Expo Christmas 2018. Ekaterinburg

Residents of Russia know Ekaterinburg as the largest Ural administrative center and one of the five largest cities. Many of them have heard about the huge exhibition center, where this year the grandiose show for children will take place - the Christmas Tree Expo 2018. Ekaterinburg is famous all over the country for this event. Let's find out what will please the organizers this time.


The main tree of the Urals

On the eve of the New Year holidays, Yekaterinburg, like all cities of Russia, is transformed beyond recognition. Illuminations appear on the main squares and streets of the Urals capital, which glitter and sparkle with a large number of festive lights. Everywhere, houses and trees are preening with their garlands. Gradually, the atmosphere in the city turns into a fabulous one. Institutions related to the leisure and leisure of citizens are also preparing for the holiday. Theaters, studios, recreation centers, entertainment centers change their posters for New Year's. Residents of the region can easily choose entertainment to your taste. Children are also not forgotten. There are merry-go-rounds, slides and other entertainment for children literally around each Christmas tree.All this is not worth the money, so it is very popular among Yekaterinburg residents and visitors to the city.

Expo Christmas 2018. Ekaterinburg

Speaking of New Year's entertainment for children and families, it is worth noting the main Christmas tree of the Urals region, which is traditionally arranged every year in the ESPO center. Future New Year's holidays will not be an exception, and the Christmas Tree Expo will also take place here. It will be interesting for children of all ages.

Schedule, cost and hours of operation

It is planned that the opening of the Christmas tree will be held 12/18/17. Children's holidays will last until January 10, 188. During this period, young visitors will be able to meet with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, attend a children's show and have fun at the numerous attractions located at the exhibition. The service will be made on a plastic card, which must be purchased and then put on it a certain amount. How much you need for one evening for a family vacation will depend on your appetite. Each children's presentation has its price. Entertainment halls cost differently. By paying the required amount, you can enjoy all the rides unlimited.

What will be their value in the upcoming holidays, while it is difficult to say. We can guide you in this regard, only at 2015 prices.

Presentation on Ice "The Magic of Christmas" From 600 rub.
Circus 3D show "Treasure Island" From 800 rub.
5D and 7D cinema 200 rub.
"Mobile planetarium" 200 rub.
"Balloons" 100 rub.
"Angry Birds" 200 rub.
Engine "Kid" 100 rub.
"Dinopark" 250 rub.
Swing "Rook" 100 rub.

If you are going to visit the Christmas Tree Expo with the whole family, you will have to fork out, although it's worth it. After all, the New Year once a year! Let's make an approximate calculation of expenses. So, the most interesting rides per child will cost about 800 rubles. On the New Year's show with Santa Claus will take about 800 rubles. A visit to the cinema will require you 200 rubles. In addition, there are a lot of kiosks with various souvenirs and cafes. For example, the price of a soft toy is several hundred. Therefore, these costs can safely add on a thousand more. The price of popcorn is equal to the price of one attraction. Thus, go out about 2.5 thousand rubles. This, if you miss the entertainment in the hall number 3, and go to the ice show on the cheapest tickets.Obviously, when you come to rest with your family, you are unlikely to choose just a few out of a hundred attractions. It is possible that your child will want to ride on a street slide, which will cost 400 rubles. In general, summarizing all this, we can say that the card must be replenished by at least five thousand rubles per person.

As for the mode of operation, the tree and the rides will work from 10 am to 10 pm, except for 12/31/17. On this day, stay on the Christmas tree will limit to 16 hours.

Skating rink at the Expo Center

Among other things, in the exhibition center you can ride on two rinks. One indoor - will be filled in the second pavilion. Another will be located on the street near the first pavilion. The skating rinks are open from 10 am to 10 pm If you do not have equipment, then there is a rental point on the rinks where you can fix this problem. Here you can spend a whole day and not even notice the time. Particularly interesting with a large company or family. The first "steps" on the ice of your child will long remain in your memory. You can go with your girlfriend, giving her a preliminary, and maybe later, a nice soft little dog.

Expo Christmas 2018 Ekaterinburg. Schedule, photos, reviews, prices

The largest family amusement park

If you prefer a more intense rest, then there is a lot of possibilities for this in the EXPO center:

  • In cafes and restaurants you can have a quick and inexpensive snack.
  • The life-size puppet museum will take you back to the world of childhood.
  • In the ice town the children will find something they have long dreamed of.
  • The city of trampolines includes ten kinds of various devices for a great pastime.
  • On the playground and sports will be boring for both children and adults.
  • A great variety of attractions for every taste and age will allow everyone to relax from young to old.
  • Not only Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden are waiting for kids at the Santa Claus Theater, but also the heroes of their favorite fairy tales and cartoons.
  • At the exhibition "Ice Age" everyone will be able to see the animals that lived on our planet millions of years ago.
  • In a virtual aquarium, visitors will see those who were in the depths of our seas sixty-five million years ago.

Address EXPO Christmas trees in Yekaterinburg and the official website

Find the main tree of the Urals is not difficult. It is enough to ask any Yekaterinburg where the main exhibition center of the city is located and they will promptly show you the way.It is also easy to remember the address, because there is probably no similar street in any city - the Expo Boulevard. In addition, the New Year holidays to this place will go free buses from the metro stations: "Ploshchad 1905 goda" and "Botanicheskaya". The first bus will leave at 9:30 in the morning, and the last at 21:00 in the evening.

Expo Elka has its own portal on the Internet. There you can find out more detailed information about the upcoming holidays, about the work schedule, about the schedule of events, about prices, about renting sports equipment, about placing entertainment facilities, about possible changes. The site also posted reviews and photos.

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