Dog collar

The collar is not only an important detail of the appearance of the dog, but also a necessary accessory. Among dozens of identical options, it is sometimes difficult to choose something suitable for your pet. Today we will tell you how to make a dog collar with your own hands. We have prepared for you four different master classes with photos and videos that will help you cope with this task.

dog collar
With these step-by-step lessons, you can make collars for both small and large dogs. We will take the materials simple, so that you have everything at your fingertips, and you do not have to search for something urgently. Dog owners usually make sure that their pet looks beautiful and well-groomed: these collars will make your pets exactly like that.

Option number 1: lace

The owners of small dogs will most likely want to make such a collar, since it will be too narrow for large pets. We will weave the accessory out of the lace, but this will not prevent it from being durable and reliable. Go in search of the material of your favorite color and get down to business.

We will need:

  • two long cords (take contrast colors or different, but in one color scale);
  • plastic or metal buckles;
  • plastic ring in the shape of the letter D.

All fasteners and clips can be taken from the old collar. If not, go to the departments for creativity and sewing. There is something like that, as a rule, is always easy to find.

Take the ends of two cords and cut each of them very smoothly. Then heat each of them with a lighter and lightly burn them. Need to do it at the same time. Connect them with each other - do it right away while they are still melting. Press them tightly together and wait until they “grab”. Take precautions when working with fire!

braided collar

To start making a woven collar, you must fasten the end of the rope on the buckle. To do this, pass a loop through it, and thread loose ends to tighten it.

Measure the girth of your dog's neck and mark the future collar. Throw another 1-1.5 centimeters, install in this place the second buckle.

Wrap the ends of each of the cords, throwing them through the mount. See how it looks in the photo, so as not to be mistaken.At the same stage, you need to fasten a D-ring near the buckle.

The collar for a dog will resemble a bracelet in the popular macrame technique - it is woven in the same way. Pass one cord through the top of the loop, and the second through the bottom. Tighten and repeat the procedure. Continue to weave until the very end of the measured cord.

When you get to the opposite buckle, skip both ends of the cord from the bottom to hide them. Next, we will perform another layer of winding to make the collar thick and durable. Weaving is performed in exactly the same way. Tighten the knot over the first collar layer and gradually move down.

When you reach the bottom, follow the final knot from the wrong side, pass the ends through the loop again, and then hide them inside.

Done! Please note that it is best to weave a collar from soft and thick rope or lace, but plastic or rubberized wires will not please the dog, although they will look beautiful.

braided collar

Such a braided collar can be made with your own hands and for a large dog, but in this case it is better to weave it from one strong cord, and not from an “alloy”,which can disperse from the hurried large pet.

Option number 2: nylon tape

Nylon slings (ribbons) are very bright and beautiful shades. Dogs easily wear such collars, not opposing this “decoration” at all. It’s not difficult to make such a collar with your own hands, so feel free to grasp this master class.

dog collar

Pay attention to the width of the slings, which will take as a basis. In no case do not take too thin belt, as it will hurt to cut into the skin of the animal when moving. To make your pet comfortable, take a sling not less than 2 cm wide - for “kids”, for larger pets - even wider, from 2.5 cm.

We will need:

  • nylon tape;
  • textile tape with a pattern;
  • plastic mount;
  • D-ring

Measure the girth of the dog's neck and multiply the resulting number by 1.7. It is this length and should be tape to collar turned out the right size. Make a ribbon of the same length.

Connect nylon and fabric on the machine. Sew through, putting it on sewing coarse fabric and stitch length of 2 mm. Try to make the seams as close as possible to the edges, walk around the perimeter.

nylon collar

Insert the mount so that the free end goes in about 4 cm. Bend it and sew it to the main part of the ribbon under the bow to make a loop with the mount.

Then insert the D-shaped fastener and sew up the protruding tip finally.

nylon collar

Next, take the free end of our ribbon and pass it through the buckle with two holes. And then through the second part of the fastener (the one that we have not sewn yet). Next, the free end of the ribbon is pulled back through the buckle (this loop will be under the first one). Look at how this is done in the photo to properly assemble the collar and not confuse anything.

Then take the end of the tape and turn it back. It must be flashed several times to fix it well. To prevent the clasp from interfering during the sewing process, move it back slightly.

nylon collar

That's all - we easily made a beautiful bright dog collar with our own hands. If it seems to you that for some reason the dog does not like the nylon tape, simply treat it with a fabric blank not only from the outside, but also from the inside. However, usually with this problem does not arise.

Option number 3: leather

Leather collars are the most practical.As a rule, pets can wear them for years. If you want your dog to have a unique collar, you need to do it yourself. With the help of this master class you can easily master the technique of its manufacture.

We will need:

  • skin section;
  • buckle;
  • D-shaped metal ring;
  • rivets;
  • glue for skin on a water basis;
  • wax.

We measure the girth of the dog's neck and throw 25 cm to this number. In order to cut off the necessary piece from the skin, you should use special knives. If you do not have such an opportunity, take as a basis an unnecessary leather belt.

Be sure to cut the corners of the work of the future collar from both ends. This is necessary so that the dog is comfortable and the accessory does not rub its neck.

leather collar

We take glue, we pass along the edges of the leather tape from all sides. This also needs to be done to prevent the collar from rubbing.

At the same stage, you need to gently rub the beeswax in the future collar. You can pre-treat it with a special cream to soften the skin. All these manipulations will help make it more comfortable to wear.

Next, apply the markup at equal distances.With the help of awls, we make holes into which we insert rivets. At the same stage, you can cut the inner layer of the skin with a special oblique knife. This should be done in the event that you take too hard a belt or a piece of leather.

leather collar

To insert rivets, you can use awls of different thickness and inserts of various sizes - so it will be more beautiful.

We fasten the buckle on the rivets. First, insert the metal base, and then the D-shaped ring. Then just fasten the end with rivets.

If the collar turned out to be too long and not quite comfortable to wear, cut off the excess part from it, round off the edges and process with colorless skin glue.

leather collar

Done! You made a leather collar for a dog that can not be distinguished from the factory! Attaching a leash to it will not be difficult.

Bonus: strap collar

If your pet is a crumb, make him a neat little collar from an unnecessary thin strap. We invite you to watch this video master class for creating a collar. This craft will take you just 5-10 minutes, and the accessory will be useful and beautiful.

If the finished strap is too hard, see the tips from the master class described above (option # 3). If you need to soften the collar for a small dog, they will help you.

We hope that you have found a lesson that will help you make such a collar at home, which both your dog and yourself will like.

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