Different holders for curtains

Since ancient times, one of the options for decorating residential and non-residential premises was the decor of the windows.holders for curtainsBlinds and curtains are painted in any room, wherethere are always people. For residential premises is characterized by the presence, first of all, of curtains. On the shelves of stores a wide range of not only curtains, but also various accessories for them is presented. One of the main can be called holders for curtains. Theoretically, they can be divided into two large groups: elements on which curtains hang, and elements decorating them.


The first big group are the cornices - this isholders for curtains, the basis for attaching the fabric to the wall. Many mistresses at registration of the house are limited only by them, it turns out simply and succinctly. The cornices are profile and decorative. Curtains are attached to the eyelets or hinges, sometimes the fabric is simply thrown over the cornice, thus creating a spatial coup.


If the purpose of window decor is the curtains themselves, thencornice can be installed profile. It is not very beautiful, often hidden from the eyes, sometimes it is additionally decorated, for example, with a baguette. It is this kind of cornices that are usually equipped with a mechanical or electronic control. Mounting of profile models can be made on a wall, window frame and ceiling. Strings are very common, they are attached directly to the window frame or to the wall, this is the simplest and cheapest version of the cornices. In this case, the strings can withstand only one row of curtains, if you need to add another layer, you will have to pull one more line.holders for curtains photo


Such cornices complement the interior design, theyemphasize the elegance of the fabric and beautifully frame the top of the window. Today you can find such holders for curtains in different designs: any color, shape, any material. There are manufacturers who are engaged in the manufacture of exclusive cornices with figured tips and inserts from crystal. Especially it is necessary to consider decorative cornices, made in the form of forging. Such holders for curtains (photos in various magazines show this), of course, can be called a work of art.

Elements of decor

In a separate group, you can distinguish elements of decor: magnets, barrettes, clips, clamps and hooks-holders for curtains.hooks holders for curtainsThis can include all the devices that areNeed to decorate the curtains on the window. It is these elements each owner carefully selects, sometimes makes them with their own hands. With the help of unlimited imagination, you can create a whole exposition on the window. Magnets, clamps and hooks are made, as a rule, from metal, and clamps are traditionally fabric. In the process of creating such a decor, manufacturers use various components: beads and beads, artificial flowers, leather and suede, all kinds of brooches and weaving. If the hostess wants to harmoniously emphasize the style of the room, accessories for curtains should be chosen with special trepidation. Hooks are better to choose in the tone of the cornice, this will add laconism. Magnets and clamps are usually made in the color of silver or gold. Black and white models are common. When choosing them, it is better to start from the color of the handles on the doors. Stitches can be made from the same material as curtains, or choose the right color scheme: for white-gray tones, cool colors are suitable; for beige-brown - warm. It is worth noting: if the room is decorated in two colors, it is better to choose a stitch, opposite in color to the curtains. The main condition for the correct choice of such decor will be the observance of clear proportions and the number of pieces per window. Here the method 1 + 1 approaches, on one window it is better to hang one pair of the decorated elements.

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