Do-it-yourself pool in the country: photo, step-by-step instruction

Do-it-yourself pool at the cottage: In the process of building a house, you decided that there should be a pond or a swimming pool near it. In this article, we will analyze in detail howbuild a pool in the countrywith detaileda photoconstruction, and step by step instructions.


How to choose a place to build a pool with your own hands

Find a place forthe poolon a small plot of land and, besides, building it yourself - the possibility of implementing such a project is clearly demonstrated in oura photothe material. Before the beginningpool constructionWe have studied this issue in great detail, having studied a lot of special literature and available information on the Internet. After a scrupulous analysis of all aspects and calculations, we opted for the classic version of the reservoir of geometrically regular form. The reason for this decision was, in particular, the fact thatas a new landscape design, the artificial pond, due to its rectangular shape, will harmoniously fit into the general ensemble, forming an architectural unity with the straight lines of the housing of a residential house. This condition was fundamentally important for us.

Important for us was the fact that the supplierthe pooloffered assistance in the form of technical advice. And for novice builders, not only the timely delivery of materials to the installation site, but also any help in the construction of the object was of great importance.


Construction of a pool at the dacha

In the spring, the first stage of works on laying a swimming pond on a plot of 750 m² started. With the layout of the future pool, as well as with the task of removing the layer of turf, we managed on our own. But then it took to attract specialists, because the excavation was carried out with an excavator. To dig a pond measuring 6.5 x 3 m and a depth of 1.25 m, taking into account the excavation work along its perimeter, we had to remove about 40 m³ of soil.

Side wall installationthe poolprefabricated elements with tongue-and-groove joints were also hand made. Before spreading the film over the entire surface, we received useful advice from professionals:

If you cover the bottom of the deep zone with rigid foam plates, then you can avoid significant heat loss to the ground.

Lay film 1.2 mm thick invited friends and neighbors. And the more hands, the better the result will be. In the end, ten people came to help spread the film. And one more practical observation: if you choose a sunny day for such work, everything will go easier and more fun, because the film of olive-green color, heated by the sun, becomes more elastic.


View of the skimmer box from the inside: if the film is tightly attached to the hole (on the right), water is sucked in without loss and is released from coarse filter sections from large debris (foliage, insects, etc.). Then, through the circulation pipeline, the water flows back into the pond.


Swimming pool in the country with their own hands: step by step instructions

After the ground has been filled up again, gravel is poured in and a drainage hose is laid, then they proceed to connecting the filtration unit. Apply the so-called skimmer filter that allows you to effectively clean the surface of the pool from leaves, flower petals, various litters. All technical equipment is compactly located under wooden walkways.The flooring for them, as well as for the adjoining terrace, is made of durable, resistant to external influences of Bangkiry wood.

The material for the wooden frame framing the bathing areathe pool, served raw Douglas fir wood, which in the absence of air does not rot under water. Thanks to such a framepoolturned out to be visually elevated above the rest of the water area of ​​the pond. This is called the single-chamber system, which is based on a continuous water system. The regeneration zone and the bathing zone are under a single water surface, and only due to excessive backwater a barrier is created that separates them from each other.

Stages of construction of the reservoir at the dacha


Photo 1.At some distance from the terrace indicate the contour of the site from which the sod will be removed

Photo 2.Now works excavator. Pit for the pool because of the rectangular shape, form a step

Photo 3.For wallspool6 cm thick sandwich panels with tongue-and-groove joints are used

Photo 4.In order to increase stiffness and facilitate the process of laying the film, wooden struts are made.

Photo 5.Quite thick, and therefore a very heavy film can now be spread and aligned in the best way.


Photo 6.The most difficult stage of the work is done - the film is neatly laid out and stretched exactly in the shape of a bowl.

Photo 7.Poolfill with water, and then along the entire perimeter the marginal areas are covered with soil and compacted

Photo 8.The waterproofing film is spread further along the ground, reaching the skimmer box and connecting it

Photo 9.A non-woven fabric is laid on top of the film in order to proceed to the construction of the wooden frame of the bowl.

Photo 10.Outside the frame place the gutter, which is filled with gravel. Then they lay ...


Photo 11.... drain pipe of the filtration circuit, which is required to ensure constant water circulation

Photo 12.It is covered with a layer of gravel. Later, all this will be under a single water surface.

Photo 13.Only the outline of the wooden frame remains clearly distinguishable, which is typical of a single-chamber system.

Photo 14.Where there used to be only a lawn, a slightly raised and prominent terrace has now been built.

Photo 15.The boardwalk is laid along the entire facade of the house. Before him is a skimmer box (for comparison - photo 7)


Photo 16.Gangway with a steel ladder elegantly close the box, leaving access to it free


Photo 17.For greater convenience when approaching the pond, wide stone slabs are laid on a gravel bed

Plants for the shallow water area (regeneration zone) should be selected on the advice of specialists - landscape designers and landscapers. The old hobby of the housewife botany helped in choosing the most suitable plants for the pond, besides this occupation gave her great pleasure. About 100 different species that have found their place in an artificial reservoir, provide water purification without the use of chemicals.

Processpool constructionat the cottage svomi handslasted for a month. After all the work was completed, there was a wonderful opportunity for rest and relaxation: now, right from the hot sauna, which is equipped on the first floor of the house, you can run through the walkways and enjoy the cool water with pleasure.

In addition to cleaning the filtration plant and trimming off flowering plant branches, all efforts to take care of the pond are limited to collecting leaves from the surface of the water surface or from the bottom of the bathhouse. The former lawn of the same area required much more effort and, accordingly, time, and therefore it was really impossible to admire the garden.

Pool information

Bathing area - about 20 m² (6.5 x 3 m), depth - 1.25 m; sandwich wall elements; regeneration zone with a film coating, a drain pipe and a gravel bed - about 45 m²; equipment - pump, filter, surface skimmer.

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