"Combustion" (washing machine): customer and expert feedback

The company "Gorenie" was founded in 1950. The main office of the company is located in Slovenia. Beginning in 1961, "Gorenie" was engaged exclusively in the manufacture of agricultural products and the question of washing machines did not arise. However, the time passed, and soon the company's management became interested in household appliances.

First of all, the company began to produce gasplates and refrigerators. The first washing machines of the above trade mark the world saw in 2002. Since then, they have been improved many times, and the technology as a whole has changed.

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Features of washing machines "Gorenie"

Modes washing machines "Gorenie" have a verya lot of. They are good for different types of tissues. For delicate washing, a separate mode is provided. Synthetics does not stretch during spinning. For a simpler washing mode "Normal" is provided. The power consumption is within the normal range. In order to rinse things more, the "Allergies" function is used. The washing machines of the new series "Gorenie" have a drum of the "opt" type. Washing at the same time is much more effective.

In addition, it should be noted that machinesquite capacious, and the laundry can be put up to 6 kg on average. From water leaks there is a system of "Aqua-stop". A special valve during operation is able to block the hose and shut off the water supply. Thus, in case of malfunctions, the washing machine immediately stops working. Average model "Gorenie" is worth 20 thousand rubles.

Customer feedback on "Burning WS623"

Reviews about washing machines "Gorenie WS623"talk about the availability of a roomy drum. For a large family, this model is ideal. Among other things, "Gorenie WS623" has an interesting design, and it looks great. Of the shortcomings, the owners note a rather loud sound. This is due to the high power of the device. The electric motor thus generates a high speed. With delicate fabrics, this "Burning" model can work.

Washing machine reviews is excellent because ofthe ability to rinse cotton. The average spin time is 20 minutes. However, much in this situation depends on the settings of the device. Additionally, please note that this washing machine is quite cheap, given the good characteristics. "Burning WS623" the buyer will cost 22 thousand rubles.

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Should I choose "Burning W7823"?

These washing machines "Burning" reviewsspecialists have the most diverse. Some experts praised this model for being able to clean wool qualitatively. Thus, pets in the house are no longer a problem. For quick wash in the "Burning W7823" there is a separate mode. In general, the display is quite interesting, and anyone can understand the settings. Thus, the washing machines "Burning" have quite simple control.

The opinions of specialists, however, are also negative. To the obvious shortcomings, experts attribute a rather high energy consumption. Also, many complain about a bad system of draining the water. In some cases, the nozzle in the device is damaged and must be replaced. Another "Burning W7823" is not suitable for large families. In total, you can load up to 5 kg of things in a drum at a time. Synthetics in this model is best not to be washed. With a long rinse, things can stretch slightly. Time control in this model is provided. Adjust the washing modes quite comfortably. The self-cleaning program in "Burning W7823" is also provided. This washing machine will cost 19 thousand rubles. average.

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Reviews of owners about the model "Burning W7202"

The indicated washing machines (narrow) "Combustion"positive reviews are received constantly and have always been famous for their compact size. Their forms are smooth, and the design is generally pleasant. The color variants of this modification are very diverse. The volume of the drum in this model is acceptable, and many things can be washed at a time. Feature "Burning W7202" can be called the regime "Senszoker." It was created especially for delicate washing. In cold water, you can remove stains, but with white things you need to be careful.

Also, many complain that the filters in thewashing machine quickly get dirty. You can clean them yourself, but this is problematic. In general, there is enough program for this model "Burning".

Washing machine reviews are good because ofquality heating element of the "Hater" series. It is famous first of all for its protective layer. The heating element breaks very rarely, and this is good news for the owners. The noise level of "Burning W7202" is acceptable. Thanks to the new technology, manufacturers have also managed to significantly reduce vibration during spinning. In comparison with other models of this series there is "Burning W7202" quite a lot, and it can be purchased for 25 thousand rubles.

What are the advantages of the Warmer W72X washing machine?

The specified washing machine "Burning" reviews inmostly has good. The display in this model is quite large. Spin speed in the washing machine is acceptable, and it pleases. It also has a function of steam. Work with synthetics "Burning W72X" allows. In addition, the manufacturer provides different modes for cotton.

Residual humidity in the deviceis 53%. Compared with other models, this is very good. Also mentioned washing machine "Burning" reviews receives for unique eco-technology. Many buyers choose this model for a reliable protection system. Weigh the laundry before washing automatically. Stability control in the washing machine is available. This model is worth about 19 thousand rubles.

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Consumer feedback on the model W7523 firm "Burning"

Washing machine reviews are positive. This model is valued by consumers as a self-cleaning function. Given the poor quality of water today, it is considered very relevant. Overfill protection in the device is installed. Filters can be easily cleaned if necessary. At the end of the wash, the beep sounds. Protection from children in the device is available. The residual moisture in the washing machine is 60%.

Engine in "Burning W7523" installedcollector type. Turning up, he dials quite smoothly, so he makes no noise. The drum in the model is designed for 60 liters. The spin speed in "Burning W7523" is acceptable. Delay start can be done, and this is a welcome news, but this model will cost the buyer about 22 thousand rubles.

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What is interesting about the "Burning W72Y" model?

This washing machine "Gorenie" reviewsbuyers deserve the good. This model is largely remarkable for its modest dimensions. The electric motor is quite powerful at the same time. The noise level in this washing machine is 55 dB. Rinsing is carried out very quickly, and for delicate washing the device fits well. Also this model can be used for cleaning wool. The drum will not be contaminated at the same time.

Still this washing machine "Gorenie" reviewsbuyers for a quality self-diagnosis system. With cotton it can work even in cold water. Of the shortcomings, many complain about the operation of the water level sensor. In some cases, it may fail, then water is not recruited. There are also some problems with the feed pipes. They are quite flexible, but they are thin in themselves. As a result, the model turned out to be of questionable quality, but it deserves attention unequivocally. There are devices "Burning W72Y" on the market about 20 thousand rubles.

Opinions of people about "Burning W6402"

This washing machine "Burning" reviewsamong buyers and experts is bad and does not enjoy demand. This is largely due to the large dimensions of the device. The electric motor has a power of 6 kW. As a result, the maximum number of revolutions per minute hardly reaches 400.

Thus, the spinning of the laundry is carried outpretty long. The water consumption of the model is acceptable. With synthetics "Burning W6402" can work. There are no steam functions in the washing machine, and it is difficult to name the menu in this model. It is worth "Burning W6402" about 16 thousand rubles.

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What do they think about the car "Burning W7253A"?

This washing machine "Combustion" with a tank forwater reviews has a positive effect due to small water consumption. Thus, the owner can save a lot. In cold water, there is the possibility of washing. By the noise level, this washing machine does not differ from other devices. However, vibration during spinning is noticeable. The legs can get lost in height, and they have to be exposed again. This can be called a drawback of this model "Burning".

Washing machine reviews are negative. She does not cope well with wool. Therefore, if there are animals in the house, it is better to dwell on some other option. With cotton, as well as synthetic cleaning system is doing well. The average spin time is 16 minutes. The case in this model is ceramic, so small scratches are not afraid. The foam sensor is provided by the manufacturer. Also, the model "Burning W7253A" boasts a unique tank of carbonate. This washing machine is worth an average of about 21 thousand rubles.

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Given all of the above, we can say thatmany washing machines of this company deserve attention. If you choose a compact model, you should stop at "Burning W 7202". Its dimensions are very compact, and the characteristics are acceptable. Its design is also popular with many.

Washer WS 623 moresuitable for a large family. It has many programs, and in the configuration it is more simple. Among the models of economy class "Burning W6402" stands out. For a small amount of money, a consumer receives a device that is capable of removing stains qualitatively and at the same time taking care of things carefully.

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