Errors in interior design

January 29, 2018

Professionalism is an important feature in any business. In the depths of everyone’s heart, the designer lives and it seems to us that we can cope with everything, but in practice this is not always the case. Large sums may be spent on design, but the end result will not live up to expectations. If the approach is not professional, then at all there are gross common mistakes. However, knowing them - they can be taken into account. It is recommended, of course, to contact specialists who, knowing their business, will competently equip your premises. For example, this

Errors in interior designErrors in interior design


The most common problem in the design is the reluctance of homeowners to redevelop the premises, even when there are many unnecessary partitions. To achieve maximum functionality of the room, it is necessary to divide it into functional zones. The solution may be different - starting with the dismantling of one partition or even all of them, with only bearing walls remaining. Only in this case, housing can be comfortable.

Excessive decor

The main thing is to do everything in moderation, so a large number of different paintings, figurines and other decorative elements have a bad effect on the interior. It is also important to harmonize colors correctly. It should be noted that it is possible to achieve a competent and high-quality interior if all the elements of the decor are correctly arranged. The number here does not matter.

Wrong lighting

Sophisticated design includes the selection and location of lighting fixtures. Even if the interior of the room is thought out, an excessively bright or too dim light can nullify everything. By the way, well-planned lighting is not a chandelier mounted in the ceiling in the center of the living room. The lamp must be installed in the place where it really is a place, for example, to illuminate the working space, mirror, cabinet. They should be arranged in such a way that there are no dark corners in the room. In addition, using lighting, you can visually increase the space of the room, as well as divide it into functional zones. For this purpose, point, ceiling and recessed fixtures are widely used.

Furniture placement

Previously, many followed this rule: the furniture must be installed along the wall without fail, and the more cabinets in the apartment, the better. But it is not, and this is a mistake. Designing a room is necessary based on other principles. For example, thanks to furniture, separate zones are easily created for leisure or work. And the wardrobe can be replaced by a wardrobe. However, in some cases, in order to achieve the correct result, it may be necessary to consult a designer, or to order furniture according to an individual sketch. Many people think that such a decision is expensive, but this opinion is wrong, and the result is optimal.

Ceiling features

Most people are mistaken about the fact that the richer the ceiling, the more beautiful the apartment will be, therefore complex multi-level systems are installed. However, variants of such a plan are used only in spacious rooms that have high ceilings. It is necessary to highlight white or any other neutral shades that are optimal for the ceiling.

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