Chic classic style

Want a chic interior in the bedroom? You need to pay attention to the classic style. For young people, it is too pompous, and people like it because of the atmosphere of comfort and coziness. Here they are using elegant fabrics, draperies, furniture with gold and curlicues. All the attributes of the classics have a place to be.

A characteristic feature of the furniture are high headboards, with a rich design. They can be wooden or upholstered fabrics, leather. At the foot of the stand can be made in the same style as a banquette or a small sofa.

Gamma in the design of the bedroom in a classic style, too, remains mostly restrained: only golden tones and traditional ornaments on the walls are added. In this case, plant motifs are more appropriate, but highly stylized. For example, as in the photo above.

On the ceiling and walls may be stucco: various moldings, columns, frames, pilasters. All these elements look good in spacious rooms with high ceilings, as well as an abundance of draperies on the windows.

One of the hallmarks of the classic style is stucco.

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