiling" (ceiling lamps in such lamps are located close to the ceiling). It must be remembered that the chandelier of any design visually "reduce" the ceiling and make the space "broken."

If the lamp is the main source of light, it is best to place it in the center of the room. Do not forget to provide a possible option for additional lighting of individual corners of the room, for example, tabletops. Fine, if the chandelier will illuminate the dining table. However, at the same time, the light should not “cut eyes” and be too bright. If the dining table is wide enough and large, then it is recommended to place two compact chandeliers above it. It will take two chandeliers in the event that the dining room and kitchen are combined.

Technical nuances

An excellent solution for controlling the degree of illumination in your kitchen will be a light intensity control switch. It allows you to independently choose the level of light, depending on the time of day and mood.

Modern chandeliers are made with the ability to use three types of light bulbs: energy-saving, traditional incandescent and halogen lamps.

For the kitchen, it is advisable to choose chandeliers with traditional incandescent bulbs, as they will give the atmosphere of the room coziness and beauty, and the food under their light looks more appetizing.

In a poorly lit and dim kitchen on a subconscious level, a person may experience a feeling of fatigue and fear.

In a brightly lit kitchen, light can cause discomfort and a desire to leave the room, as bright light is detrimental to touch and sight.

The disadvantage of chandeliers with traditional incandescent bulbs is that they have low efficiency, besides it is necessary to stock up on such lamps (the production of such lamps has been “frozen” in recent years). It is better, when purchasing a chandelier, to make sure that the design of the lamp suggests the possibility of replacing ordinary lamps with other types.

Pay special attention to the material from which the chandelier is made. It is not advisable to choose a lamp with a shade of fabric, because of possible pollution. Ceiling chandeliers should be easy to clean.

Following our advice, you can easily decide on a wide range of modern lamps, choose the most suitable chandelier for your kitchen, which will become not only a stylish effective addition to the interior and its decoration, but also a functional lighting device.

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