Electric winch. Description

Electric winch. Purpose and features

Electric winch minimizes manual labor. This mechanism is designed to move a variety of goods. Most often used on construction sites. Traction is the main indicator that must be paid attention to during selection. This parameter should be specified in the documentation. It should be noted that the electric winch can have a carrying capacity of one and a half tons. Before installation work, a special drum must be fixed horizontally to the foundation.

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The difference between an electric winch and similar equipment is the presence of an electric motor. The winch has 250 meters of special rope. The drum can wind almost 30 cm of rope in one second. Modern manufacturers pay special attention to the brake system, so the equipment is safe.When the rope is stopped, the load remains at rest.

The electric winch is capable of moving loads, only in a horizontal direction. To date, there are models that have a large carrying capacity, which allows even rail cars to be moved. Such a mechanism can be controlled both remotely and manually. If necessary, you can turn on the reverse mode of winding the rope on the drum.

This can be achieved by combining a worm gear with an electric motor. As a result, the winding of the rope can be stopped at any time. The winch is powered by a three-phase network, with a voltage of 380V.

For repair or construction of a private house an electric winch with a small carrying capacity is used. The mechanism allows to minimize manual labor. Mounted equipment, always on a horizontal, specially prepared site.

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