Congratulations on the Strategic Assistance Rocket Forces Day

Good day! The Strategic Missile Forces Day (RVSN) is annually celebrated on December 17th. Recently, in the press, on the Internet, on television, the names “Topol”, “Iskander” and other not-all-clear names have been increasingly heard. All these are strategic short-range and long-range missiles. This type of weapon was created on December 17, 1959, when it became apparent that the future lay behind strategic wars or high-tech battles without the use of enormous human resources. The cavalry and infantry gradually faded into the background.

The composition of the rocket troops includes not only the apparatuses themselves, testing grounds and cosmodromes, but also includes the scientific base represented by higher and specialized educational institutions where future rocket specialists are trained. All of them can and should be congratulated on the Strategic Missile Forces Day! Congratulations on the Strategic Missile Forces Day of Russia - December 17th.

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Postcards Happy Strategic Missile Forces Day

Congratulations on the occasion of the Strategic Missile Forces of Russia in verses

Rocket artillery,
Helmet we have a holiday fireworks!
On this day, without fail,
Congratulations to our waiting!
To you famous heroes
Toast raise for success:
Let the rocket smooth system
Fly farthest!
Goals aptly hit
Chilling the enemies
And reliably protect
Russian coast from the shackles!

This holiday rocket troops,
Congratulations, friends!
Fulfillment of cherished dreams
I want to wish you!
Failures let and troubles
Bypass you
Toast, for glorious victories,
We must all raise with me!

Rocket Day is important to us
After all, you work in them.
You guard many destinies
Human, human.
And we could not imagine
Where will you find a vocation?
You are always your work
Do not work-live.
Congratulations and wish
At work, do not burn.
Do not go to bed with rockets,
And get up with rockets.
To denezhek more
These greedy troops
For salary allocated
After all, without them it is impossible.

Day and night you are on duty,
Conscientiously do your service,
Peaceful world vigilantly guard,
Duty to the Fatherland holy fulfill.
Happy RVSN congratulations,
Career growth sincerely wish
Good luck, let them accompany you everywhere.
Good angel always let him protect.

Nuclear weapons in safe hands,
Worthy men serve in the missile forces,
You are a reliable shield of our country,
You are responsible for the world.
Congratulations on the day of the Strategic Missile Forces,
Let the service give you inspiration,
Let the thread of life be strong
Career let it skyrocket.

You are brave men guarding Poplars,
Responsibility for the world you carry in full
Day and night you are constantly on duty,
Confidently carry your service.
On the day of the Strategic Missile Forces, congratulations,
In joy and happiness always live,
Let life flow like a full river
Good luck, prosperity, peace and kindness.

Brave rocket men, on the day of the Strategic Missile Forces, congratulations,
Let the service bring you inspiration
Good luck always accompany you,
And by all means the dream comes true.
Congratulations on your professional holiday,
Peaceful service sincerely wish.
All the best, good luck and good,
Health strong, family warmth.

Short congratulations on the Strategic Missile Forces Day in verse and prose

Racketchikov congratulations hurry
And wish them a bright holiday from the heart
Patience, success and good,
So that in the world the motherland beloved lived

That joy instead of sorrow shone
The border so that the threat did not let in,
To protect all the people of the rocket,
So that peace reigned over the whole big planet!

Happy Day of the Strategic Missile Forces congratulate the fearless and strong people who protect the peaceful days of their native people, with an accurate salvo of striking threats, driving evil away from the country! Let health be strong, and the rewards from the authorities and gifts from fate do not keep themselves waiting!

Rocket troops today
Celebrate your wonderful holiday!
Gratitude from the people
Let the heart fills you!

Clearly adjusted salvo
Off chase you away
Let the darkness clears its paws
From native peaceful expanses!

Await you rewards
And smiles ahead!
God bless you by breaking the barriers
Happiness in life to find!

We all say thanks for the peace, peace and integrity of a suitable state to all the guys serving in the rocket forces of strategic purpose, because not a single danger and any attempts of evil to penetrate can be seen from their the country will be nipped in! Let the smiles of your relatives warm you hearts in the service!

Thanks to the valiant troops,
Thanks to the rocket men,
That peace with peace is given to us,
What troubles forbidden

Approach in silence
To expensive open spaces!
No, be no evil war,
Neither hunger nor grief

If the RVSN alert
The integrity of the country
And the attacks will be all
Instantly reflected!

You are the pride of your family and the whole country, a brave rocketman! May the Lord protect you from adversity, loss and grief, helping in your hard service! It is nice to celebrate the Day of the Strategic Missile Forces in the circle of loyal comrades, but never for a second forget about the mission entrusted to you - to protect your Homeland!

Funny wishes Happy Rocket Forces of the Strategic Assignment

Happy Rocket Troops congratulations!
I wish you strength, endurance
Health, loving families,
Calm, peaceful, bright days!

Let only happiness knocks at home
Adversity will never happen
And at this time merry
Let everyone around you hug!

On the holiday I want to congratulate
You rocket men, friends.
Importance and danger of service
A word can not be described.

I wish you all good health
More peaceful, warm days,
I wish you and your families happiness
Let life be fun.

Rockets are power, they are not soft wax!
Today we celebrate the Day of Rocket Forces.
They are Russia safeguard the sky,
Enemy to get there - we know - will not give.

Let the country calm and awake, and sleep,
The rocketman will reliably keep her peace!
To the rocket men today we present congratulations,
Long live the rocket men and the Day of the Rocket Forces!

RVSN! You are the pride and support
Warheads are subordinate to you!
And if you're always ready for battle,
All the inhabitants of the country sleep peacefully!

And you probably don’t dream of peace,
After all, you do not sleep - such is fate.
Let all the rest happen to you,
You will switch to an hour or two!

Above your head the sky will be peaceful
Not useful combat reserve.
Today we raise glasses,
And standing behind the brave drink now!

RVSN, I hasten to congratulate you,
Brave, wonderful men!
I want you to smile now,
Let there be one hundred reasons for happiness!

All the best I want to wish today,
Let the spirit be vigorous, the body healthy,
I always want to achieve goals
So that you can easily do any business!

Rocket Forces Day today
Notes the whole country.
Our defense is even
In space, big is strong.

Wishes of strength, health
Helmet today for you, fighters.
Pride you and our strength,
You are strategists, braves.

To all rocket men today
Congratulations, salute!
May prosperity, peace, happiness
Your years are just passing.

SMS Happy Rocket Forces of the Strategic Missile Forces

Let your rockets keep the country
From enemy intent sly
Let the enemy run away from you to the moon!
And it will be persecuted forever.

May your rockets bring you happiness,
Let good luck pass by,
She will save from all misfortunes,
It will help solve any problem.

Your emblem is golden
With a free bird eagle
Let your post is not easy
The eagle will not break!

Not easy for you, everyone knows that
But you are not discouraged
You are sometimes just thrown
On the embrasure of being.

Happy Rocket Forces congratulations
Faithful defenders of the country,
We sincerely wish you on this day,
That there was no war forever.

Our fatherland you guard,
The duty of our ancestors you repeat
You force force intolerable howl,
These need our homeland, you know!

You are heroes, rocket troops,
You stand guard over the country,
You keep untold wealth,
A sense of duty you are not poor!

For rocket men day
Dropped out just very nice
Because your holiday
Of the military - the most important!

Rocket troops - a serious support
For our strong and big country,
Rocket troops us as a fence for the house

Congratulations in prose with the Day of the Forces of Strategic Assignment

We all know perfectly well that nuclear weapons are the country's most reliable shield. But this is far from easy weapon. It harbors great evil. But, thank God, there is peace on earth and there is no need for its application. Today we celebrate a serious holiday of the strategic forces. So I want to wish brave warriors good health, courage and patience. Be careful, because the peace and tranquility of our great Russia depends on you. Let your life be many sunny days and good mood. Good luck to you all, well-being and good.

Today we celebrate a big holiday - the Day of Strategic Forces. This is a very serious, proven and reliable troops. And true patriots of our immense Motherland serve there. The people who guard nuclear weapons are well aware that this is a powder keg, and therefore it is necessary to behave very carefully, confidently.Congratulations from all of us. Thank you so much for guarding our peace and tranquility. May good luck always accompany you. May God grant you good health, a peaceful sky over your head, happiness, a great mutual love.

May there always be sun and sky. May there always be peace. Peace in all the land, what could be more beautiful. The well-being and security of our country depends on you - the soldiers serving in the strategic forces. It is your watchful eyes that monitor security, it’s your hands that always lie on the pulse of life. Today, dear guys, your holiday. I sincerely congratulate you on such an important and serious holiday. May this day, at least once a year, bring you peace of mind, joy, good mood. God grant that you be true patriots of our Motherland, for our present and future depends on you. Peace to you feats, good luck and good.

Nuclear weapons are a terrible thing. It keeps a terrible power. But one cannot do without it - all this is necessary for the preservation of peace. We understand this very well, and we want to congratulate the brave warriors on the holiday today - the strategic forces. May you never have to press this red button. Let your children laugh joyfully, and peace and prosperity reign in the family.We wish you good health, great happiness and good luck. I would like to express my words of gratitude for your service. I wish you well-being, material wealth, great strength of will and patience, courage and courage.

Dear our defenders of the Motherland - the soldiers of the strategic forces. Today is your holiday. With all my heart, congratulations. We wish you great luck, happiness, joy, success. We are confident that the peace and tranquility of our Motherland is in your hands, and therefore we are all very grateful for your vigilance. May you always smile good luck. We wish you all good health, joy, happiness. Less you sleepless nights at the post, and more light, warm days. Let the holiday cheer you up. I wish you a quick career growth, well-being and prosperity. Let the family nest always look forward to you. Successes you around the!

Best Greetings for the Strategic Assistance Missile Forces Day in your own words

Today, all of Russia celebrates the holiday of real men - the Day of the Rocket Forces. And in peacetime, these brave and courageous guys pay off to the Motherland, improving its combat strength. We wish all rocket men on this day speed happiness, instant recovery from all sorts of diseases, rapid success in service and new titles.

Congratulations on the Day of the Rocket Forces to all the military whose service provides our country with peace and protection from sudden invasions. You are the storm of opponents, the invincible stronghold of our army. Let your installations be always ready, but never need to be applied, because the peace and tranquility of our people is above all.

Our dear missilemen, your holiday has come, a bullet burst into the abyss of gray everyday life and diluted cold winter days with paints. We wish you many personal and professional victories, loyal comrades and loving wives. Let each of you enjoy the service, a lot of stars for epaulets and a decent amount to payroll accounts.

The Day of the Rocket Forces is a holiday dedicated not only to the military, but also to scientists who work tirelessly to improve the protective weapons in order not to allow the enemy to violate our airspace. We wish all the Missile Forces military personnel to have their installations always in good order, but imaginary strikes at objects remained only in theory.

The security and safety of the homeland is the most important task that the Rocket Forces do an excellent job with. Your power and strength by themselves serve as an unshakable fearsome barrier for the enemy.May the service be peaceful and calm, and at home there will always be a burning hearth and a bowl full of love and harmony.

Today we are celebrating another important holiday dedicated to the gallant ministers of our country - rocket men. Your work has paved the way for peace of mind of peaceful citizens. Let combat intercontinental maneuvers, despite their accuracy and efficiency, remain only on the map, and in a peaceful life not a single rocket will strike at other lands.

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