Congratulations on KVN Day

Our Club is Fun and Resourceful
Today is a holiday celebration.
Lead, friends, more vodka,
Let people meet us laughing.

The club is cheerful and resourceful,
And abbreviated: KVN,
Today we will be presented in the evening
Not one positive moment.

Happy holiday, KVNschiki,
Let the fun never leaves you,
Prepare new numbers,
You are the best, we know for sure!

In our difficult and harsh time, without quality and easy humor it is almost impossible to live. Today is the International Day of KVN. We congratulate all the participants of this well-known and positive association with the holiday. We wish you always go through life with humor and give positive to people!

In the hall as always sold out,
KVNschiki on stage,
Smiles never go away
Your talent is invaluable to us.

Impossible after numbers
Stay in a bad mood
KVNschiki, our favorite,
We express you admiration!

May luck not leave you
Let humor help live
We wish you all happy
Come up and create!

The history of the emergence and acquisition of the popularity of the Merry and Resourceful Club goes to the distant sixties.Every year this humor program became more popular and gained more and more admirers and admirers. Indeed, in our life without humor, it is absolutely sad. Happy holiday, dear KVNschiki!

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