1. Information about us:

From a legal point of view, the content of the site fully complies with the requirements of the Legislation of the Russian Federation, and in particular the provision “On Copyright Law and Intellectual Property” of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, effective from January 1, 2008. The site contains:

1.1.Derivative works, that is, works representing translation from a foreign language or processing works of another author, carried out by the administration and staff of the site.

1.2.Composite works, that is, works that represent, by the selection or arrangement of materials, the result of the creative work of the administration and the staff of the site.

1.3.Author articles and original materials of the owners and employees of the site.

1.4.Articles and materials of other authors with direct link to the source. In the event that material is placed on the site’s pages, the information on which use was not available to us by any natural or legal person, the right holder should contact the site’s administration to resolve this issue.All claims will be reviewed as soon as possible.

1.5.Works of folk art (folklore) that have no specific authors and therefore are not subject to copyright.

All materials are copyright, compound and derivative, published on the site with the note © ASTROMERIDIAN.RU - according to article 1259. "Copyright objects" of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation are intellectual property of

2. About quoting:

We allow quoting our materials under the following conditions:

2.1.The volume of citations (the number of printed characters) should not exceed 20% of the total volume of the article (material). At the same time, the author of the material must be indicated (if it is indicated) and the link to the source - the site The link should be direct, without redirect.

2.2.Quoting is allowed in full, if we are talking about personal results of divination, psychological tests, forecasts for a day or a week. At the same time, the link to the source must be indicated - the site The link should be direct, without redirect.

Sample reference:

3. About republishing:

We categorically object to the unauthorized posting of our materials on the Internet and in print media if they are not accompanied by a link or a hyperlink (for Internet resources) to the site.If you wish to use our materials - contact the site administrator at, setting out the essence of your offer in as much detail as possible and indicating the contact details for the answer. We reserve the right to prohibit publication on any site without giving reasons.

4. If our rights are violated:

In case of violation of the above requirements, the site administration // will take the following actions:

4.1.You will receive an e-mail with the requirement to eliminate the violation within 3 days from the moment of sending the letter. If for any reason the letter does not reach you, the site administration is not responsible for this.

4.2.In case of non-elimination of the violation, the site administration will send an email with a claim to the hosting provider whose services you use, with a request to disable your website until the violation has been remedied. We will also send a written request to the relevant services of such search engines with the requirement to remove or block the site of the offender.

4.3.If the violation is not corrected, disputes will be resolved within the framework of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

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