Concrete Reinforcement

January 28, 2018

Concrete ReinforcementThe question of the reinforcement of the screed arises at the construction stage, but may also arise during the overhaul. This is done in order to get a durable and high-quality surface.

Concrete floor reinforcement methods

  • Draft coupler - is arranged on the ground or concrete slab.
  • Leveling screed or self-leveling floor.
  • Construction screed - support goes to the floor slabs.
  • Sound and heat insulation screed - usually multi-layered.
  • Reinforcement of concrete is performed in the case of a rough, bulk or multi-layer screed due to the fact that in this case the concrete is subjected to bending and tension loads. Reinforcement is also used in cases of reduced consumption of concrete, if a thick layer is to be used.

    The type of reinforcement is determined in accordance with the calculation schemes, requirements of operation Independently calculate all the norms and requirements is impossible, so you should contact the professionals to eliminate the possibility of an error.

    When reinforcing concrete floors use the following types of structures:

  • reinforcement cage
  • polymer mesh
  • fiberglass mesh,
  • additives for fiberglass concrete.
  • The most common reinforced mesh and reinforcement cages, but whatever - the method of reinforcement was not chosen, it is necessary to follow some rules:

    Concrete Reinforcement

  • The reinforcement material should be evenly distributed over the entire surface of the concrete.
  • When distributing concrete there should be no obstacles, especially when reinforcing.
  • The bond between concrete and reinforcement material should be excellent.
  • Concrete must completely cover the reinforcement to prevent corrosion, oxidation or rotting processes.
  • Monolithic reinforcement is used in the event that the foundation and the floor of the building form a single whole, when the ground does not play the role of supporting the building due to its unreliability.

    Types of reinforcement

  • Monolithic version - the reinforcing frame is made of reinforcement with a diameter of 8-14 mm. Gives the design special strength characteristics. The armature can be independently tied into grids, or you can purchase ready-made factory products made in compliance with all standards.Fastening of grids is carried out on lifting edges, whole pieces of reinforcement are used, otherwise fastening occurs overlap. Further, the reinforced frame is simply filled with concrete.
  • Reinforcement using meshes - strength characteristics are not as excellent as when using reinforcement. It is best if the grids are arranged in several layers, and then they are also poured with concrete. They are used in places of increased load on the concrete floor, for example, a bathroom, kitchen, corridor, garage, etc. Grids can be connected or frame, there are ready-made versions of metal grids, which fit into several layers. Finished products are not much more expensive than related products, but they are reliable and save time.
  • Polymer mesh is considered a simple method, but concrete deformations or cracks may occur. The grid is placed on the floor surface or on the layer of insulating material to prevent cracks from the back side of the screed. This type of mesh is widely used in the reinforcement of the self-leveling concrete floor due to the ease of their installation and the technological features of the self-leveling floors.
  • Concrete Reinforcement

  • Concrete additives prevent microcracks in the concrete.
  • Combined reinforcement - helps reduce the cost of reinforcement, because class A reinforcement and steel fiber are used, which helps to improve the quality of the concrete structure during its operation.
  • Whatever method of reinforcement would be chosen, it is important to follow all the rules for the dosing and use of additives in concrete in the form of plasticizers or microfiber. It is necessary to observe all the subtleties of the stages of the formation of a concrete floor, so that in the end a reliable foundation is obtained.

    Of particular difficulty is the reinforcement of the concrete floor directly on the ground, because you will need to lay several layers. If you violate the technology of layered construction, then there will be no benefit from reinforcement.

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