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The name of this dream book is associated with the name of the ancient Slavic God Veles. Veles so started that sleep is barely perceptible, and when he wakes up, he scoots away from us. You run to catch up with him, he seems to have caught him, he seems to have remembered him - but no! Burst out, damn, only left behind only a pitiful scraps of his colorful attire, vague memories of color rich vision.

The game of catching up with a dream is such that if you take advantage of getting rid of the fugitive, then the next night he himself will have to go catch you. Learn how to quickly and firmly remember a dream, write it down, and soon you will find that there are more dreams, they have become much more detailed. And more significant ...

Principles of interpretation of dreams by dream book Velesov

dream Velesov

Sleep is easy to separate from the dream of a thing. If I was dreaming about what I was thinking or waiting for, what I had seen or heard today, what had brought out of balance that you were used to - that simple dream. For those who were waiting for the guests, he sees their arrival, he heard about trade — a fair, a fight — a fight or an enemy, a blacksmith — his own work.

Sleep from the movement of the senses, from bodily sensations - an empty vision. For the lover sees his sweet, sick - healing, hungry - food. Sick people often see fire, poison, violence; exiled for the night - flour, beating, various passions

Sleep, inspired by the situation around the sleeper, does not mean anything. For in a draft a wind or a blizzard dreams, if music was playing, then a melody, with strong heat, desert and thirst.

Therefore, before interpretation, it is necessary to judge whether sleep is not from empty causes.

5 compositions sleepers Velesov

Also empty dreams come from the nature of man, for in five compositions the world stands, the same is man. And those five:

  • Water - Velez - the little finger - silver.
  • Earth - Lada - ring finger - copper.
  • Fire - Svarog - middle finger - gold.
  • Iron - Perun - index finger - iron.
  • Air - Stribog - thumb - tin.

The main gods in the dream book Veles

In any wayVelesovapower prevails - water in a dream, swimming, fish, crayfish and other aquatic animals, aquatic plants. Togo more - riddles guessing, zhito, color blue and gray, clouds, month, deceased, funerals, bears, cows, milk, cheese, rain, trees, grass, meadows, swamps, rivers, ponds, lakes and seas, raven, money ,the Magi and the priests, the richness of all, honey, gold and jewels, letters, books, hair, beard, medicines, fur coats, clothing, goy, legs, porridge, old men, trade, divination, sacraments, forests.

In any wayLadina force is the land of sight, arable land and plowing, mountains, shovels and digging, moles, earthworms, snakes. Moreover, wives and maidens, dances and round dances, clothes and outfits, dishes, swans and doves, fur animals, the color is white and heavenly, scallops, mirrors, fortune telling, graves, mounds, breasts, bread, flowers, wreaths, herbs and meadows , wedding, milk.

In any waySvarogiaforce - fire of sight, fires, dawns, sun, spores. Moreover, the color is red and red, quarrels and battles, hard work, forge and blacksmithing equipment, weddings, houses, villages, scales, horses, wandering, sky, head, eyes, husbands, clothes for men, friends, dogs, dense forest, prayers and temples.

In any wayPerunovapower - a weapon of sight, iron things from the economy, wars and fights, roots, chains, lightning, sparks. Moreover, the color is black and chervlen, blood, thieves, stars, wind, frying, victories, anger, tours, bulls, eagles, hands, meat, warriors, beer, fast course, rage.

In any wayStribozhiyaforce - expanses of sight, wind, birds, clouds, quarrels.Moreover, the color is yellow, running, rapids, love, children, jesters, intoxicating animals, fools, small animals, mouth, ears, flour, garbage, sand, worries, laughter, rises to the top, flying and falling, tall trees, ribbons, road, canvas.

The interpretation of prophetic dreams on the dream book Veles

But if they dream of what causes are not, the images of which are blurred, fleeting, not clear right away and on awakening tend to disappear, what is not typical of the sleeper - those dreams are either given from Gods, or predict punishment for their evil, or foreshadow rewards for good That should be interpreted. The soul of a sleeper flies away from the body, as evenly as in death, therefore, since ancient times our people assimilate the sleep of death: “The dream of death is brother”, “Has fallen asleep - died”, “Sleepy that dead”. With his consciousness over sleep, a person does not have power, which is equally the same for empty sleep, and for a vision: “Drunk and sleepy do not think their thoughts”, “Sleepy and drunk - divine”.

The soul in its sleepy journey either hovers around the body, holding onto Velesova, or flies away to the next world, to the next world. And what she saw there, that the gods seem to her, or her ancestors will tell, about the future, about the questioned, about the important, in the signs that are understandable to our consciousness, she brings.Other as it seems, and should be understood. For what is about to happen, to interpret that there is no time, with great force is given to us, in its direct form. If there is a danger of falling into a collapse, the collapse is the same as dreaming, in a more or less comprehensible form. That dream is emblematic.

Not every interpretation should be taken as it is written, because not every bit is in line. You see in a dream that you buy a needle: a needle is a danger or gossip, but buying a needle is a gift. So interprets the tradition. But is this true in your case? A literal interpretation is one thing, but it is possible that the general interpretation of the subject is still more meaningful. At this point, everyone should choose for themselves, paying attention to the fact that how yes it comes true, what happens after sleep, how close the interpretation of the dream book has happened.

And if a dream foreshadows wealth, it does not necessarily mean that you will be filled up with gold hryvnias to the very poppy. For some, wealth is a rather modest amount. The disease is also a relative concept. Slight runny nose or fracture. There is a difference?

A separate item in its natural state usually means nothing. Value can only have our attitude towards it or its influence on us.The grass at the feet is most likely just grass. But the grass is too bright, or tall, or muddled legs, to mow the grass, to look in the grass is another matter. There is something to think about.

Direct dreams come true soon, and dreams to be interpreted come true for a while. Sometimes this has to wait for quite a long time, but - “who is forewarned is forearmed”.

dream Velesov in a dream

Images and symbols of the dream book Veles

The other thing, which is not so significant, or does not happen immediately, goes through allegorical images, broadcasting one through the other, which is still to be interpreted. The best world to our world, the world of the living, is, as they say, inverse in everything. Instead of the sun, a month shines there, trees grow upward with roots, talk backwards there, and walk backwards. From this, the images are turned inside out, and they should be interpreted with exactly the opposite. And then, he saw the wedding, heralds the funeral, and cry in a dream - to joy. Some other signs of sleep are identical with images from the world of reality: a raven is a horn and a secret, a fox is a trick, and a ram is a stupidity.

Symbolic meanings of this are hidden in proverbs, rites and signs. Some of these signs have already been forgotten by us, but our ancestors knew them, but their knowledge of this is in our blood and soul.For the time being they are stored somewhere in the depths, but at the right moment, in the moment of illumination, those images come alive in us, helping to understand and accept. Some signs are even simpler - what it looks like, that is, with what is comparable, that means. Thorns - taunts, quarrel; salt - "salt" will have.

Other dreams are interpreted by the people according to the inner connection of words, according to secrecy: which word is related to which, it is connected with that. This is exactly a kind of spiritual play when words come together on the basis of similarity of roots, in consonance: cornflower - fun, virgin - marvelous, cow - to the roar, river - speech will be, furnace - sadness, egg - will appear (guests). And perhaps it is still such a hint from our light.

Movement of the dreamer is often subordinate to a single basis. Climbing up, climbing a mountain, a tree, a roof, going up the stairs, walking on a level path - multiplication of benefits, promotion, achievement of our plans. Falling down from a tree, a roof, stairs, mountains, a tangled, rough road - lost opportunities, mistakes, humiliation, losses and damages. Flying in the sky, on wings, a bird, a jump is a joy, achievement of a goal.

Swimming in the water, on the ship, bathing, washing - the road, health.But all this should also be correlated with the state of the surrounding, for the tree can be small or rotten, and the water is dirty or raging.

The value of color in the dream book Veles

Every color in a dream, if it is too often found in it, or too bright, or not in its place, means on the other hand, giving the interpretation of sleep additional shades.

  • White - purity, holiness, divine presence, caress, kindness, softening of the thin, joy, laughter, play, top. Moreover, death, exhaustion, falling, illness, old age, cold, hunger, empty efforts, failure.
  • Black - evil, destruction, mistake, cowardice, illness, impotence, envy, bottom, loss, death, dirt, discord, danger. Togo more - secret, memory, hard work.
  • Blue - mystery, faith, top, letter. Togo more - witchcraft, meditation, testing, waiting, trading.
  • Red - holiday, love, celebration, trip, walking, luck, love, body, spring, weather. Togo more - work, blood, battle, anger, strength.
  • Yellow - money, luck, Togo more - a disease, boredom, loss.
  • Green - joy, health, summer, youth. Togo more - stupidity, mistake.
  • Earth - the basis, decree, oath, law, order, obedience, work.Togo more - funeral, stagnation.
  • Gray - stealth, sadness, stagnation in business, bad weather. Togo more - calm, smooth course of life.
  • Rainbow, multicolor - plenty, fun, wedding, guests, health. Togo more - deception, empty dreams.
  • Brick - work, it is a difficult matter. Togo more - a mistake, harm.

Beliefs about dreams in the dream book Veles

But before interpretations, one must know the common beliefs about dreams.

The first speck (time from the first back to the first awakening) is up to the first roosters, the second to the second, the third to the third. The first splint on the left side, the second - on the right, the third - on the back. Sleeping well before midnight is the best sleep.

You want to see a true dream, please observe the conditions: do not eat meat, cabbage, peas and beans before bedtime, do not sleep a lot of water, do not drink hops, air the house before bedtime, go to the wind, do not quarrel with anyone before bed, do not cover yourself warm. If you keep everything and sleep will be after midnight - the truth will be.

You can catch a dream deliberately, for which you need to enclose the sand around the house from the grave of a suicide and empty it near the western wall.

If external noise interferes with sleep, it is necessary to turn the pillow over.

If I had a bad dream, then, so that it would not be fulfilled, you have to knock on the wall and say: “Where the night is, there is a dream”. Or: set fire to the furnace and say - “Where the smoke is, there is a dream”.

If you often dream bad - they sew ruts, mint and madder into a pillow.

If you had a bad dream, then for three days they will not tell anyone.

A dream at night, before sunrise, cannot be told, especially scary - for it will come true.

Any bad dream can be turned to good. In order to do this, as soon as you wake up, turn over your underwear, bedding, pillow, sheet, and, after lying for some time, leave everything as it is until night.

To recall a dream, you need to bite a corner of the pillow as soon as you wake up.

Dreams, dreamed from a week (Sunday) on Monday and from Thursday to Friday - are fulfilled, and from a shostka (Saturday) for a week (Sunday) - no, or come true before lunch, but no - so false.

Dreams for a week are fulfilled before noon, and if it does not come true, the dream is empty. On Monday - will come true in seven years. On Wednesday - an empty dream. On Thursday - in two or three days it will be fulfilled. On Friday - until the evening turns. Shostka - come true in a day.

Also, it is believed that the third day - all dreams come true; on the thirteenth - all dreams are unfortunate; 25th - all dreams are false, empty.

What dreamed before night - will be fulfilled within a year, that before midnight - within half a year,that up to three nights - during the quarter, that until the morning - during the month, that in the last moments of the night - within ten days, at sunrise - on the same day.

You can not go to bed on an empty stomach, otherwise you can dream of any non-uselessness.

If you want to remember a dream - do not look out the window when you wake up.

In order not to dream of all sorts of nonsense - after sunset not to show off in the mirror.

On the bag to sleep is not bad - see the bad.

In a dream it is impossible to respond to the call of the deceased - you will die.

Before going to bed, do not swear, and then the unclean dream.

Interpretation is also a game. Playing with meanings, playing with possibilities. The rules are not complicated. Losing is not scary. A pair is not needed. Are you ready to play? Although fun for the sake of, even with faith in what is happening.

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