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What do you dream about losing?

The symbolic background of signs, what dreams of losing someone or something, is unique in its own way. And this is understandable: it is not easy to part with expensive things, and especially people. But visions with such plots are often interpreted the opposite. The treatment depends on the essence of the lost, but for the most part remains positive and is linked to acquisitions in reality.

The loss of something valuable, for example, symbolizes future happiness, and the loss of things with sacred meaning for you will become a prologue to new sources of income, equally sudden and not requiring extra efforts on your part. The exception is when you are crying bitterly in your dreaming dream, forever saying goodbye to someone important to you.

Loss of property predicts financial spending, parts of the body - to indisposition. If a sick person loses something, you need to be as careful as possible, because fate is a mortal danger.However, if you have found the loss on time, you can be sure that the touching relationship will last a long time and leave behind only fond memories.

Psychological interpreter

What dreamed of losing according to gestalt psychology:

Internal search never stops. But a person sometimes subconsciously wants to forget about unpleasant moments and the facts discovered. At this moment, he is led to see in a dream a loss as a symbol of getting rid of future-deprived relationships, unnecessary habits, hopeless situations and other negative factors. For example, losing someone's gift - it means to part with bad memories.

Experts of psychoanalysis regard such deprivations in a dream as secret desires or hidden aspirations. So, plots with the loss of a beautiful dress are associated with a constant struggle for harmony - such a picture soothes the dreamer, allows you to temporarily forget about the figure.

I dreamed of losing kitchen utensils donated by someone close to me - unwillingness to repeat his fate. If it was possible to return the lost, it symbolizes a return to the easy and easy way.Finding the missing is also an opportunity to learn the secrets of the household, which you absolutely will not like.

Romantic dream book

If you dreamed of losing, what does this mean for you:

Difficult to build relationships dreamed - this is an area where acquisitions (in both mental and material aspects) are inextricably linked with losses. However, some signs, when it was possible to see a loss in a dream, may indicate serious doubts: in particular, the loss of feelings of perception symbolizes misunderstanding.

So, without a voice, you cannot tell your lover about feelings or justify yourself. Having lost your hearing, you will lose the opportunity to understand his feelings and desires, which will lead to coldness in the relationship. In the absence of vision, it is easy to lose the way, to stumble upon the lies and deception of enemies, which deliberately push lovers into wanting to embroil.

Sometimes plots with a loss of voice or hearing recommend that the dreamer reflect on the appropriateness of communication: perhaps a romantic passion or a hasty wedding will break life.

Dreamed of a lost wedding ring somewhere? Take time to discuss the situation with your family. The loss of a loved one dreams to self-forgiveness.

Modern dream book

dream to lose

What do you dream to lose in a dream?

  • To lose a child is to experience a lack of something real. The loss of a child who happily resolved in a dream - you will gain the meaning of life, your business will end successfully.
  • Why dream of losing a child - for a pregnant woman, such a dream only means that she is not confident in herself and is afraid of losing the baby in fact. But remember that too much anxiety hurts him. Take care of him, and everything will end well with you.
  • The lost child - your attempts to find a meaning or hope in life. What is the dream of a lost child who was stolen and regained - if you have a child, you are afraid of losing your authority in his eyes.

Psychotherapeutic Dream

Lose what symbolizes and what is the dream?

Lose a dream something - The real loss of something in everyday life may be associated with an unconscious desire to get rid of this object, which, for example, was donated by a person who seems to be an individual negative. Lose something or try to lose. To be distraught. Err. Detect object again, detect path. Difficult period left behind.To lose an object that looks like a phallus. Fear of castration.

Small Veles dream

Why dream of losing a dream book:

To lose something in a dream means an unexpected find. Also, the loss of a dream to cry, failure, death (illness), trouble, separation, loss. To lose and find a person in a dream means one to whom you think you will see again. To lose and not to find in a dream - the person you think about will not return.

Dream interpretation of the healer Fedorovskaya

In a dream, what's the dream of losing:

  • Losing anything - To the loss.
  • Losing anything - Losing body parts. Often dream to loss.

The dream of the witch Medea

What is the dream and how to interpret to lose?

Losing things, being scattered is evidence of overflowing thoughts that make life difficult. To lose something in a dream is to get rid of difficulties and gain success.

Losing (see also stealing) - losing small objects - you are waiting for disagreements with loved ones and discord with yourself. Take a break from a new business to lose your real estate, state - Real losses are possible. Stay alert

The dream of psychologist D.Lofa

What dreams a dreamer to lose, a psychological analysis:

Lose dear people or objects - The most expensive things for us are the continuation of our self-awareness.Favorite hat, car or dear to us people reflect our vision of ourselves. Therefore, the loss of these objects or people means a lot to us. It also matters whether you really have this item or not. If a lost item is a thing of personal use, what does it symbolize for you? Is it a decoration, favorite clothes, pictures or family jewels? You may be nervous about losing a new, expensive or important item. If you lose a person, then whom? Perhaps you are questioning your own loyalty to another person or, on the contrary, loyalty of this person to you. However, it is likely that you will be looking for a stranger. Why are you looking for this person? Are you able to find it? Where?

Bible dream book azar

Lose the spiritual sources of what dreams?

Lose loss - to trouble.

Astrological dream book

Lose what to dream?

Interpretation of sleep in the dream book: Lose - to find. Uranus.

Big Dream

Why dream of losing a dream book:

Lose - A dream in which you have lost your luggage in the confusion of the station, foreshadows failure in business

If you lost your companion in the crush, a family quarrel awaits you in reality, and for unmarried people it means parting with a boyfriend who has found another.

Losing a jewel in a dream means that you will be dealing with flatterers who are going to blunt your head so that you just send them away.

If you lost a wedding ring - in reality such a dream can lead to shame and need. To lose a pearl necklace - to suffering and sorrow, a gold chain - because of your own short-sightedness, miss perhaps the only chance to get rich.

A dream in which you have lost small money means neglect of people standing below you on the social scale, which will lead to annoying losses.

To lose a significant amount means that an unexpected misfortune will come into the house and the situation will be aggravated by troubles in the service.

loss - If you had a dream in which you lost and cannot find a needle or a pin, it means that you will soon suffer minor damage or quarrel with a friend.

Lose paddles in a dream and be carried away from the coast - do not try to realize your plans, for all your efforts in this direction will be crowned with failure.

To lose powder or lipstick in a dream is lucky in business. Lost keys foreshadow the loss of freedom or separation due to jealousy. To lose a medallion is a sign of sad events in the circle of true friends.

To lose brand new fur gloves - to unreasonable behavior with people well-disposed towards you.

The loss of a handkerchief means unfulfilled hopes, points - you will get a slight injury due to your own carelessness and rotozeystva.

The loss at an unexpected moment and in a public place some toilet detail foreshadows interference in commercial affairs and obstacles in love. Losing a wig, being a podshofe, and returning to the restaurant table without it foreshadows that you will be provided with services, having taken over for another person.

Losing shoes in a dream to escape persecution means that you will be abandoned, but you will find the strength to retain your cheerfulness and faith in human decency.

Losing documents in a dream means that you will be involved in a matter that is obviously doomed to failure.

loss - If you had a dream in which you lost the right to a significant property such as a house or car, this foreshadows the failure of important ideas.

A dream in which you have lost your teeth predicts a difficult time for humiliation and need.

To lose a nose in a dream - in reality you will be subjected to ridicule by ill-disposed colleagues.

To lose an arm or a leg - such a dream predicts wealth and prosperity.

Old dream book

Why dream of losing a dream?

To lose in the dream you have — misfortune, fear, danger to life, especially badly ill.

Assyrian dream book

Why dream of losing?

A lost thing, like a bunch of keys, means a sense of loss of control. Lost time, position, being late for a plane, bus, train can symbolize a lost opportunity, as well as frustration caused by being late and unorganized.

Islamic Dreambook

Why dream of losing:

Loss of hope, despair - whoever sees himself in a dream desperate and has lost all hope will be touched by evil and he will be deprived of mercy and mercy, for the Lord says: , in despair comes, becoming ungrateful, loses faith. " (Sura - Hood, 9). And he also says: “When evil touches him, in desperate helplessness he leaves all hope”. (Sura - Fussilat, 49).

East dream-book according to Feng Shui

What does it mean if you dream of losing:

Loss of Consciousness - Seeing yourself unconscious - to good news. Wife to see unconscious - to early childbirth. See how you lose consciousness from severe wounds - to recovery.

Sonic birthday

Given the date of birth Lose what to dream:

If you were born in spring, why dream of losing something in a dream - to a gift.

If you were born in the summer, what did you dream of losing a thing - to separation from a person whom you really appreciate.

If you were born in the fall, what was the dream of losing a small thing - to concern for your children.

If you were born in winter, what dreams you have lost your coat - portends that you will have to re-arrange your own fate and you will repent bitterly, cursing yourself for your short-sightedness and indiscretions.

The value of sleep by day of the week

Whether a night vision is fulfilled depends not only on its content, but also on what day of the week and what time of day the dream has occurred.

In addition, that means what he saw, will tell the alignment of the dream by Lenormand. A more accurate understanding of the dream will help the lunar calendar of dreams.

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In the morning I lost my son at the station I ran around crying everywhere but I didn’t find a gypsy then took me to a train that was not a train, and I ask where my son will later show and tell

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