Day of birds in 2019

The holiday dedicated to the feathered representatives of the animal world, which is celebrated by people all over the world - the Day of birds True, today this name is rather collective - there are several days in the world community, directly related to birds, and this holiday is celebrated on different days in different countries.

Day of birds in Russia 2019

Being interested in the number of the Day of the Birds in 2019, it is necessary to immediately clarify which version of the holiday is meant. The fact is that there are several widespread options, noted at the state and international levels, and a number of less significant ones, which are celebrated by individual groups or in certain localities.

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International Day

The most famous version of the “bird” holiday is the International Day of Birds, which is celebrated including in Russia. This event has a permanent, clearly fixed date and is annually celebrated on the same day - April 1st.

International Day of Birds in 2019 is celebrated on Monday, April 1st.

Holiday is among the environmental,It is not included in the number of official state ones, and therefore is not a day off (of course, except when it falls on Saturday or Sunday).

Bird of the Year 2019

The International Day in Russia is held under the patronage of the Union of Birds of Russia. The organization in honor of the holiday annually chooses the Bird of the Year - the representative of the fauna world, to whom numerous events held by the Union will be devoted.

The tradition of declaring the year on behalf of one of the birds was born in 1996, and the first talisman of the year was the crake. The main event of the year was the assessment of the number of these representatives of the fauna in our country. The 1997 hero of the day was the field lark - a little bird so loved by many for their ringing trills. The result of the Union’s work for that year was an extensive phenological arrival of the lark. The next “birthday boy” was the gray crane, then the common barn swallow, then the tit, in 2001 the starling ... And each of the birds became the object of close attention of the ornithologists who studied the habitats of the populations and the particularities of the species.

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What year will the bird be 2019?

Find out what year the bird will be 2019, it will be possible only at the end of this year. Why? The fact is that to determine what representative of the birds will be devoted to the next year, the organizers of the SOP will be only at the final meeting. Representatives of the Union elect a bird of the year after long discussions at the reporting Conference held at the end of the year.

In 2018, the Osprey was chosen to be the representative of the year - a predator of the Skopin detachment living in Russia. SOP issued a booklet on the Osprey, prepared a number of didactic and scientific-educational materials, in a word, tried to tell about the jubilee of the year in a simple and accessible language. The main consumers of interesting materials of the Union are ordinary people who are not indifferent to the life of birds, to the problems of ecology and biological balance in the animal world. But the first among those for whom ornithologists try are children, schoolchildren, in which specialists are trying to arouse interest in ornithology in particular and the world around them in general.

The history of the holiday

The first Days of birds were celebrated in pre-revolutionary Russia, following the example of the United States.In the United States, the holiday appeared at the end of the 19th century as a children's event held in schools. In a few years the idea took root, and now, after a decade and a half, the whole country is celebrating a new celebration. By the way, in the USA this holiday exists today, however, the date differs from the generally accepted international one - Americans celebrate the Day of Birds on May 4.

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After the revolution, the tradition of celebrating a celebration as a children's holiday was revived. In the spring of 1924, young naturalists of the Central Biological Station in Moscow hung out feeders and birdhouses for incoming birds. In 1926, the event was among the official children's holidays of the Soviet Union. Pioneers-schoolchildren marked it - they hung out feeding troughs, made birdhouses, observed birds.

In this form, the event existed for a short time - until 1934. Before the Patriotic War, attempts were made to revive the celebration, but the Day of the Birds returned to the number of popular children's holidays only in 1950-51. After some deliberation, it was decided to celebrate it on April 1 - spring time fell at this time, and since then April 1 has become a permanent date of celebration in Russia.

In modern Russia, the holiday has been celebrated since 1994. The initiator of its revival was the Union of Ornithologists of Russia, created in 1993. And a new celebration in honor of all representatives of birds became the first event of a non-profit organization. Subsequently, the organization was renamed the Bird Conservation Union.

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