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August2,2012– 05:04 am
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Give Bikram Yoga a Try

Keeping workouts interesting is no easy feat which is why we have challenged ourselves to changing things up a bit. We introduced ourfitness class bucket listnot too long ago and have already tackled anindoor cycling class. This week it was time to heat things up with a Bikram Yoga class.

Our brave Danskin team member was at it again, this time taking a class at a Bikram Yoga studio in Manhattan where she sweated her way to inner peace and flexibility.

What to Expect:

Expect to feel like you?re doing yoga inside a sauna. Bikram Yoga or hot yoga as it is often referred to consists of a 90 minute session in a room heated to approximately 105F where you attempt to master 26 positions. The rhythm is a little bit faster than your average yoga class, but the poses are all pretty much the same. The instructor told beginners they could stop, rehydrate, lay down and focus on breathing at any time, but asked they refrain from leaving the room because they wouldn?t get the benefits of the practice. The class was difficult to complete but our Danskin team member says she preferred it to regular yoga because of how physically and mentally challenging it was.


Pretty intense. Although the poses are familiar to anyone who has taken a basic yoga class, the deliberately fast pace and heat causes your heart rate to go up. Our Danskin volunteer said, ?My heart was racing so fast I felt like I was running a marathon. There were a few times where I felt I could pass out but pausing to focus on my breathing and drinking water helped me power through.?

Sweat Level:

High. You start sweating as soon as you enter the room. All you can smell is heat around you it. It?s pretty intimidating but at the end of the class you feel great, ?My hair and clothes were soaked as if I had just stepped out of a pool, but I?ve never felt so good after a workout. I felt lean. You sort of feel like you?ve been cleansed.?


Bring two large water bottles with you as well as a large towel, you will definitely need them. Also when it comes to clothing, less is more. Loose clothing gets drenched in sweat and becomes heavy and uncomfortable. We recommend a seamless bra that allows natural stretch and movement while still providing support. A sleek fit Yoga crop with a wide waistband for added coverage comes in handy when you?re in downward facing dog and a t-shirt to change into after class is key.

Have you taken hot yoga class recently? Every studio is different depending on where you go so make sure you do your research, read reviews and ask your friends for suggestions. Share your experiences with us on ourFacebookpage andTwitter!


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I agree...

2005-11-19 23:28:20 by FL0w

As i workout, and eat right...my way.
I'm still looking for a great hairstylist but my sister recommended her hairstylist which i will give him a chance this week.
As for styling my hair, i have long hair and i wash and condition my hair once a week with Pantene Pro-V, air dry my hair and don't put any products in my hair...never.
The only thing i don't do yet is spend money on clothes or shoes.
I'm still wearing my Hush Puppies which are several years old and are the most comfortable shoes i've ever owned.

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