Composition of FC Rostov for the 2017-2018 season

The composition of FC Rostov for the 2017-2018 season of the Premier League has changed significantly. In the offseason, the team left a number of leaders who determined the game over the past few years. They were replaced by mainly promising young players who will fight for the highest places in the standings.

The Last Frontier

The gates of FC “Rostov” in the season of 2017-2018 are entrusted to protect the following players:

  • Sergey Pesyakov;
  • Ilya Abaev;
  • Evgenia Gosheva.

After Soslan Dzhanaev left Rubin, the goalkeeper’s position seemed to be the most vulnerable. As a result, Sergey Pesyakov moved from Spartak to the camp of Rostov, to which the main stake in the championship will be made. Experienced Ilya Abaev will act as a goalkeeper's assistant. Yevgeny Goshev, due to his age (the guy is only 20 years old), can hardly count on a permanent place in the goal, although he has every chance in the cup duels to demonstrate his skills.

Line of defense

The following people will cement the approaches to the goal at FC Rostov in the 2017-2018 season:

  • Micah Mevlya;
  • Matija Boben;
  • Maciej Vilyush;
  • Sverir Ingason;
  • Vitaly Ustinov;
  • Sergey Parshivlyuk.

The first matches of the Premier League showed that the line of defense does not look solid. Last season, the defense of “Rostov” was so unapproachable that in 30 rounds only 18 goals were missed (less only from CSKA - 15). In the current draw, the team managed to miss twice from not the strongest rivals, so it is likely that by the end of the transfer window the club will make a number of acquisitions directly into the defensive line. Six nominal defenders for the season is not enough, because there is always the risk of injury, physical decline, conflict with the coach.

Who plays in midfield?

After Poloz and Erokhin left Zenit, as well as terminating contracts with a number of leading midfielders, Rostov was forced to completely rejuvenate the center of the field. In the season of 2017-2018 in the midfield will play:

  • Alexander Gatskan (team captain);
  • Timofey Kalachev (vice-captain of the team);
  • Said Ezatollahi;
  • Arthur Yusupov;
  • Igor Kireev;
  • Alexander Zuev;
  • Moussa Doumbia;
  • Pavel Mogilevets;
  • Khoren Bairamyan;
  • Jean Mayer;
  • Andrei Prepeliцa;
  • Hoshimar Quintero.

The starting matches of the national championship showed that “Rostov” still lacks creativity in the central zone.At the moment, weak games in midfield can be attributed to the lack of teamwork of players, who have only started to establish interaction since July. Unfortunately, the Rostovites do not have time for the buildup, and the head coach of the club, Leonid Kuchuk, needs to find the optimal combination as soon as possible, since there is someone to choose in the center.

Attack line

The composition of FC Rostov for the season of 2017-2018 in the attack will not be envied by most of the Premier League football teams. The departure of Dmitry Poloz finally put an end to variability in the attack. Responsible for the goals in the current championship of Russia entrusted to the following players:

  • Eldar Shomurodov;
  • Alexander Bukharov;
  • Vladimir Dyadyun.

Three attackers in rotation with not the most creative midfield - this is a sentence for Rostov. In the 2017-2018 season, fans of the team should not count on an abundance of goals. The best years of Alexander Bukharov are long gone, Vladimir Dyadyun does not show a stable game, and Eldar Shomurodov bought from Bunyodkor will probably need time to adapt. If, before the transfer market closes, the club’s management does not make a serious acquisition into the line of attack, then Leonid Kuchuk’s charges run the risk of becoming the most unforgettable team of the championship.

Thus, the composition of “Rostov” for 2017-2018 has undergone dramatic changes. The long-term leaders of the club have gone, the head coach has changed, the vector for rejuvenation has been taken - this is a list of reasons based on which it can be assumed that the club in the current rally will have to count on the maximum in the top ten. Of course, it is possible to swing at the European Cup zone, but this requires a high-quality reinforcement, first of all, into the line of attack.

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