Cross Year of Music 2019 between Russia and the UK

At the end of last year, Russia and the United Kingdom agreed to hold a Cross Year of Music in 2019, in order to pay tribute to the modern and classical musical tradition in the cultures of both countries.

The aim of the project will be to popularize this area in art, support talents and young talents, as well as conducting educational and tourism thematic programs. "The British and the Russians," said Sir Kiron Devan, then head of the British Council, "these are two

These are musical and delicate nations. And it will be useful for us to exchange experiences in this field of art. ”

Within the framework of the Cross Year, there will be numerous institutional cooperations, including the establishment of individual and personal ties between citizens of countries. Stimulate data points of convergence of interests of the United Kingdom and Russia will begin in 2019, according to tradition, the opening ceremony, held under the personal patronage of the British Council.In addition, officials of the Foreign Ministries on both sides also joined the agreements and the direct organization of this holiday of musical art, which lasted a whole year.

Recall, the British Council was organized in the mid-thirties of the last century under the Government of the country, the task of this social formation is to popularize English linguistics and culture throughout the world at the level of diplomatic interaction and cultural and humanitarian cooperation with various states.

Details of the schedule of events

Cross Year of Music 2019

Of course, little is yet known about what specifically the program of the British-Russian Cross Year of Music could be, especially in light of some of the latest news. But, undoubtedly, it could have affected many Russian cities, which was confirmed earlier at a meeting with representatives of the Presidential Administration Sir Kiron Devan. And at the moment, as it became known from sources close to the Ministry of Culture, negotiations are underway on this topic with the administrations of Russian regions. In turn, representatives of Russian culture hope that they will manage to organize many interesting events in London and in its suburbs, and in other large settlements.

Surely, in every Russian and British city where there is a symphony orchestra and the corresponding modern equipment, the compositions of Tchaikovsky and David Bowie, Benjamin Britten and the Kino group, The Beatles and Mussorgsky will sound.

In a joke, in which, as you know, there is always only a fraction of a joke, assessing the potential for perception of the modern musical tradition on the ground, Mikhail Shvydkoy, who spoke at the meeting with the head of the British Council on behalf of the president, and Sir Dewan agreed to even somehow organize the “rap-battle ".

Theme of the Cross Year of Music

In the process of preparing this Year, the diplomats and music figures involved in it separately emphasized that traditional classical trends of art would be raised as themes of events, and along with them, the presentation of its modern appearance would be equally present, so as to maximally engage the audience, regardless of its age, tastes and preferences.

piano and score

It is well known that in the framework of cultural and humanitarian cooperation between the countries annually held a lot of interesting, various scale events, including complex.And the holding of the Cross Years, dedicated to a particular branch of art, has become a long-standing tradition for both Russia and Great Britain.

So, for example, before that, in 2017, the Cross Year of Education and Science was held. It all began in 2014 and a large-scale Year of Culture within its framework, and then the year 2016 was devoted to literature and language ...

At the bilateral meetings at the end of 2017, both the British and the Russian side noticed how interesting and useful was the experience of launching a “Shakespearean train” in the Moscow metro, and in London — a “Russian train”, respectively, the design tasks of which included familiarity of the friendly party with its own powerful cultural pillars. In addition, by that time, it was possible to sum up the positive results of various exhibitions in Great Britain devoted to Russian avant-garde and social realism in the framework of events dedicated to Cosmonautics Day in the Russian Federation and the centenary of the October Revolution.

exhibition of Russian avant-garde to the cross year of music in 2019

Unfortunately, in 2018, due to the complicated political situation, a prolonged pause was taken in the diplomatic relations between the two countries, therefore, of course, there was no talk of a full cross-cooperation this year.

As you know, the scandals in connection with the infamous so-called do not subside. “The case of the Skripal”, which received a wide response from the British and European public, as well as a number of other unpleasant events in which Russian oligarchs and other figures were actively involved. Because of this, it seems that agreements not only for holding the Cross Year of Music in 2019, but also the joint events planned for 2020, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, turned out to be in limbo.

The cultural community of both countries nevertheless cherishes hopes that temporary political differences between Britain and Russia on a number of issues will not cause a final break in humanitarian ties, because the people on both sides should have the whole set of freedoms if they want to get to know their counterpart closer.

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