Evening Dresses 2018

Charming, elegant, gentle, emphasizing the exciting curves of the figure ... Evening dresses in 2018 can not only make you incredibly attractive, but also make others understand: you are in trend! Fashionable news, designed for special occasions, pleases with a boring variety. Need an outfit? You are sure to pick up your unique dress for a prom, wedding or corporate party.

Evening Dresses 2018


Fashion trends in 2018

Revising the catwalk innovations and the best collectible models of dresses, one can easily understand the pattern of the "fashion game" today. First of all, features cut.

Evening Dresses 2018

  1. Deep V necklineand thin spaghetti straps for those who love to stun and shock. Such a neckline not only emphasizes the seductiveness of the chest, but also slightly extends the shoulders. This year, almost all design tricks went to make the shoulder line visually wider.
  2. Shoulder padsjust serve for what was mentioned above. Dress with shoulder pads, as well as ruffles and non-standard elements of cut, line the silhouette with small sloping shoulders and wide hips.
  3. Oversize clothingfell in love with the ladies for their simplicity. However, in order to shine in society, careless chic will have to be supplemented with stylish expensive accessories.
  4. Model a la Dior- a masterpiece of design ideas. High waists, multi-layered ankle-length skirts and tight-fitting top are the "signs" of the trendy 2018 dress.
  5. Bows, associated with pigtails and childhood, will revive the most discreet image. They are really to decorate the belts and sleeves, knit on the neck (pictured below).

Evening Dresses 2018

We select an outfit for the New Year

Year of the Dog has its favorite colors. And no matter what you want more: to pay tribute to fashion or to please the symbol of the year - the Yellow Dog, you will choose from the following colors:

Red It is good to “beat” this color and give harmony to the image only by real secular lionesses. Flaming array can easily "crush" the bearer of the dress. Caution is also needed when choosing accessories. Too bright will nullify the nobility of the image, making it flashy and colorful.
Orange Life-affirming color, especially relevant in summer. So, take a closer look at the dresses of this shade, if you are going to graduation. On the hem may be a low-key floral print.Pay attention: additional colors should be much paler than the main orange.
Black and white combination This tandem is unshakeable. Even yielding to other trends for a time, he returns again and again. Now it is a strip, a cell and various combinations of elements. As planned by designers, accessories for such a dress must be complex shades: emerald, coral, mustard, lilac.
The combination of black, gray, brown The color palette of casual style, when you want to look decent (even a little prim), but elegant and fashionable. What to focus on? Accessories, makeup, hair. They, too, must be restrained, otherwise the whole image will “disintegrate”.

Evening Dresses 2018

On the eve of the New Year, when the soul wishes an enchanting holiday in bright colors, women of fashion will be drawn to dresses with an abundance of glitter, open back and bold cuts. These feminine outfits will be the hit of the season at New Year's balls! Modelers designers suggest throwing on the shoulders of stoles, shawls or boa to cover too open areas. Fur and feather trim top is also very popular in winter.

As for the length, then both long and short models are almost equally in demand.However, if you look like a fairy-tale princess, then only a long dress made of luxurious materials:

  • silks;
  • atlas;
  • chiffon;
  • smooth velvet;
  • taffeta;
  • heavy brocade fabrics.

Evening dresses in 2018. Fashion trends

What to go to graduation?

The choice of graduation attire is a delicate matter. The image of a young graduate should simultaneously be gentle and feminine - thought out from the tips of her fingers to the top of her head. Otherwise there is a risk of overdoing and then the girl will look like an adult. Well, or vice versa - the long-awaited reincarnation from the hooligan girl to the “beautiful swan” will never happen.

Pay attention to the dress:

  • mermaid style;
  • A-shaped cut;
  • shortened with a full skirt, half sun.

Looks very touching open shoulders. However, for full girls it is not always suitable, as well as the "mermaid" models that require a flawless figure. In addition, in long tight fitting dresses it is not too comfortable to dance. But the sheath dress, as well as the A-silhouette, where the waist is emphasized with a thin belt, is perfect for any figure.

Evening dresses in 2018. Fashion trends

In a satin delicate version of the dress A-shaped cut looks extremely good. Thin girls fabric color is selected to the skin tone, which is trendy this year.The whole look then turns out incredibly light and airy. With some fullness, you can choose a shade darker, for example, from the blue range of colors.

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