Extension cords on coils

December 28, 2017
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The UE “Svetopribor” company presents several series of highly reliable and high-quality self-made reel extension cords that can be used in everyday life and in production. The distinction of the products is the good quality and unique features of the plastic, which is characterized by resistance to impacts.

Extension cords on coils

Variety of Extenders

On the portal http://www.bylectrica.by/catalog/udliniteli/ extensions on the coils are offered in several versions of models corresponding to different levels of customer requirements:

  • a variety of models with a cable length of 170 - 1500 cm.
  • Reel variants, 20–40 m long, intended for use in industrial purposes or in construction;
  • large selection of outlets, 2 - 6 pcs. on one cord that allows you to connect multiple devices at the same time;
  • the choice of total power extenders, which ranges from 1500 to 3700 watts, which makes it possible, with use, to significantly increase labor productivity.

Reel and cable options are very convenient for home gardens and cottages, because they are very convenient to use when watering a garden, vegetable garden or flower bed.

Extension cords on coils

Characteristics of extensions

Distinctive qualities of modern extenders are:

  1. locking lids, closing the electrical contacts from the penetration of moisture;
  2. impact-resistant plastic format, providing reliable protection in case of a fall;
  3. nonseparable socket shells that allow you to comply with safety at the enterprise
  4. locking positions in coil models;
  5. good strength and flexibility of the cable in any, even extreme temperature conditions;
  6. resistance of the cable to chemical and acid effects.

In some models, the possibility of grounding, which provides additional protection for humans. The work of extension cords is designed for voltage from 220 to 380 v.

Purpose Reel Extenders

Professional and household extenders on coils are intended for use:

  • in industry and industry, because the coil body is not afraid of ingress of aggressive chemicals and paints;
  • in construction, as the coil cable is resistant to temperature differences;
  • for connecting sound equipment during mass events;
  • in the dacha or backyard, as the cable winding reliably protects against any mechanical or chemical effects, as well as from moisture.

Extension cords on coils
Network coil extension can be of any length. The main thing is that all models have certificates confirming the high quality of products and their safety during operation.

By purchasing domestic certified products, the buyer receives excellent quality at low cost, which guarantees long-term operation of the product.

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