Computer skills and their role in employment

Those who in recent years had to actively seekanother job, could not help but notice how the requirements for applicants changed. Business qualities of the employee now include not only professional skills, but also the level of computer skills. About what it is necessary to make an appropriate inscription in the resume.

What computer skills are necessary for a candidate for a vacant position?

What requirements must be metjob seekers, depends on the specifics of the company's activities. If the company in which you plan to get settled, realizes its services through the communication capabilities of the Internet - this is one thing. And if we are talking about a plant that produces a certain type of product - it's different.

The post itself is also important: the secretary, media manager, advertising specialist, accountant must know the computer better than the "PC user".

What mark can be put in the resume?

Everyone knows that the resume should not be lying andgreatly exaggerate information about yourself. The truth will still open, and with the modern approach to the interview procedure - sooner rather than later. This does not add to you the chances of finding a job.

What should I write in the summary of "Computer Skills" summary? First, we will understand what levels of PC users are allocated, and what skills include each of them.

  • Initial: general information about the operating system (how to work in it, store information); knowledge of some basic PC programs, such as notebook, calculator, media player.
  • Medium: knowledge of basic and office programs (ability to work in a text editor, create graphs, reports in tabular form, presentation material for demonstration at meetings);
  • Confident computer skills meansthe following computer skills: not only knowledge of the operating system, basic and office programs, but also professional (for accountants - it's 1C, for secretaries - databases, for the web designer - CMS, for "advertisers" - specialized graphics editors such as CorelDraw ).

If you are at the initial level, and yourthe post obliges you to have at least an average (according to modern ideas about a specialist in your field of activity), you can smooth this moment by indicating in the column "personal qualities" that you are easily trained and you are interested in everything new.

However, the employer or the human resources specialist,who will conduct an interview with you, will necessarily ask why you did not begin to improve your skills in the field of computer technology, professionally useful programs. And you have to be prepared for this issue: to give a reasonable and simple explanation. For example, a young employee quit, his workload was shifted to you, and you, getting used to acting "in the old ways", tried to do everything on time, postponing your training until better times. Such situations do happen, moreover, this explanation will allow you to show yourself in the best light: "I tried everything in time" - this means that you unobtrusively, in a latent form, talk about yourself as a responsible employee who is ready in force majeure situations give yourself all work.

Even better, if you bring your level of computer skills to an average before the interview and you will already get a job already confident.

What you need to know about the Internet?

A separate group of skills includes knowledgethe Internet. If you are able to send e-mails, search for the necessary information, filter it (discard questionable sources), your computer skills reach an average level. Therefore, in your resume, you can indicate in parentheses what exactly you know about computer and communication technologies. For example: "the average level of knowledge of the PC: office programs, a confident user of the Internet (mail, search engines)."

If you are capable of:

- add press releases about your company on the relevant portals;

- actively communicate in forums, social networks;

- place ads on specializedportals (for realtors - these are sites where you can place an advertisement on the sale / purchase of real estate, for freight forwarders - a logistics portal, etc.) or

- Maintain the company's website,

then you are of great value as an employee ...

After all that has been said about the problem of employmentand business qualities of potential employees, you should think about what you can study now to be more attractive to the employer than your competitors in the labor market.

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