Construction decking - a unique material

Advantages of a professional flooring.

Now you can see a large number of private and public buildings, for the arrangement of the roof of which the building flooring is used. This is a special building material that is commonly used in the process of coating the roofs and exterior walls of buildings and structures. In essence, the construction flooring is a sheet of metal manufactured by the method of galvanized steel.


The popularity of corrugated construction is based not only on its affordable cost and attractive appearance, but also on a large number of their inherent strengths. Among the main positive characteristics of profiled sheeting are the following factors:

  • Durability that reaches 50 years;
  • Moisture resistant;
  • Fire resistance;
  • Resistance to wind, snow and sunlight;
  • High level of environmental friendliness;
  • Easy installation;
  • A wide variety of colors.

Feature of a professional flooring construction is its optimum compatibility with different construction materials. After the installation, he does not need special care. All this makes the purchase of corrugated construction the most reasonable and profitable.

Types of sheeting.

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of qualityconstruction products. The materials intended for arrangement of a roof differ in a big variety. At once it must be said that any fork of the flooring should be supplemented with such details as additional elements of the roof. So what types of roofing are currently available? Here are the most popular ones:

  • H - bearing flooring. Used to cover massive floors.
  • H-75. Universal material that is used for any purpose, as it is characterized by universal protective functions.
  • H-114. Powerful profiled sheet, which is equipped with special additional folds to increase the power level.
  • NA - carrier wall profile sheet. The material has a high rigidity and is used to cover only the roof and walls, but other surfaces.
  • C - professional wall sheet. Operated when covering walls.This is the most neat design, which is small in height and thickness.

In the process of building and finishing buildings and structures, one must pay attention not only to the type and type of material, but also to the required number of roofing elements. To calculate the cost of the material, the entire area of ​​the roofing part of the building is divided by the total installation area of ​​the profiled sheet. Also, without fail, you need to purchase special additional elements of the roof.

Features installation work.

Assembly processroofingYou can do it yourself, but you can trust the experts. It will be necessary to prepare not only by means of additional elements of the roof, but also special tools intended for cutting the metal.

Start the installation should be strictly from the bottom of the roof. Elements of the material are mounted on the crate, starting from the bottom of the roof edge. The process of fixing the additional elements of the roof and the base material is carried out using conventional construction screws for corrugated board. It is mandatory to carefully process the frontal section, which effectively protects the roof of the building from the wind and prevents accidental detachment of the material.It is very important to observe the safety rules during the installation of the sheeting, it is necessary to use special safety cables or fences.

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